Graham Wilmer: Unacceptable Response From Guardian

Sorry  seems to be the hardest word…
Dear Mr Wilmer,
We had a statement from the Home Office this afternoon, which I believe is similar to the one John O’Brien read out to you on the phone, and which we have appended to the article as an update:
“As a result of these allegations, and in line with normal procedures for complaints of this nature, legal advisers considered the allegations against Barbara Hearn and Graham Wilmer. They found nothing of concern. This was an internal process and not a formal investigation.”
Although the Home Office has said today that the process of considering the allegations made against you and Barbara Hearn was not a “formal investigation”, we are satisfied that our reporter accurately reported the information she was given by the Home Office at the time.
Best wishes
Barbara Harper
Dear Barbara
Thank you for your response, which is not acceptable. The complaints made against me by andrew Lavery and Leigh Day were made in November 2014. The HO lawyers were asked to look at them as a matter of urgency, and concluded: ‘they found nothing of concern’ in November 2014. Your article of January 20th 2015 said “The Home Office said it was taking legal advice on the complaints and the investigation was continuing.” That is wrong and misleading. It was not a continuing investigation at the time of the report. Can you provide the name of the Home Office spokesman who made this statement to your reporter in January 2015? The additional para you have added is not acceptable, and I demand an apology. Could you please send me a link showing the appended statement.
Kind regards
Graham Wilmer MBE


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6 responses to “Graham Wilmer: Unacceptable Response From Guardian

  1. Unfortunately, the Gurudian have a history with such things,. In the early 90s they ran a series of wholly false and scurrilous stories about someone with a mental illness in Brighton and tried to link to it to something that had absolutely nothing to do with the person concerned. Even though several people gave them full and frank details of what actually occurred, they never did back down and admit they had been mislead by the person they were obtaining their information from. it cost them the goodwill of a sizeable number of their readers as well.

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  3. Tazzdevil48

    The way i see it is ,they will blame who they can ,when they can .its pathetic treating people this way,please lets get on with the issues and STOP THE pathetic people outing innocient people who are just doing what to do by the body they answer to.LETS GET ON WITH THE REAL ISSUE HERE VICTIMS////

  4. JS2

    Are we really surprised? the way we victims/survivors of sexual abuse are treated and frowned upon by the Establishment and by the MSM, I know I for one would have expected such a respons