Kincora scandal: Abuse victim seeks Judicial Review over MI5 link


A victim of abuse at a notorious boys’ home in Northern Ireland will seek this week to challenge the conduct of Whitehall’s ill-fated investigation into child abuse.

A former resident at the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast, supported by other victims, is applying for judicial review into the decision to exclude the home from the London-based inquiry, now chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard from New Zealand. At stake is whether current and former members of MI5 can be forced to give evidence.

Widespread allegations of abuse of residents – including claims that abuse was covered up and allowed to continue unchecked for years because police and the British security services were using the home to blackmail people – are the subject of a separate inquiry in Northern Ireland, the Historical and Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry, led by Sir Anthony Hart.

Critics of the HIA claim it lacks sufficient powers to get to the heart of the scandal, and want Kincora to be investigated by the Goddard inquiry. On Tuesday at the High Court in Belfast, lawyers representing a Kincora victim, Gary Hoy, will challenge the decision by the Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers, to leave the Kincora investigation under the control of the HIA. The lawyers want the decision judicially reviewed. The Government confirmed last week that it will oppose the application.

Campaigners say Kincora should be removed from the HIA and included in the Goddard inquiry because of the purported links with London of some of those who abused boys, and because, they say, the HIA will not be able to compel witnesses to attend nor insist on seeing sensitive civil service documents.

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17 responses to “Kincora scandal: Abuse victim seeks Judicial Review over MI5 link

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  2. The truth will never be uncovered. To many important people involved including. A royal sailor Also British p m sailor. Paisleys wife made a baroness why… Think about it.

  3. l8in

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  4. The Lone Gunman

    Paddy is right, it was a dirty war and lots at the top involved. It’s never going to come out, they have their “reputations” to think of…..the files have already been destroyed / deleted . The Bull- Shit is relentless and eternal, and these sods still stand up and lie every day because they find it easy to lie.
    Wether its covering up child rape, tax evasion or illegal wars, they will lie .

    Just think about that when they next ask for your vote.

  5. dpack

    many of the witnesses and potential accused are dead,many are not .
    some documentary data may still exist,much will not or will not be made available regardless of who is asking ,many things will not have ever had a documentary proof.

    the best inquiry model i can think of is for the public to gather as much data as possible ,to create narratives which fit the data ,these can then be tested to identify the most plausible ones .

    “think like the enemy” is helpful in terms of seeking patterns and to use the same sort of data blending techniques that intel analysts use is probably the best way to try to establish the probable truth when dealing with secrets and lies .
    any state approved “inquiry”into the events at and that link to kincora would at best fail and is almost certainly intended to .
    the stakes are far too high for the full truth and the implications of the truth to be made public by those with most to lose .

  6. dpack

    ps “forcing “members of the intel community to give evidence could require some very messy behavior and even then there would be no guarantee that they told the truth ,the whole truth or even if they believe they tell the truth they are not mistaken as to what the truth is.

    persuading or allowing folk to tell truth and listening when they do might be a more useful stratagem .
    finding their indiscretions and mistakes can also be useful.

  7. Sabre

    Agree with all the above. The Judicial Review will likely fail, if it doesn’t the security services ( plural used advisedly) , SIS provided the ‘back channel’ during the troubles, Met SB and the Security Service had their stake in the troubles, RUC SB, Army FRU, 14 Intel (Det) often working to differing agenda on the ground none of these august institutions are going to volunteer info, if they are required to cooperate they will engineer their input.

  8. dpack

    langley and the lubyanka are unlikely to hand over any files or truth telling witnesses, probably both have good reasons to be silent or untrue on matters of context and perhaps on some details.

    • Sabre

      The players of the Great Game channel what it is in their interests so to do. Anything channelled will lie somewhere on the continuum between absolutely true and absolutely false the veracity context and nuance being governed by the interests of the source.

  9. BarrieJ

    I can’t find it in me to disagree with any of the opinions posted above. In the absence of transparency let us assume the worse of the establishment, and vote accordingly. If indeed the ballot has not yet been corrupted, I have little faith in it.
    Criminals who can engineer and sanction abuse, rape, murder and war wouldn’t flinch over ballot rigging.

    • Sabre

      Manipulation of the ballot in this country is generally confined to postal vote scams used to gain local political control of councils.
      All the main parties have been caught doing it, it’s generally used to deliver ethnic votes wholesale to a ‘community candidate’.

      At a national level in this country it isn’t necessary to rig the ballot, all the main players are aware that their turn will come in due course the policy differences are marginal, they all renege on the promises that get them elected, they all institute policies that get them ditched by a constantly despairing electorate that lets hope triumph over experience resulting in a to and fro between tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

  10. Paul Mac

    I’m no expert on Kincora but I found Paul Foot’s ‘Who Framed Colin Wallace’ an interesting read. I’m sure most of your regulars are aware of it. It’s a few decades old but used copies can be had on the cheap. Essential reading for anyone who wants to see how low the many extensions of the state will stoop to meet the murky ends of whoever is at the reins.

    Clearly a lot of agencies/individuals were involved with their own dubious agendas & total lack of moral fibre. Sadly, I suspect the book only scratches the surface.

    If the truth ever became known I doubt anyone would walk away without a thick covering of shit. I’d agree with everyone that’s commented above. We are not likely to know the truth of this massive national disgrace. Those who knew & did nothing are equally as guilty.

  11. dpack

    if a judicial review review does take place will that make the whole thing sub judice until any decision is made and therefore gag any discussion of it for a while?
    if it is transferred to the goddard inquiry where would that leave the rump of the hart inquiry?
    if the matter was an ugly but simple situation of abusive staff in a small care home why would the government be so keen (over 40 years later from the first suggestions there was something very wrong re mcgrath et al)to avoid the fullest possible investigation of the circumstances in order to prevent such things being repeated.?

    perhaps “enforced prostitution” as defined by war crimes and crimes against humanity would be a possible way to start to get international attention to these matters.
    i suspect there might be a prima face case for several charges of living individuals(especially in the cah catagories of crimes )if a list was made starting at the door of the kincora boys home and going in or out of the premises.
    there are probably a few unsolved murders and conspiracies to murder that require attention and could be covered by international law.

    considering what would be required for using the international law route might be a good plan b.

    • Sabre

      Shouldn’t do, sub judice rule is used to prevent ignorant savages ( jurors ) from picking up info that they are too stupid to disregard at the direction of a trial judge. A senior judge conducts judicial reviews and they are the enlightened intelligent objective epitome of civilisation.

      We live in the Information age 24/7 info direct to laptops, phablets even the fridge!
      We no longer yield to the gatekeepers of Fleet Street, BBC,ITN and sky sub judice rule has outlived its usefulness.

  12. dpack

    review scheduled for june first , how to proceed will be decided over 3 days.

    i hope it wont be an opportunity for a Judgemental Super Dooper Gold Star (TM)award.
    a real inquiry into the issues involved would be a huge step but that is unlikely if my suspicions are correct and huge and how dark the truth actually is.

    i still recon an inquiry by the public is likely to establish more truth than a public inquiry organized by the tools of those with most to lose.

    one problem with “truth” or “untruth” is that there is provable (and what is provable depends on the data made available).
    there is probable and there is plausible based on the data available .
    data also needs examination to try to decide if it is accurate or not .

    the scientific method and the forensic legal method could both have a place in establishing as much “TRUTH” as possible.

    ps if i think my fridge is informing me or if i decide it is informing on me i hope i will have enough insight to know im in bother but i do see what you mean regarding information flow and sub judice no longer applies to such matters if enough folk speak out .

    • Sabre

      The reference to the fridge was an example of the ubiquity of constant data flows not an allusion to the Orwellian nightmare of 1984.

      If your fridge informs on you give it the cold shoulder if it informs you visit a qualified medical practitioner. ;-)

  13. dpack

    the justice never forgets principle along with the following orders defense being rejected seems relevant to more recent crimes against humanity.

    im still thinking exploring plan b might make sense.