Weatherman Fred Talbot Guilty Of abuse


Ex-TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been found guilty of indecently assaulting two teenage boys when he was a teacher.

The 65-year-old was cleared of eight other indecent assault charges by a jury at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

He was accused of abusing four former pupils at Altrincham Grammar School in Greater Manchester and a fifth schoolboy from the Newcastle area.

Talbot was remanded in custody for sentencing on 13 March.

BBC News



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9 responses to “Weatherman Fred Talbot Guilty Of abuse

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  2. Gary

    Knowing he had abused these children he sought to put himself in the public eye with daily television appearances. Is this arrogance, is it part of a high-risk taking personality? There seem to be common behaviours among abusers. Even excluding those who have fame to some extent, they don’t seem to hide who they are, they are well known in communities and to families of the abused. Many politicians at high levels have been accused – is this about power? I am struck by how common this is among those we consider beyond reproach, it truly scares me.

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo

    I think dear old Mr Fred still doesn’t get it..poor chap. Somebody should give him a job in child protection services at Rotherham Council.
    Hello Boys! I’ve got a big bag of sweeties……

  4. Jack Laws

    I’m still waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for Establishment heads to roll. The only pervs served with justice so far have been a sorry procession of washed-up TV and radio personalities in the twilight of their years.
    When are we going to see the politicians, the judges, the senior police, the military brass??? When are we going to see them in the dock??

  5. allan marshall

    This was only partial justice, the other boys tesstimonies was not allowed in court this would have brought the number of boys to 12
    homosexual attacks on boys must be stopped

  6. littlenan

    It seems everybody was protecting each other. I find it very sinister that besides these paedophiles being in the limelight, many of them worked for the BBC.

    I too, welcome the time when top people are arrested. These nasty perverts would never have got away with most of their crimes if those around them had not turned a blind eye or were not involved in this filth themselves.

    I also have not heard lately of the sex abuse in Scotland, especially that case where those in authority abused a disabled girl and a journalist who tried to report on it was arrested..

  7. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Heads at the BBC need to roll, as well as the who have retired , they knew and did nothing. No doubt they are on fat pensions that we are paying for living in lovely homes playing with their grandchildren.

    When are they going to court ?

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