Appointment of the Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse










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2 responses to “Appointment of the Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

  1. dpack

    know them by their works is probably a good idea.i hope there is a will to truth and action on the past and for the future.
    providing evidence and “getting a receipt” is a sensible tactic.

    if kincora is included i suspect the most relevant details will not be found on file.

  2. artmanjosephgrech

    well done watching Michael Portillo in pink shirt in pinks studio on the principle there is no bad publicity over a magenta coloured battle election battle bus.

    A quick read of the report and I find that I agree with all the recommendations and the succinct way it has been presented so I will not dwell that the committee contributed to hostility which arose towards the panel inquiry and some of its members and that only to its last meeting the committee go around the table disclosing their previous involvements in related child care matters so their endorsement of the new chair will immediately fuel the view that she must therefore by part of an establishment, or open to establishment influence despite her evident genuine horror that she would be susceptible to the kind of informal influencing for which the British legal system is famed for especially from politicians and freemasonry..

    It is a wise move of the Coalition to create an advisory inclusive consultation group of survivors and they will need to find a way of communicating with survivors who are not associated with the groups or interests but who nevertheless may wish to have their experience recorded without public identification

    The new chairperson has set an ambitious target get the nuts and bolts of the statutory inquiry up and running by April an she should have the support of everyone in this task and the great work of Cathy Fox in asking Cornwall C C and getting a copy of a very important report published without reactions is one way in which those who want to see an effective inquiry can continue to assist during the setting up process. In my judgement and based on 50 years of experience the publication and circulation for such documents is more helpful to the cause of truth and reconciliation that wanting chair to behave as citizen Robspierre and the panel to be viewed as a Committee for Public Safety..