Essex Police Child Abuse Investigation Failures


And people wonder why survivors of child abuse have issues with authority ?

Still, one positive development is that Essex Police have at least acknowledged and apologised for this dreadful failure and that may not have happened in the past.

Two steps forward, one step back but we’ll get there.

Vulnerable children were left at the mercy of child abusers after a rogue police unit delayed the arrests of suspects during more than three years of systemic failure, officials said.

A 24-strong specialist child abuse team within Essex Police has been split up after an investigation appeared to show problems including the faking of a signature on a victim’s statement and failing to act on crime reports.

The Chief Constable of Essex apologised for the problems within some 30 inquiries that dated back to the 1960s and involved nearly 60 victims. The crimes included rapes, with some of the victims very young children.

Police said they had contacted the families of those involved to apologise for what had happened. Officials said last night it was “highly likely” that children had been abused as a result of the failure by police officers to carry out basic investigations.

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5 responses to “Essex Police Child Abuse Investigation Failures

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Is all we get an apology some some twit with silver braid around his hat and on his shoulders…..Any of these so called “police officers” going to face prosecution for depraved indifference ? And if found guilty loose their jobs and if their retired loose their pensions. Not bloody likely , this whole thing is like a recurring nightmare, makes one think most of these useless sods don’t deserve a job.
    Don’t these people have children, don’t they have any empathy .

    Any one seen uncle Leon’s file yet????

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  3. artmanjosephgrech

    This expected to be the first of many especially where the allegations concerned physical abuse or women abusing under age boys

  4. Teen

    We are so used to lies and missing files, but this is SWEET it is probably the first time an officer has stood up and said sorry. It is a very good beginning and I admire Deputy Chief Constable Derek Benson.

  5. BarrieJ

    Can’t imagine they’ll be saying sorry to the Internet blogger: Chris Spivey anytime soon? As to trying to take his grandchild into care………………….. .
    A police force not fit for purpose.