Justice Goddard: New Zealand CSA Not On The Same Scale As UK ?


Wrong !

I’ve no doubt that Justice Lowell Goddard will get up to speed quickly but if you’d told people 3 years ago that the UK had an historical CSA problem on the scale we now realise we have, most wouldn’t have accepted it. Child Sexual Abuse is not a problem for any specific country it is a problem for all countries.

The difference is that in those countries  like the UK and Australia that have started to address it and help create an environment where survivors feel they can speak out the statistics appear higher, press reportage is greater, and public awareness better.




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  2. artmanjosephgrech

    In fairness to the Justice she was not asked about the general level of abuse as such but whether there had been a situation such as Jimmy Savile and the abuse of staff in institutions but Vips etc..

    I was not clear from what Mr Vaz said at the end but is sounded that they
    they going into private session not just to confirm the appointment but conclude their report to be issued at midnight
    which means they will publish the transcript of the session at the same time.

  3. artmanjosephgrech

    It is also of interest that at the start of the Committee each member disclosed their previous child care experience and one could ask why this has not been done before and perhaps also shows the influence of their legal adviser John Cooper QC the proposed prosecutor UK People’s Tribunal

  4. Artmanjosephgrech is correct. Of course child abuse is an issue in NZ, but VIP Paedophile rings? Establishment cover-ups? No. UK is a special case because of class structure, cultural attitudes, boarding school system, management and governance of child care institutions, and perhaps the effect of militarisation and mass evacuation in WWII. The rest of the world is not as sick (possible exception of the low countries?). Of course the UK had to look elsewhere to find an objective and untainted inquiry chair. That seemed inevitable to me.

  5. tazzdevil48


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  7. Having lived in both NZ and UK I agree 100% with newbilong. There’s lot of sexual abuse in NZ too ( and single sex and boarding schools ). But there is something special about the way it works with class stucture in UK – kinds of rituals which were maintained in order to maintain an empire. The problem is that we still call it “sexual” abuse as if it is about personal desire,, When inf act it should be seen as torture which is related tp power