Briton  Davinder Kainth , a father, caught Sandro Rottman, a paedophile, taking pictures of his 8 year old daughter. Mr Kainth then beat Mr Rottman to death with his bare hands.

There is no doubt that  Davinder Kainth was provoked and was protecting his daughter. No weapon was used.

It reminded me of the case in Texas of the father who beat a paedophile to death who he caught raping his 5 year old daughter. The father was not charged. HERE

A man has died and there is a process of law that must be gone through but given that this was not premeditated, that no weapon was used, and that due to  Sandro Rottman own actions, Davinder Kainth was almost certainly not able to reasonably control himself, I hope that the Spanish legal system takes the same enlightened approach as the Texas system did.

The line between ‘reasonable force’ and ‘deadly force’ is a fine one and very difficult to judge under the emotional circumstances that Mr Rottman subjected Mr Kainth to.

A British man has been arrested on suspicion of killing an alleged paedophile who he caught taking photographs of his young daughter.

Kainth Davinder, 40, was arrested by police on Saturday night after he allegedly attacked Sandro Rottman while the two were at Spinnaker restaurant in Sotogrande, an exclusive resort on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol.

According to police, that the 43-year-old victim had been charged with possession of child pornography days before.

It is not known if Davinder knew this at the time of the alleged attack.

A spokeswoman for the Civil Guard said that Davinder had appeared before a magistrate and been remanded in custody accused of homicide.

She said: “The discussion apparently began because of alleged recordings that the victim was making of the aggressor’s daughter.

“When he (the aggressor) saw what was happening he took the tablet off him, saw the recordings, threw the device to the ground and attacked him.

The Mirror



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42 responses to “Murder?

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo

    He was just doing what any real man would do. Why was the deviant on the streets anyway?
    The Spanish should let him go with a caution.

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  3. allan humphreys

    the zio ruled UK things may be different but in spain real law often still rules, he should be let go.

  4. I was on holiday in Spain a couple of years ago with my family. We spotted a man, alone, stood by the showers. We watched him for some minutes. His gaze was focussed intently on a young girl, she was no more than four years old. He moved slightly closer towards her as she showered. Her family was close by, but not as close as we were. As he watched her, we gathered, got closer and watched him. He soon realised that he had been spotted, turned and left. It didn’t escalate to the situation reported above, but quite frankly it nearly did. He wasn’t taking photos. He was looking. In that instant we didn’t feel that we could do any more than let him know we were ‘on to’ him. I hope this story will highlight the need for parents to keep their little ones safe at all times, even on holiday when they try to leave the worries of the world behind.

  5. John

    If a 4′ 6″ woman had used a weapon in the same situation, the circumstances would have been identical. And equally laudable. No hoplophobia please.

  6. Greg G

    If I were the judge I would let him off with a conditional discharge. Conditional on him accepting a 3 week family holiday in Hawaii – all expenses paid.

  7. Sabre

    The only criticism is that he could have accidentally killed the poor cop.

  8. Sabre

    I should have said Gojam it is graphic you may want to disallow it or add a warning.

  9. Owen

    “the zio ruled UK things may be different but in spain real law often still rules, he should be let go.”

    First the vigilantes came for the paedophiles …

    Gojam, you’ve given the pot a nice stir there, haven’t you?

    • Hi Owen,

      If I let a comment like that up I’m bashed, If I don’t I’m bashed.

      Pleased be assured that that one just made it through and that others do not.

      Please do not personally associate me with every comment that is made.

      Is it better that you are given the opportunity to challenge such Anti-Semitism in a fair environment or that I censor it and give the impression that it doesn’t exist ?

      It isn’t always an easy decision to make.

      • Owen

        Thanks very much for your straightforward and fair reply. In fact the response in question was really the nudge that it took to get me to post a comment on the original post.

        I appreciate the fact that you’re urging leniency, not drumhead justice, but nevertheless it’s still for the court to establish the facts that will determine whether mitigating factors should be taken into consideration.

        To make a case for leniency based on general preconceptions when someone has taken another person’s life is to encourage the notion that every man/woman is entitled to be judge of whatever he/she sees fit. That’s the road to vigilanteeism and the erosion of respect for the authority of the rule of law.

        It was clear that you weren’t challenging the need for due process but suggesting the appropriate outcome was bound to be seen by some as legitimating the original action in principle. As a number of other responses show, anti-semitism isn’t all that flows from that loosened tap.

      • Apparently, according to The Mirror. He only hit him once.

    • Sabre

      Owen, did you subscribe to the je suis Charlie hypocrisy?

      We can’t let those evil fundamentalists dictate what we say, think, write or draw can we?

      In the next breath without the slightest blush everyone is chanting just as earnestly a bas anti-semitisme.

      Is it any wonder that those ‘evil muzzies’ have the hump, take the piss out of their prophet and you’re striking out for Liberty allege that the Zionists have a disproportionate influence in the West and you are denounced for hate crimes.

      For the record, I defend the right to draw cartoons of the prophet although I have no wish to myself, allegations of Zionist influence are fair game too.

  10. dpack

    im not sure about the spanish legal system but in the uk chances are he would be charged with manslaughter, possibly murder if he could be shown to have intended to kill.
    as the dead bloke was posing no immediate risk to life or limb(he was getting a bashing) the reasonable force defense might not apply.

    as a jury member i might be inclined to find him not guilty and as a cps adviser i might give it a not in the public interest call but others might feel differently about it .
    even though the dead blokes actions (and apparent intentions) were vile his being tried and executed on the spot by a member of the public is at odds with the rule of law although it does seem in the spirit of natural justice.
    perhaps a sensible judge and jury will give a manslaughter verdict and a dont do it again suspended (or remand time)sentence.

    a by reason of temporary insanity is a possible defense ,i would accept that as a juryman or judge .
    i hope the chap does not get punished for bashing a perv in the act even though the bloke got dead.

    • Sabre

      In this country he’d probably be indicted for murder, if he were to offer a guilty to a manslaughter alternative at an early stage with a high degree of provocation he COULD get a suspended sentence or a Non Custodial sentence or up to 4 years.

  11. Gary

    I know it must be investigated, after all, it may not be true. The laws (here) on self-defence (or defending your child) don’t extend to this. I think we must take into account the level of provocation and the likely effect of that on an average person. I know we can’t create laws giving free licence to kill but we have to make sure justice is done, rather than the law followed blindly.

  12. GMB

    What if it had been a mistake?

  13. Vigilantism is never a good option. The law is there for a very good reason even though that also isn’t always perfect.

    • I’m not sure this is a case of vigilantism Skirmish.

      I think vigilantism is premeditated and this clearly was not.

      But I agree that vigilantism isn’t good. In fact I think it is extremely unhelpful. As long as people take the law into their own hands regarding child abuse, they’ll never be trusted to know if a child abuser is local to them and therefore they are less able to keep an eye out for their own children.

  14. John

    Leaving aside the value of vigilantism …
    People taking the law into their own hands regarding child abuse could be seen as very much keeping an eye out for their own children. Would a child abuser move into an area where a similar offender has recently been fed to the crows, bit by bit ?
    This old, informal, way of dealing with such people will return, if the law is seen to be consisently failing society.

  15. The Count of Monte Cristo

    They really need to be put in with the main prison population, it’s only fair.
    The people wouldn’t loose any sleep and It would also make some of the monsters think twice!

    • GMB

      Agreed. Would’nt offending rates go down. Also you would be assured that they were inside because they were guilty. .

  16. GMB

    If I wanted to pass personal details I would have done it a long time ago. You are mistaken Mr Sawyer.

    • Not very interesting Mike.

      Are you still a Freemason ?

      Now that is interesting. Why would a freemason, former employee of a suspect council, with links to the police be so keen to spread disinformation and false trails ?

      Do you still want to play Mike ?

      I’ve got more.

      • When you started spreading details about my family you crossed a line but instead of accepting that and apologising you just to do more of the same.

        You must be soft in the head if you think that is OK.

        It’s all been said before about me. I’ve nothing to lose.

      • Do you know how many hits this site gets Mike ?

        You’d be surprised.

    • Andy Barnett

      Jeez, what an arsehole!

      Admirable constraint Gojam.

      • tdf

        Sounds like the usual guilt by association smear attempts, if that’s all they have on Gojam I’d say he doesn’t have much to worry about. Only point that looks bad is the tweets to Currie though I guess they were motivated by the episode when a self-styled and quite vocal anti-child abuse campaigner was punting around dubious claims concerning her, IIRC Exaro said ‘words were put in the mouth’ of alleged victim.

      • Edwina Currie has many questions to answer. Not least how Jimmy Savile became a key holder at Broadmoor and what she did when she learned that Sir Peter Morrison was a paedophile (other than note it in her diary). You’ll find plenty of criticism concerning those issues written by me here on this blog.

        Those tweets were in response to a completely false allegation alluded to in The Express newspaper from a delusional source promoted by Bill Maloney and others.

        We will not get truthful answers by smearing VIP witnesses with disgusting lies.

  17. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Just let him go, he,s obviously a good man who loves his daughter, like all farthers should. If anyone behaved like that to my little 7 year old princess I would become monumentally unpleasent . And turn into the bastad I was 25 years ago.

  18. tdf


    That is what I suspected was the background to those tweets at Currie – thanks for confirming & clarifying.

  19. Sabre

    Divide et impera, Cui bono ?