Understanding Survivor Anger.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” To Kill A Mockingbird: Harper Lee

Sometimes it is impossible to climb inside someone else’s skin but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to understand,

I believe the brave gentleman from Ireland in the video below articulates the anger and frustration that a great many survivors of child abuse feel. The particular circumstances of the abuse may differ but the anger is often the same.

If you find the language that this gentleman uses offensive, I make no apologies. I only hope that if you were not abused as a child that watching this short video will help you understand why survivors are often very angry.



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  2. artmanjosephgrech

    The anger is the same between sexes although often more open pronounced in men but more self destructive among young women.
    Part of problem is the guilt and pressure to remain silent imposed when a child, sometimes by both parents and authority figures in general . While killing and torture is more obviously brutal he impact of what adults and some children do to other children can be rest of life damaging and cruel

    so the anger is justified and needs to be addressed because without intervention understandable revenge is always self destructive. ,

  3. That brave man speaks for so many of us.

  4. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Any files gone missing yet?

  5. Charter 2016

    Anger? Wait and see what the BBC is going to serve up.

  6. my eyes welled up in tears for this beautiful brave man. I pray that justice is served plus a huge apology that is soooooooooooo long overdue.

  7. Debbie Shanahan

    I’m with You, Kumas
    And it breaks my heart more still to think that it is still happening today
    146 MPs wrote their names on a piece of paper http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5282/pressure-builds-in-parliament-to-address-child-sex-abuse-in-uk
    I can count on my hands the number who have Spoken Up and actively campaigned for the Survivors and our Children – to all those MPs who are still sitting on the fence and those in the shadows colluding corrupting and covering up you should be ashamed very ashamed – The lies have traveled around the world for 50+ years but the Truth has caught up and it will catch up with each and every one of you

  8. Sabre

    Any shame or embarrassment felt by that man has been displaced by intense anger, he doesn’t give a f**k anymore he wants justice.

    Difficult to watch.

  9. DR Laverty

    See where I’m coming from? See my anger? Hear it and digest. This video should go viral. Can we help it? Kinright we can

  10. barb

    admirable my eyes filled with tears too i can remember the naughty boys homes growing up what a crock of shit /propoganda

  11. Charlie Postgate

    We need more angry, outspoken people like this. We need them heckling and shouting down these abuse-enablers and apologists at panel programmes such as this. More victims need to get vocal and start turning up the volume. We need more pressure like this if we’re to see justice done. No one’s going to hand us justice on a plate. There are too many vested interests; too many powerful careers and comfortable retirements on the line.

    • Des

      So true, I am a survivor, “may I say” trying to survive. I have just reported my abuser and the home I was abused in.
      Almost every week it’s seems another scandle regarding the church or people of status up for child abuse. Yes throughthese stories I have found the courage to give the police my statement, but why do I say found my courage, because 41 years ago I reported my abuse and I was the person quarentined. I watched my abuser go about his everyday work with not a care in his world, whilst I lived with his actions everyday of my life. I was 10 years old when the abuse started and 13 when it stopped. I lived with that secret for so long and the flash backs were never ending. When I decided to report the abuse I was afraid to sleep for a week, why because I was asked to write a diary of the events and try to give as much detail of my abuser as possible. When I started this my emotions went rampant, the memories that I had tried to hind for all those years flooded my concience. I am not in this for money or a moment of fame, I feel there should be justice done and either my abuser if he still lives or the organization he worked for shoulders responsibility for what happened to me and others under their care.

  12. Rose

    What a brave brave man it brought a tears to my eyes as i no how he feels i feel is pain i feel is hurt and i feel is passion for justice
    I was sexually abused by my uncle and mental and physically abused by my father and was sexually assaulted by my sister husband . Angry is all i am there as been no justice my father and uncle are dead but i did reported my brother in law last year to the police and they made me go through what happen i had to relive the ordeal again it was like it happening again bringing it back in to my mine what for they never pursued it to the end he got away with it there is no justice in this world. Bad as over come the good

  13. tdf

    @ 3:15 approx in:

    “eight of us from the one family dragged by the ISPCC man, put into two cars, brought to the court in Clonmel”

    The ISPCC are the Irish equivalent to the UK NSPCC. There are good reasons why a lot of survivors don’t trust these large self-interested charidee organisations (without denying that they do some good work).