Peter Saunders Urges The Pope To Cast Out The Vipers

If the Vatican thought that getting NAPAC’s Peter  Saunders to join their task force against child abusing priests was going to mollify him then they’ve made a huge mistake. Peter Saunders is a honest and uncompromising man who will fight for survivors all the way.

If on the other hand the Vatican genuinely want to deal with this issue, then they can pick no better person than Peter Saunders to help them in that task.



A leading British anti-paedophile campaigner invited to join Pope Francis’s task force against rapist priests has demanded “the vipers” be cast out of the Vatican and has linked priestly abuse to vows of celibacy.

“I am not a safe bet,” Peter Saunders said before the first full meeting of the papal commission on Saturday. “If this isn’t serious, I’ll be gone.”

Mr Saunders, who founded the National Association for People Abused in Childhood after he was abused by two priests and the headmaster at his Catholic school in London, was asked to join the Vatican task force following a meeting with Francis last year.

Leading his list of demands is the release by the Vatican of all information it has on the scores of priests who have abused children.

“The Holy Father is a supreme monarch and bishops around the world are answerable to him,” he said. “If he says ‘boys, you must release all documents,’ I don’t see how they can argue with that.”

“This is one of the things I will be saying before they throw me out,” he joked.

Mr Saunders also said he would insist on mandatory reporting by bishops to civil authorities of abusive priests, who are often quietly transferred to distant dioceses. “The church must say we will cast these vipers out,” he said, adding that when priests abuse children, there is “an added dimension of evilness”.

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7 responses to “Peter Saunders Urges The Pope To Cast Out The Vipers

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    Peter is a good bloke but naïve if he seriously believes that an organisation which propped up fascism in Spain Italy and Germany will release documents!

    My understanding is that the catholic church of Eire Ireland refused to admit responsibility or pay up.

    PS Heads of state including Prime Ministers have no power to change anything. Power in the capitalists world rests with accountants and auditors with lawyers to cover up and clean up any mess and security services police to contract out the dirty work of the State don’t you know!

    • Sabre

      Propped up fascism?
      Franco was ultra conservative which is why he was tolerated and supported by the Bankster controlled Western powers until his death in 1975.

      Mussolini was Fascist, one time socialist and Hitler was a National-Socialist, both of them antagonistic to the Banksters, hence their destruction.

      There are thousands of charges that one could reasonably lay at the Catholic Church’s door , propping up fascism isn’t one of them, failing to condemn Bankster usury will work as will of course the CSA scandals.

      You condemn the power of hegemonic capitalist institutions and then condemn the Catholic Church for propping up anti capitalists !

      I’m no fan of any faith but you really should try to work out exactly what your objection is, from your point of view they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t !

      The notion that the Catholic Church could effectively counter, Capitalism, Communism, Fascism or National Socialism is ridiculous anyway given that it has failed against all of them !

      • Michael

        Thank you Sabre, I am not absolving Catholic Church and especially paedophile priests, but some people in their zeal conveniently forget fairness and truth.

    • Sabre

      Although you could reasonably argue that the Catholic Church saw ultra conservatism come and go in Spain, Fascism in Italy, National Socialism in Germany and Communism in Poland and Russia.

      Catholicism like religion in general and neo liberal laissez faire global capitalism prevails. It just goes to show that the punters are suckers for the desperate hope of a fast buck courtesy of Capitalism and failing that a place in paradise courtesy of the sky pixie.

      It really is all about fear and greed at the end of the day.

  2. Jack

    The problem is the Church IS the problem.

  3. LynneJo

    I always worry about the safety of anyone who wants to get to the heart of this type of problem. Watch your back Peter.

  4. Little Lady

    You speak about the power of the accountants and the banks. Now look at CPA. Now let us ask if that is the communist party Australian or and America or the Chartered Practicing Accountants group worldwide. Is there a different or is it totally seamless, just more stylized ?
    Then there is the missing money from FIFA and Football Federation Australia. And there are denials about photos seen / not seen by Pell.
    Their not blind VIPAS1 connection man is a tip: their spic’n’span cleaning of your office and the cold calling collection of data for their lists about victims.