Rolf Harris Questioned By Yewtree Again

It was always on the cards if I’m honest




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13 responses to “Rolf Harris Questioned By Yewtree Again

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  2. steve

    Maybe they should concentrate on the ones still roaming free besides these ones

  3. Paul Mac

    Yet still an OBE, MBE and CBE.

  4. The Count of Monti Cristo

    What about uncle Leon! Westminster and the old school tie are being very quiet about him.
    Lost file anyone!….ohhhhhh….. don’t mind if I do.

    • Tom

      That’s what I thought too. It’s all a distraction. They believe that people are so stupid they will forget about Leon Brittan and the rest, and/or wish the can of worms had not been opened, by questioning their celebrities. I don’t think it is going away, though, and our establishment has the choice of either investigating the Brittan allegations fairly or sinking further into its morass.

  5. dpack

    all victims deserve justice so if an old never was very important gets asked more questions about history as part of establishing the truth that is good.

    such things are a part of the change in realities .
    live or dead celebs ,live or dead “care professionals”live or dead players fetch em up,show us the proof …..etc

    wearing my psychopath “get the job done” hat if has been celebs are the tinder to light the fuel so be it .

  6. IWTT

    It is not good enough. Yewtree was launched 19 October 2012, The police were pursuing over 400 separate lines of inquiry based on evidence of 200 witnesses via 14 police forces across the UK. By 15 November the number of victims was reported to have risen to 450.

    The report entitled “Giving Victims a Voice” (published January 2013) was said to be the conclusion of the Savile-only strand.

    The Savile-and-others strand hasn’t yielded much in the way of arrests and convictions in spite of there being evidence of police cover-ups. I consider those involved in cover-ups are culpable of condoning child sex abuse and perverting the course of justice. MSM are not even reporting on the Michael Salmon trial (started 7th Jan 2015 and estimated to last 4 weeks). Michael Salmon was a doctor at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

    The ‘others’ strand appears to be media-sexy and heavily reported. So Clifford, Harris, Gadd/Glitter, Denning received media coverage and lots of public interest.

    These police inquiry/task forces cost a lot of money. Whilst I endorse ‘thorough investigation’ so that charges are secure, I just don’t see much progress.

  7. Gary

    Is this in connection with any other offenders and other victims?

  8. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Any sign of uncle Leon’s missing file yet?…………

    • Sabre

      The report of the missing file has gone missing.

      An inquiry is to be set up to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the loss of the report, when the inquiry has taken evidence and thoroughly reviewed the procedures leading to the parlous state of affairs we will, having learned lessons, submit the summary.
      We anticipate a new data management protocol emerging taking into account the inquiry’s findings, we will then, and only then be in a position to inquire into the loss of the original file.