Theresa May Statement CSA 4 Feb 15

Many thanks to Daedalus for getting this ready so quickly. 



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12 responses to “Theresa May Statement CSA 4 Feb 15

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  2. Sabre

    I needn’t have pinged the bullet points !

    Good to have the whole thing here though.

  3. dpack

    the whole afternoon will make interesting viewing/reading now and in the future.

  4. artmanjosephgrech

    while the transcripts will be available in a few hours the two sessions of the Inquiry should be watched and listened as live. Government has reached the point of no return on the past and on the present.

  5. dpack

    watch and listen is perhaps best for assessing the general theme,the nuance and non verbal information that is included in any oration ,read is best for finding details of fact that might require cross referencing .

    we are very fortunate to have both ,we are the first generation of citizens to have access to this level of observation of the workings of the house .live and written available in hours should be seen as a useful tool in the struggle towards democracy .

    i would have very much liked to have been also able to watch and listen to some of the things i have read in hansard .
    the same goes for reports of other inquiry proceedings .

  6. Sound slowed to sinister baritone emanating from Theresa May

  7. l8in

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  8. Paul Mac

    Hansard makes for an interesting read……

    Yvette Cooper – “What about the continued question of whether there was a cover-up in Whitehall or Westminster of very serious crimes over many decades? Extremely serious allegations have been made, but they have not been investigated.”

    TM – “The right hon. Lady referred to the issues around the cover-up in Whitehall and Westminster.”

    ‘The cover-up’ – Do we have an acknowledgement?

    TM knows things and has hinted several times with her “Tip of the iceberg” quote indicative of the scale of the problem. I sense she could well want it all to come out.

    Watergate took years to drip through amid many setbacks.

    • Sabre

      I’d love to be wrong about one of the b******s, frankly I don’t care which one, if she proves to be honourable so be it.

      I’m not holding my breath though, my looks are nothing to write home about and going blue will not improve them.

  9. godhelpus

    The people in the Background look wholly uninterested and wish it would all disappear, so that they can continue with their Perverted little Lives.Yet another person chosen to head the inquiry, also not free of cover ups. Maybe Teresa May should step down and stop wasting Time…

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  11. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Parliament and the windbags that infest it.”….There all so insipid , they just want it all to go away, they resent us for wanting to know who the monsters are………
    Depraved indifference rules in Westminster, just like Rotherham except the arse-holes in Westminster are further up the dung heap and better educated.
    This is getting very depressing.