Rotherham: politicians and police ‘abused girls’

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.


A corrupt police officer and two councillors have been accused of having sex with victims of one of Britain’s worst child abuse scandals, The Times can reveal.

The claims relate to politicians and a constable in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, where an estimated 1,400 girls were subjected to serious sexual offences over 16 years.

The explosive allegations are revealed by The Times on the day that long-awaited findings from an independent inspection of the local authority are due to be published. The report is expected to make damning criticism of the council, which risks being stripped of its powers.

Complaints against the two Rotherham councillors are understood to have been sent to the National Crime Agency, which is investigating child-sex crimes in the town. One of the councillors is still serving.

Allegations against the police officer, who is also said to have regularly passed information to abusers targeting vulnerable children for sex, have separately been referred to the police watchdog by the South Yorkshire force.

A second officer is accused of neglect in his duty because he allegedly failed to take appropriate action after receiving intelligence about his colleague’s conduct. The claims are being assessed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The Times



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10 responses to “Rotherham: politicians and police ‘abused girls’

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  2. Gary

    At every single level of power, that power is abused. From care workers, police officers and councillors right up to the Prime Minister. Unless the current inquiry is given money, resources and teeth for a root and branch discovery process victims past present and future will have no reason for confidence. Already battling to get started, they seem hamstrung from m the get-go. Urgent damage limitation seems to be the order of the day. Files not found, dying men, convenient Alzheimer’s (a la Guiness) and those ‘stepping down from public life’ in May. However corrupt we may have thought the ‘powers that be’ we were wrong, they are much, much worse. I hope I have to eat my words someday.

  3. artmanjosephgrech

    It will to be sure.

    Chilcott explaining why it had taken 6 years to cover a nine year period and 150000 documents so my guess a child abuse inquiry will take 10 years is an underestimate

  4. dpack

    ten years,£400 million,state the obvious and excuse it with a “it should be seen in context”

    im not predicting the future but pointing to a relatively simple inquiry into the events of a few hours with a few hundred witnesses.
    this is several thousand witnesses,events over more than a decade etc etc .
    it could be done well and swiftly with a moderate budget but that might be a bit hopeful.
    i suspect there will be a few prosecutions ,some sackings,a lot of damage limitation by organizations and insurers etc etc

    ,live breaking news on bbc news at the mo “the initial report finds rotherham council not fit for purpose and in denial about the scale of the problems”.

  5. Michael Taylor

    Let’s watch this case like hawks. Far too often in the past these investigations have myseriously vanished with nothing ever heard of such matters ever again….

  6. The Count of Monti Christo

    And will anyone go to jail?…….not on your life.
    The worst that can happen is…such and such will be taking early retirement because they want to spend more time with their family.

  7. The Count of Monte Cristo

    How many of these hideous sods are still on the public payroll ?
    What do you get these days for depraved indifference while taking our money at the end of every month while English children are handed around to Muslim gangs of paedophiles. If it’s good enough for, it’s ok with us! Year right…no responsibility then….suits you!
    Stand by for……..
    “Lessons have been learned , issues have been addressed, we are absolutely shocked and appalled at the level of abuse, systems are in place to make sure this never happens again……our hearts go out to family and loved of the victims / survivors….Blah…..Blahh….Blah….Blahh…

    Anybody going to jail yet…do you need a file to go missing sir?
    Ohh that’s very kind of you, please make sure it never reaches the public domaine, I’ve my pension to think of …….of course sir….would you like me to bend over now sir…….wait until after the election……..