Rotherham Council ‘Not Fit For Purpose’, Cabinet To Resign

The Full Casey Report on Rotherham can be found HERE


Rotherham Council’s cabinet is to resign in the wake of a damning report which found it was “not fit for purpose” after a child abuse scandal.

The National Crime Agency said Louise Casey’s report identified “a number of potentially criminal matters”.

The inquiry found a culture of bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced “political correctness”.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said he planned to give control of the council to five commissioners.

He also plans to impose early elections in 2016.

He said: “In the immediate term, I am minded to appoint commissioners who will provide new leadership taking over the roles of the currently wholly dysfunctional cabinet.

“I am proposing they will therefore initially exercise all the functions currently exercised by the cabinet – that is all the council’s executive functions.”

He said the 2016 elections would give people a chance to “renew the membership of their council and elect those they have confidence in”.

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21 responses to “Rotherham Council ‘Not Fit For Purpose’, Cabinet To Resign

  1. protect our children

    Of course I bet its not a NEW LIE BOUR council,not that CON SERVATIVES OR LIE DEMS are any better,I think we would all fare better under THE RAVING LOONY party,whoops I forgot thats who are in power now

  2. Paul Mac

    It’s the same old story every time CSA crops up.

    Deny it happened, cover it up, silence whistleblowers, close ranks, stonewall investigations, blame the victims, attempt to rewrite history. Every walk of life where this happens, it’s the same old excuses.

    Rotherham should face a criminal investigation and the inept should lose any pensions.

  3. It appears nothing is being directed at the police so far, why is this ? they were clearly in liaison with each other.

    • BarrieJ

      There are currently 10 police officers under investigation by the IPCC. If history is at all relevant, that means nothing at all.

    • Paul Mac

      Good point, the South Yorks Police appear to have been equally complicit. Whilst the media headlines are focussing on the council, what is reported about the SYP appears even more damning. I wonder who will hold them accountable?

    • Alexis Jay rep[orted that one victim of child abuse told a youth worker who immediately too her to a police station. Within 30 minutes of her arrival at the police station her a buser called her telling her he knew she was at the police station and he threatened her. Hosw would her abuser know where she was without police collusion?

  4. dpack

    having just seen this
    and having heard a number of ugly stories located in calderdale going back to the 1960’s im beginning to wonder how many rotten boroughs need a good cleaning.

  5. The Count of Monti Christo

    It’s not just Rothereham, quite a few rotten boroughs, I jest you not , the PC brigade have betrayed us all, especially the children. The police WHO WERE TAKING PAY AT THE END OF EVERY MONTH… if found to have been a part of the cover up should loose their jobs and pensions! I’m sure some of them have children, how can they live with themselves? What about the local press ROTHERERHAM ADERTISER … Wasn’t this news worthy ? Stand by for More missing files, more fudge..” I knew nothing honest” .and not least? HERE IT COMES……”…lessons have been learned …issues address……we are all shocked and this must never happen again….blahh…blahhhhh …”

    • Sabre

      Rotherham has been nominated to take the ( not undeserved ) kick up the arse.
      The cops have always been content to sell their grandchildren’s birth right for the price of a government mortgage.
      The local and national media will always have their own political agenda, business considerations and not to mention mundane considerations around access to valued political sources.
      The political correctness considerations lead to decades of suffering for vulnerable children, a severe problem to fester within the Pakistani community which may have been lanced to everyone’s benefit had it been tackled head on and promptly and ironically kudos to the far- right for their attempts to publicise the problem.

      The law of unintended consequences is indeed draconian.

      • dpack

        i wonder if there are any parallels with “kincora” perhaps my comment about not wanting to read the allegations about operation “happy jihaddi” in 30 years was not entirely daft.

      • Sabre

        Rotherham seems to be political expediency, Kincora seems to be more complicated.
        Militant Republicans and Loyalists were not only fighting each other and earnestly trying to polarise and radicalise their own communities, they were BOTH antagonistic to the British State ( Loyalists learned at least a century ago that their Loyalism was a one way street !)

        Loyalism and Republicanism were both subject to factionalism and State infiltration. It all got very complicated and very dirty very quickly.

        The State wouldn’t have thought twice, imho didn’t think twice, about sacrificing kids for leverage over the warring factions.

      • It’s a whole lot more sinister than political correctness.

  6. dpack

    do i recall a needleblog “list of rotten boroughs”
    it would be a pity if rotherham got all the “credit”

  7. Sabre

    Given that HMG are to impose Commissioners due to the acts and omissions of Rotherham, who or what is going to oversee Parliament when and if its grievious failings are brought into the light ?

    • dpack

      it would be an ugly and tiresome job but i recon i could find a few folk who might do it if they had no choice

  8. dpack

    that seems to be the sort of thing i was thinking of

  9. The Count of Monti Christo

    To the so called ” journalists ” of the Rotherham Advertiser …you really need to consider another line of work! Good hacking requires balls and integrity you don’t have either.
    And as for the cops…………enemy within ones own house……..

  10. The Count of Monti Cristo

    The council and police at the very least are guilty of depraved indifference.
    That must mean charges should be brought against them!