To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel

Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee which features the character of Scout as an adult, will be released on 14 July.

Now that really is an unexpected treat.




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8 responses to “To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel

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  2. Sabre

    Publishing it half a century after writing it. To kill a mockingbird was a work of its time, the civil rights movement made strides re voter registration, equal rights, bussing the 44th President is a black man.

    The previous 42 Presidents were rich white men that did sod all for poor white men, why did anyone imagine that a rich black man would do any more for poor black men.

    Things have changed you have to look damn hard to notice though.

  3. Ben G.

    Blacks have changed culturally very much for the worse since this book was set. The way they think and behave today is unrecognisable by comparison.

    • Sabre

      A big and controversial subject. Poverty does play a large part, however, one has to ask why US blacks have such a high proportion of their community in poverty compared to other groups ?

      Currently there has been much controversy re police on black shootings, each individual case should of course be examined with regard to the particular circumstances.
      According to the CDC the leading cause of death for black males 15 – 34 is homicide.

      Anti Black racism? Or more complex?