The Satanist Next Door

A total of 1,893 people wrote Satanism as their religion in the 2011 census.




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12 responses to “The Satanist Next Door


    I am not quite sure what this is intended to prove. Are we meant to be alarmed at these figures? I am quite reassured that there are comparatively few nutcases who worship Satan in my neighbourhood.

  2. Lots of people lie on census forms because they don’t like filling them in and wish to give innaccurate information

  3. nuggy

    half of them probely arnt anyway they just think its funny to say they are i used to say it sometimes when i was accosted by Christians in the street.

  4. Sabre

    There doesn’t appear to be many of them, i guess that I’d make the same assumptions as most about them ( I know nothing of them ) .

    If my assumptions are right they at least unlike most others suffer less from hypocrisy.

  5. Whilst there may be those who say they are, there are also those who through their actions know they are….They probably wouldn’t tell …

  6. Gary

    I know that there are those who openly and genuinely practise Satanism. I’m not sure that the figures match up though but there’ll likely be those putting it down for amusement as well as those who are Satanists who feel shy about sharing the information.

  7. Terry B

    You realise most of the people that answered Satanist were joking?

    How many people answered Jedi?

  8. Paul Mac

    As others have mentioned, I suspect we have more to fear from the mainstream religions re CSA. Their gods do move in mysterious ways.

    At least the satanists are honest about what they are up to.

    I’d imagine that few of them are practicing either. I’ve not seen many Jedis on my travels!

  9. gw

    Hardly the “Satanist next door”. A better headline would be “the handful of Satanists in your local authority”

    Less than 2000 is so tiny as to be as good as insignificant, IMO.

    “Satanic Abuse” is a misnomer. Far more accurate – far more useful to term it “ritual abuse”.

    I’d suggest that the large majority of the “satanists” practice LeVeyan which is a non-theistic belief system – if a little nutty, of course.

    It doesn’t help that much of the SRA hysteria comes from America and I have no doubt that the waters have been clouded by christian perspective.

  10. What are you implying with this list? Given the context of yr blog are you saying Satanists abuse children? We don’t, Satanists are far less likely to abuse children than any other religion. Even ‘ritual abuse’ is a misnomer, and a slur on those who practice ritual. The real ‘abuse on the grounds of faith or belief’ is from Christian denominations which label children as witches and abuse them