Historic Abuse in Children’s Homes – The Management Context by Wally Harbert

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Wally Harbert writes from his  personal experiences about the wider context in which child abuse was allowed to happen in the Social Services Sector. This are valuable not only so that we can understand how child abuse was allowed to happen, but also so that we can learn from this and prevent child abuse occurring in the future from the same reasons- IF we learn the lessons from the past.

This is even more valuable because it is available for the public to read and also for free, not stuck in academia or a report that needs to be paid for and thus the readership is limited. If we are to learn the lessons of the past, people must be able to access information to hold authorities to account. The sooner Wally and other knowledgeable professionals are able to give evidence to child sexual abuse inquiries, the better. An inquiry…

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2 responses to “Historic Abuse in Children’s Homes – The Management Context by Wally Harbert

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    The problem I have with the article is that it author has made a convincing case why Politicians and Directors of Social Services and their managers should not have had and should not have in the future any power over children in need of care and protection.

    Moreover the immediate alternative was the Catholic Church, the Church of England Children’s Society Barnardo’s and such like and then I remembered the children banished to the colonies where they where used as slave labour and raped, the babies who died the girls beaten and raped in Ireland etc so perhaps Thatcher was right we should have privatised the service oh wait a minute that is also what happened and we had Bryn Alyn and John Allen with two prison sentences, a powerful Director going around the country recommending we all placed children there so children could trafficked where ever and when ever

    Perhaps we should have expanded fostering whoops then I remembered the National Children’s Bureau report in the late sixties and under social services it got worse and the number of moves each child had in foster care and the number of reports of children ill treated and abused so I suppose it is not surprising that we came to adopt the Soviet and Chinese system of giving children from one set of parents because we were not prepared to devote the resources to make things better and give the children to another set of parents using police to go mob handed to take them away and then make it legal in secret courts so we do have a problem don’t we, Wait I have forgotten the Sir Cyril Taylor proposition of using residential schools where such children could mix which normal chidden such as the Royal Albert and Alexander, but was there not a programme abut that or perhaps to public schools, possibly would be cheaper but do we want them to become Dave, Goerge and Boris.

    Seriously Wally some good texts which I will use for sermons in weeks to come, if I had not lost the faith.