My comment to Dominic Lawson’s article in the Sunday Times 01/02/15



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9 responses to “My comment to Dominic Lawson’s article in the Sunday Times 01/02/15

  1. steve

    The mentioned person,in my humble opinion is totally not worth mentioning his name,has no idea what hes on about and should be made to aplogise for stupid upsetting remarks,as if like me you may suffered in childhood trhough no fault of your own,the person Domiinic Lawson is living proof of the total inbred people we have let do what they think is right

  2. Sabre

    The dogs in the street know that Lawson is a ” stringer” bear in mind that his father’s friends ( and fellow zionists) are in the spotlight for raping and killing? Children.

  3. The Count of Monti Cristo

    Excellent point Sabre!
    Sometimes I really do wish we could put Westminster to the sword and start again, we deserve so much better.

  4. Jack humphreys

    I have seen no mention here of keith joseph, he was one of those who came to barnabus house for the boys, before my time there there were many rumours of peter wyngarde the actor and greville janner visiting and choosing boys

  5. I feel very fortunate, that I made peace with my childhood experiences long before thnis tremendous social pressure to incorporate victimization – or survivorship – into one’s sense of identity.
    I wish peace to everyone.

    • It does seem to have become an essential qualification before anyone can have an opinion on the subject worth listening to…

      Nevermind, take care

  6. The Lawson family