PREM19/588 : The Peter Hayman File

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24 responses to “PREM19/588 : The Peter Hayman File

  1. Guy Ropes

    May I offer the observation that Government cover-ups – and we all know one when we see one – cost the exchequer millions upon millions. Until whistleblowers are fully protected by truly robust laws that are enforced with vigour and transparency, then the public will always be “double” losers, i.e.No justice and fat-cat lawyers.

  2. What I can’t understand is why it all coming out know why not yrs ago then kids would of not suffered

    • Michael

      You seem to forget we’re dealing with psychopaths here; they don’t give a damn about anyone else’s suffering.

      • Mate i aint forgetting anything i was abused through the walsall foster system they took my children cus i have adhg and my children have sufftered mistreatment
        Emotional harm
        And god knows what
        So mate i know what we dealing with believe me and walsall council got the shock of there lives coming

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  4. There’s’s one simple question here. Had that “letter” that was found on the bus not been Hayman rather some “no-one”, who thinks they would have been prosecuted along with the other 9 taking part in the correspondence?

    My heart dropped as I read through the papers as it becomes quite blatantly obvious they were doing every last thing they could to obstruct it all, ….one, becoming public and two, reaching the courts. The using of a “cover name” no matter how you try and square it away as something else, was outright manipulation by members of the executive to try and hide his activities..

  5. Michelle Carterton

    @ Paul Mac,
    Interesting post. I remember the Royal Observer Corp. Having just done a quick search I see they are no longer around. I’m not sure whether or not we still have any form of civil defence?

    • Paul Mac

      The ROC was disbanded in the 90s. As far as warfare is concerned, no form of civil defence exists other than broadcasting a warning and leaving us all to it. Nuclear civil defence became pointless from the early 60’s & was probably only continued to prevent mass panic if anything did kick off. It was reckoned that 12 large ones would effectively destroy the UK & there were several hundred aimed at us. Peter Hennessy’s book ‘Secret State’ is the most authoritive account.

      I’ve gone off topic on CSA but it’s another clear example of how the public are misled by those we elect – & more importantly, those we don’t!

      • Michelle Carterton

        So no form of civil defence exists. That’s what I thought/feared. It would of course be useless in the event of a nuclear attack, but may have been useful if we found ourselves under attack from more conventional weapons.
        Particularly now that they have been remiss in keeping the Army up to full strength both in terms of the numbers of soldiers and equipment.

        I can vaguely remember a time when they still used to test the old air raid sirens, they don’t even do that anymore. Of course some say the enemy is already within and amongst us anyway. Which I believe is true. Though there are differing opinions on who the enemy really is.

        I shall check out that book you mentioned. I’ve heard of it, but not got around to reading it yet. Just like a lot of other books I haven’t got around to reading yet. There are not enough hours in the day.

  6. Marcus

    At what point do we refuse to be fobbed off any longer and finally acknowledge that these “administrative oversights” (still occuring to this very day) are too numerous, chronic and recurrent to be explicable as mere lapses and that they amount, in truth, to nothing less than perverting the course of justice? And when will we finally demand that they be prosecuted as such?

  7. Their only concern was their regard to security. No mention or acknowledgement that there were victims in this. Those victims are either dead from satisfying the paedophile lusts of our ‘betters’ or survivors living in fear. There are many names and organizations listed through the material and all should face prosecution, be stripped of peerages and titles and pensions where necessary and be imprisoned for their actions and inactions. My petition will require changes in the law, I would rather change the law to accommodate this than use the law for a perversion of the justice system by the system

  8. dpack

    it seems to be a smoking gun with a lot of fingerprints on it .

    im trying to decide if it was overlooked by the gardeners or if it was intended to be found as part of a fire break operation to blame the dead,at the mo im in favour of overlooked as there appears to be some very disturbing evidence in relation to policy and the actions of various individuals and departments.

    i recon i need to read it again and try to develop a better understanding of the contexts

    well done for going for the source material ,the msm reports are a little economical with the truth and the implications

    • Sabre

      A good point and one I pondered myself, the result is that we all now know about the “Thatcher Briefing” don’t we?

      That foxed them, throw them a manky rotten one that has been laying around for years. ;-)

      • dpack

        what might help to put history in context is a good person to provide some recent evidence of how such matters are conducted at present

  9. Sabre

    An Assistant Principal in the lead up to WW2 – if his evil perversions were known at the time he may have been blackmailed into doing his bit pushing for war.

    He did a stint as Deputy Commandant Military Goverment Berlin in the ’60s
    (Oldfield to Thatcher re Hess Papers).

  10. Paul Mac

    Thanks for posting this in full. It’s quite revealing.

    If they reluctantly throw us this 23 years after he is dead, one can only imagine what other horrors are concealed in the interest of ‘national security’?

    If only our security services had focussed their attentions on defusing the constant threat posed by nuclear devastation which I grew up in constant fear of, or of monitoring what they viewed as dangerous subversives (CND, Miners, Hillsborough, etc) we could all have enjoyed a safer & happier world. Their obsession with domestic arse covering & hiding all they could from they citizens who were paying their inflated salaries & pensions is revealing.

    Anyone involved in the Thatcher administration, Mi5, Mi6 who knew about this are guilty of covering up these crimes. They should all be identified and put on public trial immediately. If their actions are found wanting, apart from any criminal prosecution, they should be stripped of any pensions.

    They continue to view us all with contempt. Unless we all speak out – we deserve that.

    • Michelle Carterton

      ‘…..our security services……’ If only they were ‘our’ security services.

      I’m middle aged now, but I can’t say that I grew up in constant fear of a nuclear attack. To be honest most of us took it all with a large pinch of salt and thought those Government films shown on TV about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, were both irrelevant for obvious reasons and unintentionally hilarious.

      • Paul Mac

        Good point Michelle – They are indeed not our security services.

        I spent part of my teens in the Royal Observer Corps & we rehearsed nuclear war civil defence most weekends. It became immediately clear that no defence was possible and the only useful role I could identify was to establish what areas should be completely abandoned to their fate, whilst what was left of the emergency services were urgently removed to the periphery. It was grim stuff indeed but did give me a healthy but black sense of humour ! Going outside with binoculars, a compass & a ‘spotter’s guide’ to mushroom clouds was laughable. We also carried a supply of 10p coins to call in the compass bearing. It didn’t do much good to dwell on the consequences.

  11. artmanjosephgrech

    This file will change the UK, the General Election result and could lead to a Republic

  12. Teen

    Bingo – great paper trail. Congratulations

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