Lord Armstrong talking to Tom Bateman

Radio 4 ‘Today’ broadcast 31st January 2015.


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  2. Marie Antoinette

    Princess Diana said Charles used to make his male servants bend over quite a lot whilst he stood behind them,he just liked to see if they could touch their toes better than he could

  3. Jack humphreys

    I just read your article on the queen being ill, she has her own homeopathic doctor who is right on the ball with her and i am assured she walks the dogs still every day. The prince andrew scandal was times to take the heat off the CIA torture programme before death totals could be released and the part Britain played in this. Prince charles is very aware of the corruption in political circles and wants to sorted, this is in the nations interests too
    The conspiracy radio people had an online discussion and phone in on the pedo scandal and several people rang in and said there are indeed active homosexuals at the top of the political pyramid, and these should not be covered up


    Once upon a time regular world travel was a privilege for the elite and the closest the average person got was a package holiday to a popular destination like Greece or Spain for a fortnight. The elite however moved in a different circle, a lot of travel was by politicians and we would look on with great respect. They would be flying to Australia, America, India, South Africa and United Kingdom and other countries all over the world.

    Some of these countries now have a bit of a conundrum, child sex abuse allegations against the politicians, inquiries being set up and thwarted. The world for the elite wasn’t quite so easy now because some people made the internet, mobile phones and social media communications so that the ordinary people could speak to each other immediately. So immediate it was like chatting in a room together. They became the twittering classes.

    Snippets of information about some of the activities started to leak out through these social media sites and people got to know people everywhere. They weren’t the Elite though, they were the ordinary people and these ordinary people got angry because now their eyes were finally being opened.

    The Elite people got upset and started using the powers they were so used to and fought back with subterfuge, misinformation and dead end directions.

    Eventually the ordinary people cottoned on, hit back and forced the hand that fed them the lies for so long. The revolution had started.

    The ordinary people won and the world changed, good ordinary people became the guardians of the world and some ordinary people worked to make common sense a returned reality. Those ordinary people are the world we see today my child. A new and honest world.

    Anyway time for sleep my child rest and sleep well, that’s your night time story for today. Now switch off the social media site I am talking to you from and I will see you on the weekend when I can fly home to you and my loving partner. Our family. Sweet sleep and safe dreams http://sign.philspetition.uk

  5. Gary

    Who was the 68 year old arrested for ‘historical’ child abuse in Barnes? Double barrelled name and under an operation who’s name I hadn’t heard. Any connection to existing operations?

  6. The Count of Monti Cristo

    “In the interest of national security and international relations” ( and of course the old school tie) ….blahh…blahh…why do we put up with these scoundrels who have no integrity or honour? They will say the same crap all over again very time one of these perverts is exposed. It’s much better for them just to loose the file!
    Interesting to see what policemen / politicians decided not to pursue Mr slime-Ball himself Leon Brittain .

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