Killer Queen

The Friday Night Song.


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  1. dpack

    scallywag was sued (and shut as a consequence)by a chap for getting the identity of his mistress wrong.

    it was not sued for the extremely damaging things it printed exampled above.

    perhaps there are reasonable conclusions to be drawn from that.

  2. Killer Queen’s lyrics were inspired by Eric “monster monster” Hall, who worked for EMI in publicity and did indeed keep his Moet Chandon In a pretty cabinet”

  3. xray

    Articles from Scallywag magazine that directly relate to the Westminster Paedophile Network:


    ‘Lord McAlpine and the paedophile ring’

    ‘The glitterati of the Conservative Party gathered in Dolphin Square for debauchery with young boys’

    ‘The Beast of the Valleys’ [Lord McAlpine]

    ‘Author James Rusbridger was on the point of disclosing paedophile material from within the royal family’

    ‘Shame and scandal in the family’ [Peter Lilley MP]

    See also: ‘Peter Lilley’s wife says he is not gay’


    ‘Why McAlpine could never be thrown to the wolves’


    ‘Child abuse: The Waterhouse report’