Is This Actually What A Paedophile Ring Looks Like ?

A genuine question. I’d be interested in what others think.



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  1. Jeannie Wells

    David Finkelhor ( American social scientist ) wrote a very good paper in the 1980’s examining the nature of the ‘ transaction ‘ that occurs between abuser and their victim. Unless immediate threat is used, there is usually a grooming process which involves something highly desired by the target person. It could be attention, a sweet, money, a ride in a car, promises of presents – the list is endless. As soon as a person receives this offer, a transaction has occurred, b default. They feel complicit in whatever happens afterwards. This can induce life long guilt and self blame. Really, though, it is pure deceit and betrayal by the abuser. It should be an additional component to the crime and survivors need help to understand this dynamic in order to heal

  2. L Irving

    Your loop is correct, that is why the Independent Panel set up for the Child Abuse Inquiry should remain independent from all sources. It may be better for Ben Emmerson QC to step down due to the conflict of interest with the Home Secretary. The panel should have a monthly news bulliten with Channel 4 news to keep the public updated on their progress, just like a select committee the panel should remain independent from Parliament. It may also be advisable to bring in a barrister and Chair from an outside source, Australia springs to mind, the country has dealt with similar cases.

  3. Kittiwake

    I have been reading a lot about psychopaths recently, having been taken in for many years by the psychobabble derived from Freudian ideas about deviant behaviour being the product of a disturbed childhood, that people really want to change if only they could get the right sort of help. It has turned my thinking upside down on this. Whilst I think a troubled and abusive upbringing can clearly lead to problems in adult life that can be addressed, I think these theories have also allowed the many psychopaths amongst us to hide in plain sight, as we are blinded to the reality that some people aren’t like the rest of us, ie they have no conscience, don’t want to change, and see the rest of us as prey. How much CSA is directly attributable to psychopathy I don’t think any of us can say currently as I don’t think there is any direct research on this. Martin K is so right though. We need structures in place to protect the rest of us from psychopaths.

  4. Martin K.

    The answer is to screen all persons seeking positions of public influence for psychopathy. Such people are entirely without the capacity for empathy and that makes them very dangerous to have in positions of public trust. There is an established test available that is over 90% accurate and cannot be faked by any known technology (and I do NOT refer to those micky mouse self-tests you see on Youtube).
    Testing for psychopahic traits in persons seeking public office is something that should have been introduced many years ago.

  5. Michelle Carterton

    I would put evilness and or Satanism at the centre of that circle.

    • Thanks Michelle. When I first starting thinking about this I had ritual abuse in mind and the collective complicity leading to power and it being a self-perpetuating cycle.

      • Michelle Carterton

        On one level i.e. when it involves those at the top of society it does seem to be ritualistic. To put it another way, child sacrifice never went away.

        I believe you are correct when you mention ‘collective complicity’. Some people’s weakness and desire for what is termed as ‘unnatural sex’ is both used against them and also to reward them. Therefore, as you say it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. As for what can be done to break the cycle and put a stop to it; I wish I had the answer to that. Or, more importantly I wish someone, anyone could come up with something to put an end to the unnecessary suffering of innocent children.

        Just because it’s been going on for thousands of years doesn’t make it acceptable in any way. I suppose there’s some small comfort in knowing that the majority of people are horrified by it and will never accept it or regard it as normal behaviour.
        Not that that will stop some of the PTB in trying to promote it as normal and acceptable, we are beginning to see that promotion happening right now.

  6. Sabre

    My apology stands then. I think that despite the pessimistic front I’m getting rattled.

  7. Sabre

    Hi Gojam,
    I have been impressed by your blog for ages, the other subjects Libor, Economics, Foreign Policy have taken a back seat despite the fact that Establishment CSA is intimately linked to them all and is not an isolated subject.

    You seem to be tolerant of most views and possibilly long suffering with some of them (mine included?).

    I hope that I have misunderstood this particular post, I apologise in advance if I have.

    You appear to be taking the piss out of your audience, testing for sheep like uncritical responses depending on the way something is framed.

    A paedophiles ring is generally understood to be an organised group of perverts preying upon vulnerable children.

    Perhaps this post should have been the power dynamics of abuse?
    If so that would be a downward cascade.

    I hope that I am being over sensitive about the semantics, possibly pedantic in the extreme.

    • I’m certainly not taking the piss. It is a genuine effort to think objectively about what a paedophile ring actually is while putting personalities to one side.

      I think it is cyclic and I’m trying to develop a schematic that can illustrate it. I’m not sure this is right which is why I asked for input.

  8. Paul Mac

    Sky are current headlining with an article naming Hayman as the subject of the ‘Unnatural sex’ file from the National Archives.

  9. Andy Barnett

    You need to add “Shame” as the link between Abuse and Complicity. Think about it: its not the abuse that drives people to stay silent and cover-up these crimes – its the shame they feel, the fear of what others will think.

    • Hi Andy

      I think isolation would probably be better and basically the internet helped break that isolation. The factors you mention and others led to isolation which the perpetrators exploited.

      But I think that is about the victim and not the ring.

      It is a good point though and has set me thinking. Exactly what I’d hoped.

      • Andy Barnett

        I wasn’t only thinking about the shame felt by the victim. There is the shame felt by the perpetrator that that drives them to skilfully hide their crimes and seek complicity. Then there is the shame felt by leaders of institutions that don’t want to sully its reputation; the shame felt by wives of perpetrators, parents of victims, etc. etc. Not forgetting the shame of those that knew and could have done something, but were afraid to rock the establishment boat.

      • Andy Barnett

        In that last sentence, for “establishment” read “any stable organisation or order of things” – be it a family, an institution, a class system or a nation state.

  10. Gary

    Where there is complicity and knowledge there will also be those seeking to use the knowledge or use the connections to seek power, favours or even cash. I’m not being facile but I remember an old James Bond film, he walks into a darkened room, they’re filming through a two-way mirror. A man and a woman are making love and are being filmed for blackmail purposes – a honeytrap. We’ve had the government admit to using pictures to blackmail a senior IRA figure on his paedophilia. We tend to associate blackmail with getting information from the enemy but military intelligence is notorious for its interference in domestic politics and even now we have ‘ex’ intelligence employees working as MPs. Paths are cleared for them and certain others, resignations to spend time with their families. Heath ousted in favour of Thatcher, paedophiles being over represented in her cabinet etc. Everything we ever knew about spies but turned upon us, using children not adult males and females. Why would intelligence draw a line at paedophilia when it doesnt draw a line at murder?

    • Sabre

      You know the answer to your own question Gary, paedophilia like murder, adultery, corruption etc are a means to an end. There isn’t a line to be drawn just a cost benefit analysis to be done.

  11. dpack

    a “fictional”representation of one view of a lattice

    bits are fictional to provide a coherent narrative,bits are changed in small details to protect the guilty,bits are very accurate.

  12. dpack

    at the most basic probably
    in the context of politics and money your ring could be the base of a cone with manipulation at the top

    i still think that a complex lattice is a more useful structural model

  13. anonjon amos

    Does the Needle know that the pop festival shambala donates portion of its profits to pro pedophila charities ? insiders say this has gone on for some years but this year they are more careful in hiding this knowledge.
    When sexual deviant organisations get funding from secret sources we feel they should be exposed

    • Is there any proof of this ?

      Which charities ?

    • Mike E

      Long time lurker and first time commenter here. I’ve been to Shambala every year since it started, its the most family friendly festival in the UK and the safest place for kids in the country – I’ve ‘mislaid’ children there and never been worried when they get lost, it’s the only place in the country where I am sure someone would notice a child in distress and the missing kids have always been returned safe and sound by the stewards. I know the people who run the festival and I am pretty sure you are talking libelous bollocks anonjon amos

  14. Paul Mac

    On a more serious note, yes, power & complicity need to be included. A contempt for the general public & a sense of being above the law might fit in there too.

  15. Paul Mac

    I think it looks vaguely like this…..

  16. gw

    I’d add “access”

  17. Rich

    …….it looks also like a picture of most politicians to me!

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