Quick! We Need ‘Political Balance.’

“We need to get something out quick the Tory mandarins are climbing up the wall. What have we got ?”


“Is anything going to happen ?”

“Well… probably not but we can always just say that a ‘decision will be made as soon as is practicable.’ It throws his name out there, it doesn’t commit anyone to any meaningful course of action, and gives the impression that there’s political balance.”

“A bit like paedophile proportional representation you mean? I like it. do it!”

Prosecutors are considering charging an elderly Labour peer with child sex offences and have promised a decision “soon”.

Greville Janner, 86, has not been arrested in connection with the allegations.

Crown Prosecution Service lawyers are now considering if there is enough evidence to charge him after recently being handed a full file of evidence for the first time.

If they decide there is they will consider if it is in the “public interest” to prosecute taking into account his age and health.

The new CPS statement comes after calls for inquiries into allegations of historical child sex abuse to be speeded up following the death of Leon Brittan last week.

Lord Brittan passed away after a long fight with cancer – leaving unanswered questions about his role in the disappearance of a dossier said to reveal the existence of an abuse network at the top of government.

The Mirror


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13 responses to “Quick! We Need ‘Political Balance.’

  1. Jack humphreys

    i have been following a similar thread on the website “england is ours”
    no one seems t have picked up on the long awaited paper the government had shredded, ” The nene report” only parts of this reached the public
    but it appears as if the government were financially sponsoring these homosexual organisations

  2. Gary

    I’m glad to hear the news. I’d heard it’d been halted due to his ‘Alzheimer’s’ and then they changed their minds? Perhaps someone thinks this will resolve the issue of whether to charge those accused when the offences are decades old and the defendants are aged into their 80s. If that WAS the reason, they couldn’t have picked a better case.

  3. eviltorypervert

    well i signed in under my own name..

  4. BarrieJ

    Team Westminster are well rehearsed at looking after their own. Centuries of practice.
    Starve the beast, vote out your sitting M.P. and keep voting them out.

  5. Michelle Carterton

    Thank you Gojam for posting my first two comments on your site a couple of days ago on another thread. I guess that both the site owner and the newbie commenter have to kind of take a leap of faith.
    I don’t give out or trust my email address to any old Tom, Dick or Harry and website owners also need to be vigilant that they are not being used by people with ulterior motives, I would imagine.

  6. Michelle Carterton

    Focusing attention on these elderly alleged and suspected paedophiles is diverting attention away from what is still going on today.
    I’m not advocating these old nonces should be allowed to escape justice, though some of them inevitably, are doing just that. Where are the inquiries into the present day activities? The ‘Yew Tree’ investigation is very limited in it’s scope.
    According to some, the scale of organised paedophila is massive, international and involves those at the upper echelons of society. No change there then, it was ever thus.

  7. nuggy

    is it likely he would sign in under his own name.

    • Michelle Carterton

      It surprises me that there was a guest list or register at all. People don’t normally sign in when about to commit criminal offences.

  8. What is holding things up I smell a Tory cover up to many important names. The bastards will get away with it. More important to cover up than to protect kids. Always has been Separate laws for well connected

  9. Jack humphreys

    Leon Britten to those who met him was a polite intelligent but slightly smarmy politician, was he homosexual ? yes he was he was one amonga small group.
    His signature on the elm house documents is said to be a forgery
    i really believe he did abuse those boys as claimed

    • You may be right. I’ve no way of proving otherwise but one thing I do know is that there has been far too much witness contamination to come to a certain conclusion.

      • Gojam, simple fact is LB should have been called in for questioning, both on what the custom official said over a year ago and Nick several months ago. He wasn’t, because he was still being protected. If he were innocent why the need to be protected? Failure to clear up LB involvement lies with the establishment and the police. They wanted it to remain murky, and thus once again the victims have paid the price,

        This will continue until the police are called out and made to answer for their delay tactics.