Ben Emmerson QC at the HASC

Full session of Ben Emmerson QC, Counsel to the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, answering questions from the Home Affairs Select Committee on 26th January 2015.
This session was requested by the HASC Chair (Keith Vaz MP) following Sharon Evans’ (inquiry panel member) appearance at the HASC last week (20th January), where she made allegations against Mr Emmerson.

Link to related documents and letters:
Link to Sharon Evans evidence (20th Jan’15)
Link to Sharon Evans C4 broadcast 5th Jan’15


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9 responses to “Ben Emmerson QC at the HASC

  1. L Irving

    Ben Emmerson was acting only as an advisor to the independent panel, from the letters and documents, why was he speaking to Fiona W. on the phone, and why was he reporting to the Home Secretary, his loyalties should be with the independent panel as an advisor, I would have thought. Is there a conflict of interest, I would have thought independent meant, independent from Parliament, not the public. If the Home Secretary wants an update, then she should sit before the independent panel, I would have thought.

  2. GMB

    I hear Panorama and Cox2 is going to do a number soon on the whistleblowers and therefore victims.
    Bet the do not interview the coppers we have…

  3. dpack

    is this the same ben emerson that is representing the litvinenko family?

    if it is he might be a bit busy as the historic csa inquiry and the dead russian / mi6 asset inquiry would both seem to require a high level of concentration from a legal adviser or representative.

    it seems it is

    • Sabre

      Perhaps Emmerson is sought by those up against the State, on the other hand perhaps Emmerson specialises in being the State’s hero in the guise of the downtrodden citizen’s hero !

      • dpack

        deciding that is a difficult call.
        as i cant even decide if the csa inquiry as constructed by the state is intended to inquire and expose or if it is intended to distract and conceal perhaps i should leave the question of mr emerson’s loyalties to others better informed than myself.

  4. GMB

    Keith Vaz…Mmm

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  6. l8in

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