Mmm… indeed

So do we talk about this like adults or brush it under the carpet because we find it an embarrassing subject ?



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  2. Paul Mac

    Talk about it, we must.

    Few of the Sunday’s are touching it other than on their websites.

    Tom Watson has made some honourable comments. Polititians with integrity are a rare breed.

    Mark WT seems to have a sensible take on this too – my apologies for previously doubting his stance.

    We need a statutory inquiry with witnesses forced to give evidence (with sensitivity given to the abused). A brave & honest PM would put Tom W on it. Sadly we’ve a cowardly PM who would rather fly off to shake hands with terrorists heads of state who behead women than tackle his party’s own ghosts. History ain’t going to view David well. Conspiracy theory – my arse!

    The Home Office Select Ctte should be looking at this too.

    We need everyone complicit in this whole shamful affair hauled before us and grilled on the part they played. It’s time to confront the past and expose the many, many people & organisations who have consistently failed to deal honestly with CSA.

    Who in Westminster is going to champion this in their election campaign? I doubt I will be voting either this time round.

  3. HI gojam,

    just saw your comments on twitter about Rifkand. LOL are you on the sauce? who says he is good. – examples of all the great things he has done? What about the fact his cousin was a child rapist. He didn’t know about that huh, but says the security forces need even more powers.

    Do we need the likes of Rifkand. I think if the truth came out about security services, I think one would find they spend much time blackmailing people, profiting from wars and terrors that they create and or hype up.

  4. Let us not forget their involvement in drugs, sex trade and arms trade.

  5. QPR_Leviathan

    I detested this total shite with every fibre within my ears… Today it would reach ear worm No1 status within seconds… Well for me maybe there were those that liked it…😳😄

  6. Sabre

    The question is obviously rhetorical.

    Re voting, if it changed anything it would have been banned ages ago.

  7. Teen

    How about asking Nigel Farage from UKIP to represent these child abuse crimes? We need someone not scared to speak up and not interested in sex with children.

    • FalseFlags

      Ha ! UKIP=Nasty Right Wingers who want to RAPE the WHOLE COUNTRY…

    • tdf

      The fact that UKIP did not raise the establishment child abuse scandals that the other three parties are implicated in when they were under pressure over the weekend over the defection of one of their MEP’s to the Conservatives tells you everything you need to know – for whatever reason, they are not interested in touching the issue with a bargepole.

      Probably because, let’s face it, at least part of UKIP’s appeal is to Colonel Blimp types who think that buggery is just something that happens at boarding school and they should jolly well get over it.

      • Teen

        Hi tdf, I hear what you are saying and you are probably right but….if we all here wrote to them via their web site asking them to take up the abuse cause it would give us a chance of having some stronger backing which is what is needed so that this does not get pushed aside. It is worth a try?

  8. Jack H.

    Theresa May wants to brush it all under the carpet. Kick the can down the road until all the murderous old perverts are pushing up daisies. But that can’t be right, surely? Cameron should replace her; she’s an obstacle to justice. Unless of course he’s of the same mind!

  9. Gary

    If the election results in a hung parliament and if then Lab & Tory alike cannot or do not wish to form alliances with DUP, UKIP, SNP etc we may well see another election in October with the hope that the vote will be polarised. This being the case we could see no further action for a further year. Although this is a worst case scenario there is obviously no rush and they all fear the truth coming out. Multiple investigations, inquiries etc have failed to uncover anything of note whilst witnesses have been prevented from giving testimony or prevented from naming guilty parties. Despite facts being widely known they’re hoping to spin this out long enough so we’ll forget. Sadly it’ll probably work..

    • Sabre

      We were never going to forget the expenses scandal.
      We were never going to forget the Banksters left unregulated to go feral collapsing the whole world economy.
      We were never going to forget the Government handing our money to the Banksters as a big thank you for skinting us all.
      We were never going to forget illegal wars costing hundreds of thousands of civilian lives while maiming and killing our sons and brothers.

      We’ll never forget decades of Establishment child rape and murder,
      Will we?

      A decent summer, an upward blip in the economy, some decent soap storylines and the hoi polloi will forget it all.

      We get the government that we deserve.

  10. pongo

    love him or hate him – Chris Spivey is going to be screwed if nobody supports him. What do we do?

    • Bishop Brightly

      A man who claims a bin lorry accident was hoaxed by “them” because:

      “Hence, this old dustbin lorry fraud, being set up specifically to fool the Scot’s into thinking that she gives a fuck”

      really should be screwed. He has had a tin foil hat on so long that the heat has baked his brain.

      • john peter alan.

        Hasn’t spivey been caught with child pornography and images of bestiality on his laptop?

      • Terry B

        I don’t agree with most of what Chris Spivey says but it does look like the authorities are going all out to get him.

      • Paul Mac

        I had a lot of time for his site for a while but he sees false flags everywhere.

        Claiming that Lee Rigby’s murder & the Glasgow bin lorry accident were deliberately staged is abhorrent. I’m all for free speech but if you come out with tripe ike that, you should expect some reaction from reasoned people.

        The State really are not that organised. The bugger up day to day things haplessly. Staging conspiracies on the scale suggested is not credible. Real cover ups and conspiracies risk being lumped in with the looney fringe ones.

    • Michelle Carterton

      He’s is own worst enemy.
      He accuses the police of planting child porn on his website, but has even posted some mild (if there’s such a thing) child porn photos on his website! No need for police to plant anything.
      The way he talks to and about people who don’t agree with every word he writes is unnecessary and despicable.
      The thing is people such as him and thankfully there aren’t many like him, bring the alternative media and genuine truth seekers into disrepute.
      The truth movement doesn’t need or want people of his ilk.
      Has anyone else on this site seen the disgusting photos of himself in a dress with added extras and I don’t mean just fake boobies he put on his website yesterday?
      As I said he’s his own worst enemy. No real need for the so called authorities to do anything much. He is crashing and burning and it’s all of his own making.

      • Michelle Carterton

        Ooops – I need to correct a few errors in my OP.
        First line should read: He is his own worst enemy.
        He accuses the police of planting child porn on his computers not his website. Finally, the disgusting photos of him on his website were posted on the 25th January, 2015.

    • Teen

      Pongo all day I tried to pull up his web page – nothing – it is as if he has vanished. He could be in hiding which is understandable if he is being victimised by our men in blue. Mad or not he is one of us “fighter against wrong doing” – there is nothing we can do until he pops his head up.

  11. sponge_mike

    Hung parliament ? Yes, they ought to hang the lot of them!

  12. The circle is closing but not fast enough those at the top still have too much power – I am praying this does not get pushed aside like everything else that is corrupt or illegal.

  13. No wonder t,may is dragging the csa inquiry out if the citizens of this country are as stupid as these comments suggest. Unless of course some commenters have an agenda regarding Chris Spivey? Are there still people who believe lee rigby was murdered by Islamists who kindly stopped for a chat with passers by? And could these same “geniuses” explain how the crime scene kept moving? No wonder cameron,osborne and may can feel free to screw everyone if ill educated sheep are the only resistance. Shame on this blog for allowing such tripe.

    • Sabre

      Gojam’s blog, not mine, however, “Shame on this blog for allowing such tripe” ?
      You’re asking for “The official truth” to be censored in order to promote “your truth” to become “the official truth” ?
      Revolution, when taken literally, leads to one disappearing up ones own arse in a puff of blue smoke !