Tory Mandarins ‘Close Ranks’ Following Leon Brittan’s Death


You’d have thought that these senior Tories who when asked to comment on an embarrassing development are the first to hide behind the need to not jeopardise ongoing police investigations when it suits them, would refrain from pressuring others to go public with information which might still be part of an important police investigation into VIP paedophiles.

I’ve a message for them;

The police will not be cowed by establishment pressure from political has-beens. The police will not be given the bum’s rush because friends of a person who has come under police investigation think that he will be exonerated if more information is made public prematurely.

The Tories claim to be the party of law and order. That espoused respect for the law seems to be distinctly absent as they use the power of the Tory media to put pressure on the police with these juvenile responses.

“Put up or ‘shut up'” a playground response to a grown up issue.

Politicians fuelling rumours about Leon Brittan’s involvement in a Westminster cover up of child abuse were this morning ordered to come clean about what they know or ‘shut up’.

Former Cabinet colleague John Gummer, now Lord Deben, said MPs were ‘making innuendos and insinuations in order to make themselves look as if they know something when they don’t’. He said it was ‘wicked’ to make allegations without any evidence.

The Tory peer’s outburst comes after campaigning MP Simon Danczuk said Lord Brittan’s death was a ‘sad day’ for the victims of child abuse who wanted to question the former home secretary about the missing ‘Dickens dossier’ of paedophile allegations handed to him in the 1980s.

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15 responses to “Tory Mandarins ‘Close Ranks’ Following Leon Brittan’s Death

  1. GMB

    Can anybody point me to Kevin Allen’s recent? post. If you read this Kevin its coming together.

  2. Rich. I hope u r wrong. Police now more independant I hope. .

  3. rich

    “The police will not be cowed by establishment pressure from political has-beens” I’m sorry but are you serious? The UK police is a tool of the establishment. You can’t honestly believe any senior police officer will ever rock the boat if doing so might stand between him and the QPM, OBE or a shot at an assistant commissioner job.

    • Have to say I laughed when I read that. Gojam, how many years have you been covering this now? How many politicians have been arrested? I think the police are doing an excellent job at dragging their feet.

  4. Bbcnews very quiet. A lot more to com e after britan death more feel free to speak up. Also retired police speak out about kincora. Top Tory visited the home.

  5. Paul Mac

    Here’s a shockingly dismissive piece in the Telegraph

    Perhaps they have forgotten they’ve been stoking the fire themselves (although to what end remains unclear).

    I’m also shocked to see so many quotes stating ‘He gave his life to public service’ – he got paid for it and made a damn decent living from the connections it brought him! He wasn’t doing it for free!

    • Tom

      But also odd that the rumours are being spelled out so explicitly – would The Telegraph do that to someone they believed was completely innocent?

  6. Bishop Brightly

    Well, so be it then. If the evidence exists and the witnesses are there, then there is no reason why it cannot all come out now.

    So do it.

  7. You can tell how worried they are that, they had to wheel out such a total non entity as Selwyn freaking Gummer

  8. Richard

    John Gummer should keep in mind that Jimmy Saville was lynched after his death.

  9. Gary

    The silence was deafening. Only Jon Snow dared mention the rape allegation when interviewing Ken Clarke.