Leon Brittan – A guest post by Tim Tate on the investigations into and evidence relating to him

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Following the news of the death of Leon Brittan yesterday, the distinguished writer and film maker Tim Tate (author of Child Pornography, sections from which I have earlier posted on here) has written a piece concerning important information he knows concerning the investigations into Brittan, which I am printing here. I am most grateful to Tim Tate for writing this and giving me the permission to post it. I would also like to echo strongly his call for this information to be thoroughly investigated by the Home Affairs Select Committee and the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Last Spring I sat for two hours with a senior detective involved in historic child sexual abuse enquiries. It was not the first time we had met, but on this occasion – and prompted by some highly inaccurate reporting elsewhere – he had decided to be open about the progress…

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31 responses to “Leon Brittan – A guest post by Tim Tate on the investigations into and evidence relating to him

  1. It’s a fine article that; the only issue I have with it (and I’m open to correction) is that it ignores the other boys that claim to have been trafficked to Elm Guest House- The Sunday People certainly found at least one, possibly two- and it’s a different individual(s) from the one Mr. Tate describes in his article here.

  2. Anybody interested in the Official Secrets Act, politics, power, corruption and whistleblowers, should read le Carre’s most recent novel, A Delicate Truth.d

  3. Is there any suggestion,, as with other witnesses, that they have been “bought off” in some way by one or more of their abusers?

  4. Bishop Brightly

    The obvious point is that a customs official has positively identified leon brittan as the subject of a child porn seizure. Everything else is in important.

  5. Bishop Brightly

    I also have so say that I do not find Chris Fay a man to be dismissed as a fantasist.

    • Myers

      It seems to me to be Fay’s word against DCI ———‘s ; so a child protection campaigner with a criminal record against a senior police officer at a time when we know that the police have dropped (how many?) lines of inquiry. In this case, that’s a tough call.
      There is significant variance in the story put forward by Exaro which unambiguously states that the recording is of ‘colleague of Solanki’ i,.e. not Solanki himself; that Tricker was stopped at customs in person and the video seized, then Tricker ‘released’; that a Met officer states that the story of LB being stopped at Dover is being confused with this story; that Exaro listened to the recording, verified its authenticity and that it named the politician in the video; and that the name of the customs officer in the recording is being witheld (i,.e. not Solanki).
      Tim Tate seems to be suggesting that all that is fabricated. Exaro have not to my knowledge (having read the comments below the article in question) answered his critique -maybe it is elsewhere (?). Either Exaro should print a clarification or retraction (or a further article about the recording) or Tim Tate should concede that there is more than one story going on here (perhaps Solanki was leaned on?). It is an important detail.

      • A transcript of the tape on which Exaro relied has been published on this site. Read it and see if you can see where SOlanki claims to have seen Brittan on the tape. It isn’t there.

        The sensible answer is for Solanki and the policeman to give evidence to HASC.

      • Myers

        If that is an accurate and full transcription of the audio recording that Hencke, Conrad and Varley-Winter claim to have listened to, the one that they claimed was a recording -not of Solanki, but of an unnamed colleague of Solanki, then it would amount to some appalling journalism on the part of Exaro. If not, then there are numerous possible explanations that one could speculate upon.

        Again, I have not read any defence or correction from the Exaro writers, so it is hard to form an opinion.

        I have no basis to doubt you, anyone or anything, but am merely pointing out the extent of the discrepancies, and am definitely interested in knowing how thoroughly fact-checked and accurate are the stories that I am reading. I don’t honestly feel that I have got any closer to knowing after trying to get to the bottom of this.

        Agreed that these matters are best cleared up in open accountable setting as you suggest.

    • I think it is more subtle than that Bishop. Mr. Fay can be telling everyone the truth as he sees it, but still be misled. For, the record I do believe Chris Fay’s account for the most part, and when I get queasy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’d been misled in some way. I think most people involved in this are genuine and genuinely disgusted. I would like to repeat the word ‘most’ because I’m aware of a few BS’ers out there.

  6. Tom

    There are a couple of things here that I’ve been thinking of:
    a) Perhaps I shouldn’t stereotype but looking at the footage of Brittan in the 80s his mannerisms seem quite effeminate. Possibly he was bisexual but either way I think the likelihood is, his preferences were not known – and the official line of a ‘normal’ married man seems far-fetched.
    b) I find the whole story of Brittan being found with child porn at Dover odd. Surely he wouldn’t have brought that kind of stuff in himself, even if he were that way inclined? (Why would he bring it in to the UK at all given his connections to Brussels?)
    I think we should be wary of believing this kind of rumour as it could easily be either a set-up or a lie as part of a smear campaign by the security services.

  7. Sabre

    Watson and Danczuk have asked awkward questions, Cameron and May have nodded in the direction of ‘possible csa scandals impinging on Westminster’ instead of invoking the ‘tin foil helmet brigade’ defence.
    Micro celebrities have button holed the PM on live TV with ‘ internet nonce lists’ . Cops have been briefing MSM and alternative media variously ‘on the record’ as well as ‘off the record’. Something has to give, the Establishment Parties realise this as do the ‘fourth estate’, the police, security services and lastly and most importantly the permanent government The Cabinet Office.

    Brittan may turn out to be the ‘out’ , a firebreak, heap as much shit on him as possible, concede and move on. The job’s a good’un.

  8. Marcus

    Theresa May’s delaying tactics over the promised Inquiry into establishment involvement in child abuse are working well. If she can only string it out a little longer, all the key players will have died of old age and there will be no trails left to follow.

  9. dpack

    stopped at dover by solanki with csa videos seems very plausible and as to an explanation of the “confusion” i suggest that it might have been deliberate .
    fortunately my pants are not on fire unlike the “pants on fire”previously mentioned on this fine blog.

  10. Gary

    Sadly I note that it seems all too easy to turn people against each other. Whilst so distracted others continue to cover up for the misdeeds of the powerful. On another note, yes, we’ve heard this story before, minus Brittan’s name. But important to note that despite these investigations being carried out in the full glare of the public eye STILL there appears to be interference. At what point will we get to the full truth of the matter? Northern Ireland’s inquiry has been hamstrung and the inquiry under Theresa May is a complete dog’s dinner which has the potential to be up to another year before starting! We simply cannot accept this. The UK government is simply not serious about this and this itself brings politics into further disrepute. Not simply the current governing party, there seems to be no opposition questions either. There is an inability to honestly address the situation and, almost a knee-jerk reflex to cover it up. But for your blog and similar ones we would not know what we do and keeping it in the public’s mind to hold government to account on this is only being done by a few bloggers! Keep up the good work! Can’t be easy but it can save future lives from being tainted.

  11. leon brittan

    ha ha im not really dead.

  12. karen harding

    justice will never be served on either Leon Britten or Greville Janner because the police were told “take no action ”
    Lord Goodman was the chief solicitor for the Board of British Deputies and answering directly to Rothschild.
    This is why so many boys who went to police were turned away with the single statement, “no one will believe you, go away and live with it”
    It is known 20 boys complained about Janner, and still nothing done
    and in fact a man who gave janner and his driver/bodyguard a quennelle salute had the pile turn up at his door at 5 AM

  13. dpack

    some evidence relating to him


    there are other companies with interesting directors here as well

    11-15 Acre House
    William Road
    United Kingdom
    NW1 3ER

    i was most taken by the idea that one of leon’s co directors was also a director of a property holding company for queensgate gardens .

    some of his co directors seem to leave few traces although those traces or the absence of them is interesting .

    some are quite well documented and maybe of less importance

    i have only got part way up the list with basic checks so far and i hope other folk will also work on such things ,just cos the fly is dead does not mean we cannot learn from his life by using science.

  14. GMB

    ‘He’s all over the place’ apologies to Chas and Dave…

    Exaro were never given a copy by the holders of our original Solanki tape of 4.2.14 until last Saturday the 24.1.15. It has now been circulated to various MP’s, a few journalists and child protection experts. Mr Solanki clearly indentifies Leon Brittan and a boy being featured in that tape he seized in 1982. In addition to that tape we have another upfront taped recorded interview, this time with Russell Howard Tricker, in which he confirms the Solanki seizure of the ‘LB’ tape from him at Dover in 1982 but Mr Tricker denies he knew what was in the package taken from him. The existance of our Solanki tape was disclosed to a senior MPS detective then investigating Leon Brittan and others. He was asked if he had seen the Sunday Express article (23/2/14). His response was yeh we have interviewed Solanki. He was then informed so have we and we have him on tape, THERE WAS NO RESPONSE. The silence was deafening…That information was recently passed to Operation Trinity @ Stratford. This time the response was different.

  15. dpack

    if that is correct does it line up with the timing of the video facilities house burglar and the almost shot policeman? and if so is there a link?

    if the evidence has existed for nearly a year the causes of the delays and confusions are of interest.

  16. gw

    I’ve heard the recording taken by James Fielding of the Express and I don’t have any particular bias. The transcript on Ian Pace’s blog and here is correct.

    The interview CANNOT be taken as “proof” that the LB tape featured Leon Brittan. Fielding went in their with a story in mind and sought to confirm that. Had he gone with more open questioning we might know a bit more. In my opinion it was shoddy.

    The customs officer named Brittan, that much is clear (well, not that clear – it was a dictaphone in a pocket after all!)

    It is Tate’s word vs Exaro’s. I am MINDED to accept the former’s version of events as I think that “LB” referring to “Lover boys” is the simplest explanation.

  17. GMB

    dpack, It is correct and true.
    Did you mean burglar(ies)? I know nothing re. your comment ‘the timing of the video facilities house burglar and the almost shot policeman?’. It could tie in with what I was told by a 6 man last year i.e.. he had made recent enquiries about Leon and had been told ‘there had been lots of burglaries and civil servants had been threatened’ (in the 80’s). The same?

  18. dpack

    iirc we had a quick look a while ago at the circumstances of a “burglar”who was reported to the police at a video production company in central london and when challenged by a street copper who was sent to investigate shot at him with a pistol firing a blank(which hurt but did not give a serious wound) and made his escape .

    somewhere in the needle archive there are details .i think the burglar,the elm raid and the notice relating to the tricker seizure were all within a few days
    maybe this has enough details to be of help finding the relevant information

    A day after the notice of seizure about Russell Howard-Tricker was printed in the London Gazette

    Daily Express – 7th August 1982

    The Elm Guest House story broke on 7th August 1982, when the Daily Express reported that “at least three MPs, a member of staff at Buckingham Palace, and leading lawyers, doctors and City businessmen” were questioned as part of inquires relating to “a vice ring” in “a brothel in a smart London suburb”.

    Also on the same day this story broke in the Glasgow Herald

    The Glasgow Herald – Aug 7, 1982
    Hunt for man who wounded constable

    DETECTIVES hunting the gunman who wounded a policeman in London’s West End yesterday believe he may be a video pirate.

    Constable Nicholas Carr was wounded in the groin as he tried to arrest a man who claimed to be a security guard at a video firm’s offices in Portman Close.

    Last night, PC Carr was in a “stable” condition after an hour-long operation at the Middlesex Hospital.

    It is thought the gun may have been loaded with blanks.

    However, police emphasised they believe the man to be extremely dangerous. “A man who carries a gun and is prepared to use it can only be called a potential killer,” said Detective Superintendent George Ness, who is leading the hunt.

    He added: “He may have been a video pirate as the firm is concerned with video and is in the process of setting up a new venture which is to copy video tapes on a large scale.”

    The man was first discovered by a delivery man on a routine call to the offices of Colour Film Services.

    He did not believe the man’s story that he was a security guard and when he left the building, told three police officers in a nearby car.

    He tried to run away and as the police struggled with him, Constable Carr collapsed.

    6 August 1982
    Elm Guest House Raided
    Russell Howard-Tricker has child sex pornography seized at Customs
    Detective wounded by man breaking into video-processing company in London

    More info on the company Colour Film Services collected here…

  19. dpack

    ps i think the relevant date(s) is close to that of the london gazette mention of the tricker related seizure rather than the date of that seizure itself which may be relevant and confusing .

    i think the stuff in the needle archives had more details than the quote from justice denied as a seen above .

    something that does puzzle me is if the amsterdam/tricker tapes existed did kasir also have tapes ?. it has been suggested they were recovered from her security deposit box around the time of her death.

    • GMB

      According to sources the tape was going onto a Kensington address and not one in Rocks Lane

    • dpack


      wiki is a source of variable reputation however pc carr does get a mention in relation to another shooting as it seems mr waldorf (a film/video editor and producer)was in a vehicle with martin’s girlfriend.

      martin is “credited” with shooting pc carr as well as escaping from jail,possessing and using firearms and dieing in jail a little later.

      at the time the video industry was in it’s early expansion (ie before a vcr and cheap camera were common domestic items)and the number of specialist video professionals and facilities houses in london was limited.

      shootings by police or thieves were also quite rare in london at the time.

      this stuff could be a red herring but as it seems to be video related,unusually serious and contemporary with other video related matters it might be worth consideration

  20. GMB

    The DT before it put out the paper copy of the Leon @Dover story 4/7/14 put it online. They gave a date of 1987 for the incident. That detail subsequently disappeared from the online version. Any reason why?