Leon Brittan Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle Child Abuse Images Into UK.


I’m very grateful to journalist Tim Tate for leaving this comment, quoted below, which has confirmed my suspicions about the provenance of The Daily Telegraph story, also quoted below, which alleges that Leon Brittan had been caught trying to smuggle indecent images of children into Dover while he had been an EU Commissioner in the late 1980s.

Tim Tate is on the byline of the original Daily Telegraph story

“Almost a year ago I interviewed a very senior detective who was handling the Brittan investigation. He was very clear that the Customs Officer (referred to above) had made a clear and credible statement about stopping Brittan at Dover, and seizing child pornography video tapes from him. The Customs Officer stated that he viewed the tapes and was able to describe what was on them.

That statement is – or should be – still held at the Metropolitan Police station from which the investigation was conducted.

I believe that it is essential that the historic child abuse enquiry – assuming it survives – is given a copy of the statement.” – Tim Tate

A senior Tory politician said to be part of a child sex ring was allegedly stopped by a customs officer with child pornography videos but got off scot-free, police have been told.

The former MP was driving back to the UK via Dover when a customs officer pulled him over because he was “acting suspiciously”. The border guard, who is now retired, has told detectives that when he searched the MP’s car he found videotapes of children “clearly under the age of 12” taking part in sex acts.

He passed the material on to his superiors, but the MP was never arrested or charged.

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  3. GMB

    Thanks for the info Mary via a mutual friend

  4. GMB

    Answer: re. EU – don’t know ask the reporter. Advice: Go to original source. Needle outcome: more mistakes or how you like to present them ‘crossed wires’.

  5. GMB

    Who is Chief Inspector Lock and Station Officer P. Slimon PS118T ?

  6. GMB

    The DT before it put out the paper copy of the Leon @Dover story 4/7/14 put it online. They gave a date of 1987 for the incident. That detail subsequently disappeared from the online version. Any reason why?

    • Tim Tate has also said that the customs officer can’t remember when it happened.

      Perhaps the DT were just correcting for accuracy in relation to what they knew.

      Now, here’s one for you GMB. Why in the middle of the interview did the reporter and customs officer suddenly start talking about the EU when at the time of the Tricker incident it was completely irrelevant ?

      Only one plausible explanation and that is crossed wires. The reporter and former customs officer were discussing similar but different incidences years apart.

  7. GMB

    ‘He’s all over the place’ apologies to Chas and Dave…

    Exaro were never given a copy by the holders of our original Solanki tape of 4.2.14 until last Saturday the 24.1.15. It has now been circulated to various MP’s, a few journalists and child protection experts. Mr Solanki clearly indentifies Leon Brittan and a boy being featured in that tape he seized in 1982. In addition to that tape we have another upfront taped recorded interview, this time with Russell Howard Tricker, in which he confirms the Solanki seizure of the ‘LB’ tape from him at Dover in 1982 but Mr Tricker denies he knew what was in the package taken from him. The existance of our Solanki tape was disclosed to a senior MPS detective then investigating Leon Brittan and others. He was asked if he had seen the Sunday Express article (23/2/14). His response was yeh we have interviewed Solanki. He was then informed so have we and we have him on tape, THERE WAS NO RESPONSE. The silence was deafening…That information was recently passed to Operation Trinity @ Stratford. This time the response was different.

  8. GMB

    Its obvious that the Tim Tate and GMB Dover incidents completely different . One in which Leon was stopped, date unknown, and one where Tricker was stopped with the LB tape on 18.1.1982. Also in a taped interview Tricker confimed this was the case re. the 1982 stop, sorry have I failed to mention that fact earlier. Also ‘no overtime Solanki’ – that what his co officers on the apron called him, oh I am sorry did I also failed to mention they have been interviewed as well and confirmed what went on…

  9. Retired police officers involved investigating kincora confirm home was visited by top Tory m p Hope the bastards don’t get away with it

  10. GMB

    Dear All* for clarification

    1. Audio recording attached and part transcription from the Sunday Express audio tape of interview with Mr Solanki in his home in 4 February 2014. Transcibed 19.3.2014 .

    2. Extract re Solanki from piece posted on https://ianpace.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/leon-brittan-a-guest-post-by-tim-tate-on-the-investigations-into-and-evidence-relating-to-him/
    The backdrop to our meeting were allegations in the media that a former Customs Officer had seized child pornography films or videotapes in the early 1980s, one of which “featured” a former Conservative cabinet minister. The customs officer was called Maganal Solanki, who is now in his 80s and in poor health. Mr Solanki’s name was on a 1982 Customs seizure notice which impounded obscene or indecent material sent, by mail, to the UK by a British paedophile based in Holland.
    A reporter from Express newspapers had tracked down Mr Solanki, doorstepped him and recorded an attempt at interviewing him about the Tricker material. The subsequent reports of this encounter stated that Mr Solanki had claimed that the films or videos depicted the former cabinet minister involved in child sexual abuse. Although the politician was not named, it was evident that he was Leon Brittan.
    The detective told me that officers had subsequently visited Mr Solanki and asked him about these allegations. According to the detective, Mr Solanki had denied the press version of events and insisted that he could not remember the Tricker seizure, much less had he ever identified Brittan as a participant in filmed child sexual abuse.
    However, Mr Solanki did – according to the detective – recall stopping Brittan on another occasion as he came into the UK at Dover. Further, Mr Solanki had searched Brittan’s car and had found child pornography tapes. He viewed these and was able – with some embarrassment – to describe their contents: boys and girls, under the age of 12, being filmed having sex with each other. He impounded the tapes as indecent or obscene material.
    According to the detective, Mr Solanki wasn’t able to put an exact date on the incident other than it having taken place in the mid 1980s. However, he told the officers he was certain the man he had stopped was Leon Brittan because he had asked to see his passport.
    Brittan had also told Mr Solanki that he was “an MEP” – something which the detective suspected was either a mishearing of “MP” or a misunderstanding of Brittan’s role as a European politician.
    Mr Solanki told the officers that he filed a report of the seizure and sent it up to Customs & Excise head office. He heard no more about it.
    The detective said he was certain that Mr Solanki was telling the truth and that the latter’s recollection of the incident was reliable. A statement was taken detailing these recollections.

  11. Leona Rapeman

    What about raping a boy on a train?


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  13. It says in the original article that Brittan was handed the dossier which included the name of the same MP. Why would Dickens give that to Brittan if Brittan was named in it?

  14. Samy

    What is depressing here is the compete lacking of any critical thinking and the ignoring of how police lie, distort & fabricate claims to denigrate politicians. It’s as though Plebgate never happened.
    Brittan was hatred by the police & MI5 for many reasons. As a minister he could have brought anything he wanted into the UK in a diplomatic pouch. To think, as a high profile politician that he would bring porn tapes back any other way is bizarre. But Tim Tate can solve this by presenting the so-called customs officer involved.

    • That customs officer is bound by the Official Secrets’ Act; similarly, detectives or former detectives can face disciplinary action if they speak publicly about things. However, they would be protected if summoned to give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, or indeed if speaking to the inquiry. This is what needs to happen as soon as possible.

    • Samy. The customs officer concerned has been widely named. He is Maganal Solanki.

      I agree wholeheartedly that Mr Solanki should be asked to give evidence to either the Home Affairs Select Committee or the historic child abuse enquiry (or, preferably both).

      However, I have no power to do other than call for this. When you say I should “present” Mr Solanki what did you have in mind ?

      As to your comments about Brittan being hated by the police and M15, I’d need to see some evidence of this to accept it. Other than a very clever piece in Private Eye (which managed to raise allegations about Brittan and child abuse by saying they were false) I have not seen anything: can you assist ?

      As to your Diplomatic Bag supposition: according to the detective who spoke to him, Mr Solanki indicated that the stop and seizure at Dover might have been after Brittan left office.

    • With the greatest of respect what is the point of your post on this subject? Fact, the currently still breathing ex colleagues of Brittan know damn well what he’s accused of and yet, not a freaking dicky bird about any of the now specific accusations laid at his door. just the intellect free zone that is Selwyn Gummer whining on like self entitled little prat he always has been. As far as I understand it, the reason the police took the rape accusation seriously was because, the witness could proved details that, under normal circumstances, she could not possibly know about Brittan….

      The customs officer told the police about the tape only AFTER they’d refused to give a journalist what they wanted and they had printer aload of guff that simply wasn’t true. A police officer then visited the official and was then told quite categorically he had stopped Britan entering the country and found a child porn film in his possession. Funny isn’t it how that, amongst the political chattering classes no -one seems surprised about this? Let me say that again. no-one in the political classes seems surprised that a freaking home secretary, the person directly responsible for the upkeep of the law, was found with with child porn in their possession. This at the time another powerful Tory grandee was a known paedophile and the then PM and the heir to the throne were personal friends with not only a paedophile rather, one of Britain’s worst serial sexual predators.

      Sadly the police, far from “sticking to these poor down trodden politicians”, were doing everything bar properly investigate and it would seem when they did find something that led to the doorsteps of the rich and famous, they’d consult those very same people accused about what they should do next.

      Dickens was by all accounts actually, a bit of a dick head himself, the general consensus on that is almost uniform however, it also the general opinion that ,Dickens was genuinely scared by some of the details he handed over, scared for his own life and the life of his family. One might legitimately wonder if the Unions were really “enemy within” when it would seem that, the very executive that “ran” this country was riddled with people whose sexual peccadilloes were actually, far more corrosive of the rule of law.than a bunch of women parked outside an airbase.

      People are heartily sick of the arrogance with which these self appointed “guardians” are quick to give vent to their views on anything and everything and yet, so reluctant to admit their own serious failures and let’s be clear here, rank freaking cowardice, when it comes to putting their own house in order.

      We, as the plebs, understand back hand deals, fingers in the till, shagging anything legal that moves, utterly hypocritical announcements on human rights whilst inviting mass murderers to tea. at the very heart of a so called democracy. We wince and then shrug our shoulders and quietly admit to ourselves, that is the very definition of almost al politicians, with the odd honourable exception, world wide. Politicians are , almost by definition, self serving, snide, two faced grasping little shits however, when they stray into the physical and metal abuse of those who cannot look after themselves and their long term interests on a personal one to one level, then that is it, all bets are off and if a few cowardly shits who sat on their hands to further their own career are taken down by the backwash from it all, then so be it.

      • Stardog.

        The point of the original post was very clear. It is extremely important that the Customs officer’s statement (and the policeman who took it) are brought before either the Home Affairs Select Committee or the historic abuse enquiry.

        That’s why I have encouraged readers to write to Keith Vaz, HASC Chair, asking for exactly this.

    • Sabre

      Go on Samy, You assert that Brittan was hated by the Police and the Security Service.

      Proof and critical thinking …. The floor is yours, take it away.

  15. Owen

    I’ve not seen the claim that Brittan was “attempting to smuggle images” specifically disputed anywhere so I presume that there’s some basis for it. However I’ve not seen anything indicating that Brittan knew what was on the tape(s?) or even that he knew it was in the car before it was found. I’m curious because I’ve not seen it discussed whether he might have been set up to be stopped, by whoever or for whatever reason.

  16. GMB

    As a rider we never knew Brittain was stopped – if he ever was – what we do know is Russell Howard Tricker was stopped by the same customs officer – what a coicidence! and a video tape he seized featured Leon Brittain.

    • @GMB
      That post is almost entirely incorrect. It is precisely the sort of non-forensic 2+2=7 “reporting” which has muddied the waters.

      Just a few solid facts:-

      1. Tricker was not stopped at Customs. The material he sent (by mail) from Holland to the UK was intercepted and seized.

      2. There is absolutely no evidence that the Tricker material seized included any image or presence of Leon Brittan.

      3. The suggestion that it did emanates from an attempted interview with the customs officer by an Express journalist. Nowhere on the tape of this does the officer state that the Tricker material “featured” Brittan.

      4. By contrast, according to a very senior detective, when the Met Police interviewed this same Customs officer he denied remembering anything about the Tricker material, but did very clearly remember stoping Brittan at Dover and seizing child pornography from him.

      We do need to be very, very careful about the allegations. Otherwise what is, in my view, very important will be dismissed as inaccurate

      • Bishop Brightly

        “By contrast, according to a very senior detective, when the Met Police interviewed this same Customs officer he denied remembering anything about the Tricker material, but did very clearly remember stoping Brittan at Dover and seizing child pornography from him.”

        Which is the whole point isn’t it?

    • GMB

      Muddinging the Waters that what a copper said to me in late November 14

  17. GMB

    Why the robust defence on an old story…

  18. Jeremy Stocks

    I concur with that. Isn’t there some Latin/Greek expression in the Classics for this strategy? Nothing new under the sun.

  19. Anon

    It has been reported in the MSM that the police will continue to investigate the heterosexual rape allegation.

    I hypothesise that the allegation is a bogus in the McAlpine Gambit sense and once haven been proven to be false the other more serious allegations will be conveniently brushed under the carpet.

    • Samy

      We have Brittan in a heterosexual rape claim of a legal aged woman or dabbling at Elm House in drag with young boys. However we have not one hint of proof of anything

  20. karen harding

    Leon Brittasn family had a kids home in witby yorks
    he was said to be a black magican like greville janner and would dress up savile style for boy-nobbing ceremonies
    there was a lot of talk when i lived there, looking back i think a lot of it was true actually

  21. Boothby-Kray case from about 1964; Derek Jameson, picture editor at The Mirror was the fall guy for that Labour-Conservative collusion. Same thing here, different era.

  22. anon

    From the same article “The same MP is understood to have been named in the Dickens dossier, which was handed to the then Home Secretary Lord Brittan but has since been lost or destroyed.”

    So Dickens gave a man, named as a Child Abuser in his dossier, the dossier. Doesn’t add up.

    • No, that is wrong. Brittan’s name was not in dossier. 3 Journos on the byline, I expect wires got crossed there.

    • A lot of confusion comes from the erroneous but common assumption that there was one single dossier – there were three https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/1983-84-the-3-dickens-dossiers-and-the-2-scotland-yard-pie-files/

      • Owen

        The 20.8.1983 Daily Express report quoted in the Spotlight on Abuse post, giving Dickens’s account of the process involved in preparing the list in his first dossier, suggests that anyone like Lord Deben/Gummer claiming this morning that ” he did not believe the dossier consisted of any “detailed, well thought-out list of work or real research”, must be speaking from a position of unconsidered ignorance at least.

      • Owen

        Below the quote, SoA gives the date of the article as 25.8.1983 rather than 20.8.1983.

      • Samy

        The were 3 and they were lists of names cobbled together from gossip.Every time Dickens was challenged to seek out further evidence he ducked & dived,

      • Owen

        Samy, Ian Pace gave the Spotlight on Abuse quote of the Express article:

        “Hayman resigned. Dickens, who initially came under attack from many of his colleagues in the Commons, received 8,000 letters from people who had tales to tell of others like Hayman.

        Mr Dickens, 52, told as he relaxed wth a cup of tea how his wife, Norma, helped him sort out the letters.

        He said: “We ruled out anyone who only had one or two accusations against him. The others we sifted until we were down to a couple of dozen on whom there appeared to be considerable evidence that they were unhealthy perverts. The security aspect concerned me greatly because of the names of several of the people who turned up in the files. I realised we were involved in a crusade – a crusade that has to be carried through to a proper conclusion”.

        He used House of Commons researchers and enlisted local reporters, librarians and friends to help go through records, check files, even empty dustbins of some of the suspects. In the end there were just those eight men on the list of shame. Discussions with Scotland Yard followed.”

        Can you confirm that sums up what you mean by “they were lists of names cobbled together from gossip.Every time Dickens was challenged to seek out further evidence he ducked & dived”, or do you have a different explanation of what you mean by “ducking and diving”?

      • Owen

        Sorry, that should have read, “Ian Pace gave the link to the Spotlight on Abuse quote of the article”

  23. HI Tim,

    thanks for your response.

    Despite what Exaro did or did not report it should have played no part in the police investigation. If i am reading what you say right – senior detectives interviewed a custom official about LB. Custom Official was clear that LB had child abuse materials. To be clear, a custom official is an official, and just like a policeman’s evidence is often seen as way more credible and substantive than evidence given by the general public.

    That was over a year ago, so why was LB not interviewed about that? Why was the person who the custom official gave the information to not questioned, and so on? This is the type of thing the police need to be asked about. What did they do? what avenues did they pursue after interviewing custom official and so on. The fact, that LB can hire a good lawyer is not an excuse.

    Police need to be asked these questions and they need to explain what they did and did not do.

    • angelo

      Have you heard of the word ‘bribery’ Tricia? Or ‘intimidation’?

    • Tricia
      I wholeheartedly agree that the police need to answer questions.
      The safest and best way for this to happen over Brittan is for the investigating officers to be called to give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee.

      I suggest that any readers who wish this to happen should write to Rt. Hon Keith Vaz, Chair, Home Affairs Select Committee, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, requesting that his committee holds this hearing.

  24. Dispossessed Patriot

    Funny how it all comes out after their dead…….we will never get an MP who is alive, that’s how the old boy network is, even if some of them hate each other……..old school tie, entitlement issues, obove the law…blahhh…blahhh
    BBC, Westminster,……….same old….same old…..dragging their heals…..Westminster……….nothing changes…..

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  26. Reblogged this on Desiring Progress and commented:
    I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of this. It is vital that the detective who told Tim Tate about a customs’ officer stopping Brittan at Dover, and seizing video tapes of child abuse from him is interviewed and also gives his information to the inquiry as soon as possible.

    • I think what is vital is to know what the police did it about it. Over a year they had this information.

      Was LB called in for questioning? If so when and where?

      why were charges not filed against him?

      Risk of sounding like a broken record the police need to explain if it were not LB, but a regular Joe, would they have arrested him based on the evidence?

      • Tricia. No: the police never interviewed Brittan (despite the claims by Exaro).

        Did they have enough evidence ? That’s a question for the MPS. Is there a different standard for questioning (under caution) politicians vs Ordinary Joes ? Yes, unquestionably.

        The latter can afford very experienced and vigorous lawyers (Brittan himself retained one last year) and realistically the police get one bite only at this sort of interview under caution.

        The detective I spoke to was also pursuing another line of enquiry about Brittan and wanted to get as much evidence as he could assembled before even considering interviewing him under caution.

        The inaccurate and extremely irresponsible reporting by Exaro (amongst others) merely made the job much more difficult.

      • Greying Wanderer

        “I think what is vital is to know what the police did it about it.”

        It’s probably worth looking back at the Boothby-Driberg case from the 60s where the press and police were both stitched up by the political parties. I imagine that incident had an effect on a lot of other cases that came after.

        Any genuine inquiry would waive the official secrets act (and any similar binding) on all evidence pertaining this issue.

  27. dpack

    hear hear as they say in the big house