Full Statement From The Inquiry Panel Regarding HASC Hearing


Panel Presentation to Home Affairs Select Committee: Tuesday 20 January 3.30pm

Following today’s appearance at the Home Affairs Select Committee the panel states:

Today we outlined that the work of the panel is underway.

The panel has full confidence in the integrity, advice and impartiality of Counsel to the Inquiry. We accept the advice provided was robust but do not accept any statements about bullying. We reject any suggestion that the panel has been intimidated.


Drusilla Sharpling

Jenny Pearce

Ivor Frank

Terence Stephenson

Moira Gibb

Graham Willmer

Barbara Hearn




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9 responses to “Full Statement From The Inquiry Panel Regarding HASC Hearing

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  2. paul

    breaking news. leon Brittan dead . mmmmmmm lord janner senile ,guess there’ll be no trials now

  3. Sabre

    Leon Brittan managed to get across the line before Mr Plod arrived.

    It is all down to old Nick now !

  4. Sabre

    I placed my bet on here you guys are on your honour to pay up if my double comes up.

  5. Sabre

    I may put a bet on Mike Pete and Del re Dolphin Sq !

  6. How many panel members? How many signatures?

  7. dpack

    perhaps it is sensible to remember that there are important issues that require attention . a carrion based feeding frenzy that might provide useful “calories” but it will be steady grazing that fattens the flock for slaughter.

  8. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Any sign of that missing file?
    I wonder how Uncle Leon’s family are taking the news he was a little boy merchant..with large bag of sweets.