Doug Richard Of Dragon’s Den Arrested

For raping a 13 year old girl ?

I’m Out!



Doug Richard, an American, has been honoured by The Queen and is also an advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Talk about being caught between a Rock and a hard place. No wonder Cameron would have you believe that the sexual abuse of children is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, all the easier to dismiss it.

“It [The Wanless Report] says there wasn’t a cover up so some of the people looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere.” – David Cameron

But that Report said nothing of the sort, did it Prime Minister..?

A millionaire advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 13-year-old girl.

Doug Richard, 56, was quizzed by police and released on bail.

He strongly denied the allegations in a statement issued through his lawyers.

The married dad, who starred on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in the first two series, has travelled with the Prime Minister on an official government trip to Africa and advised on policy.

American-born Richard has also worked as an advisor to Chancellor, George Osborne.

Richard, honoured by the Queen for his work helping entrepreneurs, was arrested on January 5.

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17 responses to “Doug Richard Of Dragon’s Den Arrested

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  2. Reblogged this on Ned Hamson Second Line View of the News and commented:
    tolerance of sex with children seems to be endemic among Tories and its friends

  3. kelvin ballsacre

    people were phoning in to conspiracy radio phone in about this and saying at least he was having normal sex with a female, but its not about poofery its about abusing child

    • Andy Barnett

      That’ll be the Berlusconi defence – an example of judging a sex crime by how disgusted we would personally feel doing it, as opposed to the effect that it has on the victim. Its the same mindset that considers “child porn” as akin to stamp collecting – not disgusting at all (though you still wouldn’t want your wife to find out).

      This is why judges find CSA crimes so difficult to get right – it requires empathy with the victim, something they have very little of when it comes to children and even less when that child is of the lower classes. In fact, they may feel more disgusted by the victim themselves than the crime committed against them. Hence we hear victims referred to as “child prostitutes” or “rent boys”, while those crimes become “misdemeanors” or “succumbing to temptation”.

      Empathy in others different to ourselves (children, elderly, the lower classes, those of a different religion, animals …) does require education. Judges especially, with their privileged backgrounds need to learn the level of suffering experienced by care-home victims of CSA – something they will only get from talking to adult survivors. This gives one further reason why the #CSAinquiry (and associated prosecutions) is so important. As a society, we have a lot of learning to do.

      • Sabre

        I respectfully disagree re education being a necessary prerequisite for empathy.

        I wouldn’t like being abused like some kids in care are, I wouldn’t like to be put in a sack and thrown into a canal like unwanted puppies and kittens.
        I therefore would gladly beat to death with a stick any bastard that does such things.

      • Sabre

        Although I suppose that you could say that I am in dire need of empathy education re nonces and Liberty takers.

      • Andy Barnett

        Not sure I follow you entirely there. But to clarify, when I say ‘education’ I don’t mean the sort of bollocks they teach us at school, nor am I saying its a pre-requisite. I’m simply saying that we all find it easier to empathise with people we know best (e.g. because they are similar to ourselves). We have less empathy with those we don’t know and can instead have a variety of negative prejudices. Hence the need for ‘education’ to learn about the suffering of others and to dispel those false beliefs.

      • Andy Barnett

        Learned one good term tonight: AVP

  4. Abby

    Anyone can now claim to be a victim and be believed. Shouldn’t the people who endorse this be watching their backs? It could so easily turn on them, with their concern for victims being portrayed as ‘hiding in plain sight’.

    • Sabre

      Anyone can claim to be a victim, some will believe them, many won’t.
      The law requires that a prima facie case be established as a starting point, after that the CPS will take a view as to the probability of gaining a conviction on trial as well as a view re ‘public interest’ ( a nice little get out of jail tactic,LITERALLY).

      Note to self, if Abby complains of being abused, don’t believe her.

      • Abby

        No, I wouldn’t believe me either, but I could just say I hadn’t spoken out before because I didn’t think anyone would believe me. So many people have bought that story, even in court, it’s bound to work!

      • Sabre

        So anyone raped as an 8 year old frightened confused child who carelessly neglects to have the assault videoed and compounds their foolishness by failing to collect a DNA sample should forever remain silent then Abby?

      • Sabre

        Abby have you considered that perverted Cabinet Ministers probably share your view.

        Little kids that accept money, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs before and after being assaulted are unlikely to forensically outwit their assailants.

        Years later the victim speaks out and no one is going to believe an underclass thieving lying drug addicted former care home boy or girl are they. Probably best not to inquire too deeply into the reasons for their post ‘care’ chaotic life.

  5. nuggy

    anyone can claim to be a victim that’s why you have to be careful when making accusations.. but then again as successive governments have eroded the presumption of innocence why should the representatives of theses governments expect it themselves..

  6. Abby

    “Years later the victim speaks out and no one is going to believe an underclass thieving lying drug addicted former care home boy or girl are they”
    Maybe not, especially if they have record for lying. Anyone who is telling the truth will surely acknowledge that some people might be sceptical and so be willing to answer questions. After all, they should feel strongly about chancers with nothing to lose trying to cash in on their suffering.

  7. godhelpus

    People are speaking out Now, because they have support and want Justice, things are Changing! yes you might be right in a very small amount of cases. Your attitude towards the Victims God forbid if you were on a Jury, Hung Drawn and Quartered.

  8. Don

    So the paedophile Dragons’ Den star gets let off by a dodgy Judge?? Strange that! Funny how some groups of men can’t tell what a 13-year-old’s body looks like; the Judge sure as hell wouldn’t be able to, clearly! I think a retrial is necessary here, and the Judge clearly needs removing from his position!