Vicky Ward On Jeffrey Epstein

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“I Tried to Warn You About Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2003”, by Vicky Ward (6 January 2015)

‘The Talented Mr Epstein’, by Vicky Ward from Vanity Fair March 2003.




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  1. America’s very own Jimmy Saville

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  3. Mark Wolff

    How’s about that then!

  4. Thanks for posting this. still think people should also read her article as very chilling.

    HI stardog, when are you going to let us know name of the place that was even bigger then the venues already mentioned?

    also didn’t you mention some site that seems a. supporter of exposing child abuse is going to exposed right around now?

    • Tricia..I have passed the name on to someone with far more depth of knowledge on all this than I. If they so choose to go public with it then that’s fine by me.

      My problems with naming this venue are as follows. Firstly, i have no idea if it’s being quietly investigated anyway and wouldn’t want to pre-empt anything in that sense. Secondly, I do worry that, it would provide the perfect excuse to side track the true issues at stake here. I would hate to give ammunition to those who seek to bury the whole child abuse scandal by offering up the chance to “out” a few then middle aged business people, who were having perfectly consensual sex with adults of 18-20 who, at the time, and under the then letter of the law, were, under age. To my mind that would serve no purpose whatsoever other than, to present a gift to those who seek to belittle and dismiss various child abuse scandals as some sort of hysterical witch hunt. Remember that, there was no such restriction based on lesbian relationships back then, the age of consent was 16.

      However, I do find it interesting that, such a known “gay hotspot” frequented by influential and wealthy people from all over the world, does seem to be wholly ignored by both those on line and from the MSM.

      • thanks for replying. If the guys involved were over the heterosexual legal age of consent at that time, then I don’t see any value in investigating it. Sounds like it would only feed into Cameron’s ‘it’s a gay witch hunt’ theory

  5. Sabre

    Seems that Epstein is a honey trap, he obviously likes to partake of said honey himself, are the bees being attracted for his personal benefit or is he a cut out?

    • I think given it is very unclear what his source of income was to fund such a lavish lifestyle, I say the latter. also, what might not be picked up by viewers of video above, but was intended to be communicated by ward, was how many powerful, rich people actually contacted her to talk about Epstein, when she was writing the initial article.

      If people are familiar with NYC, and more specifically the world of finance, these people do not go out of there way to call a reporter about a story she is writing about someone else. Couple that with her saying she could not understand why they all kept saying Epstein was ‘so smart’ and yes there is a massive stench surrounding this.

  6. Pardon my ignorance or naivity but if a humble soul such as myself were to have a 16m dollar townhouse in manhattan,untold millions in the bank and i was out on the piss every night. Wouldn’t i be getting hauled in by the law and the inland revenue to explain where my illgotten gains came from? Her father was obviously skint when he tried to walk on water, so she didn’t inherit from him an you don’t get paid millions for deep sea diving either. How did she make her money then?

  7. dpack

    a few bits of background detail to the time line but not much new from the grauniad

    • Strange isn’t it? He’s been given, despite the best efforts of some of the best lawyers in the USA, category 3 status as a sex offender, the highest risk, he’s paid out, out of court, to people he wasn’t even charged with molesting. His lawyers are going to have rum time squaring all that away and it does tend to suggest. He paid out, out of court, at behest of others to keep their names out of it.

      One also might ask why, when the information has been freely available and talked about on many blogs for over 2 years that, it’s taken till now for them to print the part about him having 16 separate entries for Pandy he also had 10 different contact numbers and addresses for Mandy.