Ghislaine Maxwell And The Son Of A Duke.

“A sinister phone caller said that if we continued with our “campaign” against the kinky MP [Harvey Proctor] he would reveal compromising details of an alleged relationship between Mr Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine and the son of a Duke.” The People 10/26/1986


The Duke of Rutland, apparently…

One wonders what Prince Andrew, son of the Duke of Edinburgh and who is friends with  Ghislaine Maxwell, might have to say…



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  3. Sam

    Proctor now works for the Duke
    Public and Park Events
    Harvey Proctor

    • Hahaha!

      I’d forgotten. Many thanks.

      That newspaper story is an example of Robert Maxwell using strong arm tactics. I won’t spell it all out as I could get sued.

      But someone did try to blackmail Maxwell over a relationship with ‘the son of a duke’ but it’s not the one mentioned. That is Maxwell playing hardball.

      I’ll do an update tomorrow and explain as best I can.

  4. Charles Augustus Milverton.

  5. I think her article deserves a repost on this blog. Brave woman for writing it

  6. HI gojam,

    have you read this

    much better than the Mail’s write up of what she said. Who is Epstein and suspect that he even had any major ‘sources’ of income. so who was funding his lifestyle and why?

    • Thanks for the link

      It’s an interesting piece and I’ve tweeted it but it’s difficult to reblog in a way that is fair to the author.

      Recommended though.

      • thanks for tweeting. you should read the original VF article. Also makes you realize if you had not read this how papers like the Mail can completely muddy the story.

  7. her majesty the queen.

    right that’s no it knighthood for you gojam

    and you can forget about an OBE as well

  8. Terry B

    Who else is in the original photo but cropped out?

  9. l8in

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