Checkpoint Report On St George’s School By Roger Cook 1982


A reminder of what a great investigative journalist Roger Cook was/is. Checkpoint was a program for BBC Radio 4 and pupiltwentyone has done a great job with the video. Even without the ‘visuals’, the confrontation with Chris Warner, Slade’s brother-in-law, in Part 2 is Roger Cook at his very best.

Part 1

Part 2



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9 responses to “Checkpoint Report On St George’s School By Roger Cook 1982

  1. steve

    shame we don’t have more people of his integrity these day

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  3. nuggy

    ive got mixed feelings about cook he did some great stuff he also did some rubbish.

  4. IWTT

    There is a recurring error in Part 2. When Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) of Schools is mentioned, the graphics are always Ofsted logos (Office for Standards in Education) which didn’t come into existence until 1992. I believe this Cook Report was made in 1982.

    • It’s called poetic licence. The audio is from 1982, the video is later.

      • IWTT

        It isn’t poetic license Gojam – it is an error. HMI worked/work under a different remit. In fact, in 1982 they walked round schools and did little more than report on the school’s decor and behaviour of children. [Children can be easily intimidated to ‘say nothing’ and behave well when ‘important vistors’ are coming to the school.] HMI drank tea in the HT’s office and took a great deal at face value. HMI often inspected a school alone.

        Ofsted inspectors had clear criteria to assess, judge and report upon. The evidence base required to back up a school’s report was huge! Ofsted required a team 0f 8-15 experts who had experience and ability commensurate with their inspection duties (both curriculum and welfare).

        i think that the lack of intervention by HMI is a key message in part 2 – hence I wanted to point out that it was NOT Ofsted inspectors who carried out the school’s inspection.

  5. GMB

    Did’nt our current Prime Minister work on the Cook reports in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. Somewhere I remember hearing about his alleged involvement in the production of a proposed Cook report into the boy trafficking trade to Amsterdam @ that time. Anyone out there who could flesh this out a bit more?
    PS I cancelled the ‘taxi’ it was too expensive and they said they only ferried around VIP’s…

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