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by | January 7, 2015 · 3:00 pm

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  1. david lambert

    charlie hebdo was a mossad false flag attack according to all the gossip at the MOD, i think i could believe that too

  2. BRAVO!
    Thank you, Gojam.
    Je Suis Charlie Hebdoe

  3. Gary

    These murders came hot on the heels of the marches in Germany against ‘Islamification’. Perfect timing, almost like someone wants war/civil unrest. The aim seems to be polarisation of opinion and to divide Christians and Moslems. They mustn’t win. If they do then we would enter a never ending war throughout Europe and the Middle East.

    • Sabre

      Governments pass laws intending to force disparate and mutually antagonistic groups to live together, it is pointless allowing unfettered immigration with the aim of inflating the size of the labour pool thereby reducing the unit price labour if our Bankster masters then have to shell out trying to maintain law and order.

      You have it arse about face, disparate groups in all but ideal conditions whether we like it or not, are divisive. Governments try to hold the line.

  4. Sabre

    I note that there always seem to be limits to free speech. The limits being set by the granter of the rights ;-)

    • I think it is a touch more complicated than that. Your right to free speech needs to be balanced against whether or not the publisher wants to be associated with what is being said.

      I’m sure you wouldn’t want to put words into my mouth ?

      But most people can normally find a platform somewhere for what they want to say.

      • Sabre

        I am au fait with life’s little complications and I acknowledge your point.
        I don’t have a ” dog in the fight” I was as I’m sure that you are aware being provocative to draw attention to the nuances of the situation.

        The ” liberal free thinking democratic West” goes on about its virtues ad nauseum. The cartoon I offered for the edification of one and all won a prize sponsored by the Iranians designed to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the West with respect to the boasts about free expression.

        They are of course right, a hollow victory given that no one gets to see the cartoon ;-)

  5. artmanjosephgrech

    Je Suis Charlie Hebdoe

  6. Sabre

    These particular ‘Muslims’ haven’t followed the suicide script, It might be a good idea to wait until
    A) They do kill themselves/ die in a “blaze of glory” or
    B) They are identified and caught !

  7. Sabre

    The Earth is full of arseholes too, the difference is that on Earth arseholes owned by the poor and vulnerable are all too often exploited by Arseholes holding public office !

  8. Sabre

    Didn’t get everyone standing up for freedom of expression when Jean-Marie Le Pen referred to ‘The Holocaust’ as “… a detail of history …” .

  9. Phil Champion

    You are to be commended! Here in Spain the media today are very bravely posting some of the supposed offending cartoons, Let us be vigilant, as no doubt there will be consequences, whether part of an overall plan by “terrorists” or an opportunity for a staged “false flag” operation. The official version of the Madrid train bombings is very suspicious, but that event brought down Aznar´s right-wing goverment and Spanish troops were withdrawn from the middle east wars.
    Now we have come full circle. Rajoy´s PP have returned the troops over there, Elections are coming, and we are now living under new draconian laws restricting civil liberties, the harshest anywhere in the so called “free-world”.We have every reason to fear!
    Apologies for digressing from your overall theme, but I was also a victim of child abuse and appreciate your tireless efforts to expose these issues. Many thanks.

  10. Andy Barnett

    I wonder how many of our proud British press have the moral courage to reprint that and other images from Charlie Hebdo in tomorrow’s papers. Lets see.

  11. Paul Mac

    Ditto !

    Killing in the name of religion is abhorrent.

    The creation of laughter isn’t.

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