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St George’s, Great Finborough, Suffolk


Not to mention St Georges School the MOD funded boarding school that some very very very senior brass used to frequently visit at weekends for special dinners with their hand picked junior boarders selected to attend their every need.

But hey, Sir Keith Joseph (conveniently deceased 1994) did a superb job managing that issue in late 1982. Police, Dept Education and Science (josephs gig at the time), MOD and House of Lords managed to do what was required to “manage” this in 1982 & 2010. Nice of them to hide what happened between 1977 and 1983 and a few instances beyond.

Josephs gave the school six weeks notice of its pending inspection announcing it in the Lords for all to hear and read in hansard. His report into the school was a fcuking white wash…. examined every aspect except discipline and welfare… never mind the kids were being hammered and beaten senseless, being loaned out to visiting important gentlemen. Not to mention the Labour politician Derek Sawyer.

Not alleged but fact.

Google Derek Slade, Derek Sawyer for the facts.

Slade was banged up for 21 years in sept 2010.

Even after the conviction and sentencing we were ordered NOT to mention those in high office.

Fact – as news of this broke via the roger cook radio prog on R4 “checkpoint” our fathers were being sent south in 1982… MOD and brass could not be having them worrying about their sons being drugged and raped while preparing to get busy for maggie- so it was managed and tucked away as “case closed nothing wrong here” only to end up before the crown in 2010 to become a landmark case.

So far… Two now jailed, one not guilty, one topped himself (coward), others pending while the real offenders and enablers still have access to vulnerable today.

There will be many who will still say its all fairy cakes…. google is your friend.


From first hand I can confirm institutions were infiltrated and huge effort put into ensuring any wiff of a complaint or the informant was not only discredited but also either dismissed or moved.
We were moved to different parts of the school over night.
Staff dismissed and off the grounds in a matter or hours.
A culture of sheer fear enforced by utter brutality that even if you were asked by an outsider or your parents you knew the agony that would follow. I can here the lecture now… “You are so lucky to be at such a good school and you continue to make these story’s up… why”.
Parents were chosen for the ability to be controlled before the kids.
They were easy to manage, beat them, condition them, make them fear the repercussions more than the selection.
Our school had the involvement of the police, social services, MOD, govt inspectors, a lord, clergy, visiting distinguished guests.
It was covered up so well it just went away as being “nothing found to be wrong yet the discipline is a little draconian”. The 1983 report took care of everything.
Yet in 2009 the police needed two vans to take the evidence away that had been stored, shared, collated and cherished.
The effort it took to get the wheels in motion in 2009 was monumental. Turned out there had been many other former pupils make complaints through 80’s 90’s 00’s and the police had just filled it.
Still awaiting answers on why the original hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil director still owns the school today all be it under a new name (see polish a turd and roll in glitter, bury the past and save the money train). a humble ex banker from the city now owns a property empire in the staggering numbers and has yet to even be put on the mat. He lived on sight for the duration, dismissed countless staff who complained, his wife took the calls from worried parents…. yet they knew nothing.
This school had frequent visits from very important people you know, they would have noticed if something was wrong…. or maybe it was just a country retreat to have a sport of dinner, lashing of port and their pick of a pre conditioned hand picked bunch of under 10’s.
But no, sorry, no poster, yes its been mentioned to the inquiry.
We would be nothing but deluded to even think it will be properly examined again as it was from the very top the order was given to make it go away! As far as it goes the bogey man is inside, no point going after teh silnet partners.
There should also be action taken against those who enabled and facilitated. It now has been proven some knowingly gave safe passage and sound reference to move staff on who had been caught doing the same as our beyond reproach head master and dictator.
I dont like conspiracy’s, I like clear facts…. could be quite a long wait for the truth folks. This small intendant school where the great and good came to play is but just a very small chapter that many want to see removed from sight.


Google is your friend folks… said my bit, derek slade has many years to serve and with luck will die inside, he will always represent a threat to children. His friend derek sawyer of islingon fame will despite all the press and other publicly available data never stand trial or will their associates. Why does a young batchelor set up a boarding school for his universtity chum anyway? The now property millionaire (thanks MOD school allowance) will never be brought to book for looking the other way. Even now I am prohibited from naming the man in any way.

The principle issue here is why was it covered up every time it rose to the surface. It was way way way beyond one persons input to bury this one. Rhetorical question really, at least one hopes and preys it couldn’t happen on such a scale again. I wonder if the visiting vicar, the suited gents, the RAF and Army big wigs who came to out school for candle lit dinners if alive seep a bit of wee every time the door bell rings?

(of cause may not have been military brass or real clergy, we were all military brats so a good dressing up box could be useful…. after all in late 70’s… vicar and officers…. nice respectable chaps… thanks for looking after me at dinner young fella me lad, here just drink this will you… )

It seems the school was nothing like it seemed, turns out the head wasn’t even qualified in any way but the MOD just threw money at him to help provide a stable education for overseas serving families. The money never stopped and the cycle continued… but nobody knew?

Questions may be asked but please folks do not expect any big shakes to emerge… It was 1982, our fathers were either at war, or about to go south to man the islands post cease fire – from very high up it was ordered to make this go away. They did a very good job… well done indeed… he just moved on and continued around the globe for twenty years. Some say it was a problem managed is a problem fixed. Others say it was a bullet dodged by very senior people who still today avoid scrutiny either by their former rank and former positions in society.


just to clarify… now that the prime offender, the one with the stash of evidence in a to z for ease of collating the evidence has been banged up for 21 years, there even today is a reluctance to finish the job and take on the rich and powerful who set the place up and visited every weekend. to quote the then head of the district cps… “its a matter of priorities” that was in 2010 and still the enabler walks the grounds of his school without any questions being asked. and for good measure he and his friends can not be named…. nice being wealthy and connected isnt it?!
the establishment knew what was happening, the whitehall suits & MOD buried it. when it resurfaced 27 years later the files can not be located… that was careless eh?!
simple fact, some people continue to exist beyond the law and will remain so until somebody with purpose and freedom to fully investigate is appointed. or maybe history will continue to repeat its self…….. next time the sh1t hits the fan they, some vacuous suit head of such and such services dept will stand on the court steps and say those immortal words…. “we will use lessons learned to ensure this doesn’t happen again and take every measure to protect the vulnerable”…. yeah cheers!



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  2. David Tester

    You’re doing a great job here, Gojam. The depressing thing is that this wretched business is so widespread. We’re encouraged to think ghastly cases like these are very few and far between but sadly they are all too common. And all the time the guilty are given a free pass by thier cronies in high places, there is never going to be any improvement.
    Daylight is the best disinfectant. Show ’em up. Shine a light….