A Message From Our Sponsor.

We, at Daz, know how difficult it is to keep those blacks really black! And so we’ve developed new improved Daz washing detergent 


Mrs Khan

To test this we asked Mrs Khan to wash the clothes of her local jihadi group.

After just 10 washes the results are startling !

She used New Daz for half of the group’s work clothes and her usual washing detergent for the other half !


See how the clothes on the right have faded and yet those washed with New Daz are as black as the day they were bought !


Now Mrs Khan won’t use anything other than New Daz !




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7 responses to “A Message From Our Sponsor.

  1. Boom boom (not) – actually it’s without sensitivity, but hey – sure many will be peeing themselves with laughter, y’know.

  2. timsanders2013

    I am sold on it. I will switch from OMO.

  3. I like satire. It makes people think.

  4. Mrk

    This is sick. Shame on the Needleblog!!

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  6. I am sure this was meant to be well intentioned, biting satire, trenchant wit…but it is not remotely funny and appears just crass. A clumsy attempt at humour, stick to exposing abuse and abusers.