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Now, what have I missed ?

Oh yes, Mr Andrew Windsor whose claim to ‘fame’, privilege, and untold wealth is that he is the second son of a woman, who was the first born of a man, who was the second son of another man, who was the eldest son of yet another man, who was the eldest son of a woman. – She was the daughter of the second son of another man (who kept losing his head), who was the first son of another man, who in turn was the eldest son of yet another man who happened to be the nearest Protestant relation  to a woman. – She was the daughter of a man, who was the son of another man, who was in turn the son of yet another man (who lost his head just once). – This man was the first son of yet another man who was the great-great-grandson of, you guessed it, another man. And this man could trace his ancestors right back to a little Frenchman who invaded Great Britain, enslaved and subjugated the people that lived there, stole all their land and possessions, and created a gangster state which has ensured that all of the men and women mentioned above have had the same ‘fame’, privilege and untold wealth as Mr Andrew Windsor.

A 1000 years of inbreeding has left Mr Andrew Windsor without a shred of common sense but 1000 years of privilege has enabled him to effortlessly rise above this disadvantage, it has instilled within him an arrogance based on delusion, a delusion re-enforced by the Establishment who fawn and pamper him. It is not because Mr Andrew Windsor is insightful or intelligent that he became  special representative for international trade and investment on behalf of the UK but given his gangster heritage he knows how to take full advantage of such a powerful position.

The Duke of York stayed at the townhouse, just off Central Park, for four days before Christmas.

He and Lord Mandelson have worked together in the past because of the duke’s role as a special representative for international trade and investment, part of the peer’s then portfolio as business secretary. The former MP was also an EU commissioner for Trade.

The two men have a close mutual friend, the Kazakh socialite and businesswoman Goga Ashkenazi, and both attended her 30th birthday party in February last year.Lord Mandelson was also hired to speak at two events organised by a stock company owned by the Kazakh government and effectively run by the President’s son-in-law, Timur Kulibayev.

Mr Kulibayev bought Prince Andrew’s former marital home, Sunninghill, three years ago for £15million – £3million above the asking price.

The Daily Mail

But don’t you dare look too closely at such a fortunate personal business transaction because Mr Andrew Windsor doesn’t think very highly of the UK’s anti-corruption laws or pesky journalists “who poke their noses everywhere”.

Prince Andrew launched a scathing attack on British anticorruption investigators, journalists and the French during an “astonishingly candid” performance at an official engagement that shocked a US diplomat.

Tatiana Gfoeller, Washington’s ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, recorded in a secret cable that Andrew spoke “cockily” at the brunch with British and Canadian business people, leading a discussion that “verged on the rude”.

During the two-hour engagement in 2008 at a hotel in the capital, Bishkek, Andrew, who travels the globe as a special UK trade representative, attacked Britain’s corruption investigators in the Serious Fraud Office for what he called “idiocy”.

He went on to denounce Guardian reporters investigating bribery as “those (expletive) journalists … who poke their noses everywhere”.

The Guardian

I mention all of this because it’s always a good idea to know what kind of jumped up, arrogant, spoiled, privileged little tosspot we’re dealing with here. If he wants a helicopter, he gets it. An armed forces commission ? More medals ? A Government job ? Twelve ‘advisors’ paid for by taxpayer? All yours Mr Andrew Windsor, because you are part of the ‘Family’ and if you don’t get exactly what you want then someone is going to be wearing concrete boots and swimming with the fish.

But that is all by the by. Lets look at the specific child abuse allegations currently levelled at Mr Andrew Windsor.

As I see it Virginia Roberts makes 3 allegations against Mr Windsor. That she had sex with him in New York, London, and on a private Caribbean Island.

1) Virginia Roberts was 17 years old at the time. Therefore, unless there was demonstrable coercion because she was above the UKs age of consent laws the London allegation would not be a crime.

2) The age of consent laws in New York are higher and at 17 years old Virginia Roberts was a minor in that jurisdiction. However, according to The Times, a deal was struck by the US prosecutors and Mr Andrew Windsor has some kind of ‘immunity from prosecution.

3) That leaves the allegation that Mr Windsor  was involved in an orgy with Miss Roberts and other under-age girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island. There are two possibilities that could yet lead Mr Windsor into legal trouble.

a) If any of the other ‘under-age girls’ were below the UK’s age of consent then Mr Windsor could be investigated by the Metropolitan Police if a complaint is made;

b) The ‘private Caribbean Island’ will fall under the jurisdiction of a country. If that country has an age of consent where a 17 year old is a minor, then Mr Windsor might be investigated in that jurisdiction if Miss Roberts makes a complaint (or any of the other girls).

But don’t hold your breath!


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  1. Terry B

    Alan Dershowitz is taking legal action so I hope there is some proof of what’s been claimed.

    • Sabre

      The motion for joinder in action of Jane Doe#3 and Jane Doe#4 allege that Dershowitz aided with the original action complained of (The NPA ) which kept Dershowitz himself from prosecution, hence the action for relief on behalf of Jane Doe#1 to #4 .

      So as Mandy Rice Davis said ” he would say that, wouldn’t he?”

  2. Gary

    There’s been allegations from the start that there was political interference. Those representing victims tried to move the case to another jurisdiction, involved the FBI and contacted the DoJ all in an effort to stop the cased being closed down. Despite their efforts it was agreed not to proceed on any trafficking charges and only with the least serious one. He served 11 months when he could have been sentenced to more than 20 years. This means that because he was not guilty of trafficking then no one was trafficked. This is the point of the case being brought, the allegation is that the FBI ‘mishandled’ the case and Epstein was let of too lightly – it’d be hard to disagree. If that case was proven it could mean trafficking charges reinstated. Dershowitz says he’ll take legal action, he won’t. Andrew has made strong denials but all either can do, and ARE doing, is to get stories put in to the usual mouthpieces naming and undermining the victim’s character. The allegations would leave him guilty of at least one count of statutory rape but if TRAFFICKING charges were reintroduced it could mean multiple counts of rape for those involved. Slaves can’t give consent, even if they are above the age of consent. Are they all guilty? Yes.

  3. JS2

    Reblogged this on TIME TO START CARING and commented:
    This really made me laugh

  4. Paul Mac

    This is going to get seriously messy for all involved…….

    It pains me to quote the Daily Mail but the 10 questions Buck House need to answer at the end of this article seem perfectly valid:

  5. chrisb

    There are other questions. Firstly, why was Epstein given so short a sentence and did Andrew Windsor support Epstein in the process? Secondly, why did Andrew continue to be seen with Epstein after his release from prison? They may well be genuine friends rather than a pimp and a punter. Alternatively, they could have a connection that runs deeper than that a shared interest in young girls.

  6. Paul Mac

    Epstein’s island is in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The age of consent there is 18 so I would assume it also applies to his property.

    As for ‘The Yorks’ – These arrogant, high living benefit scroungers should be removed from their privileged status immediately. Openly associating with a convicted pedophile at our expense! I’ve looked at some old Spitting Image clips and they don’t even come near to how arrogantly these odious toads are ‘parodying’ themselves.

    His accuser described him as ‘Sweating heavily’ and ‘The worst dancer I’ve ever seen’. It’s a vile image to bring to mind but somehow it seems to fit him perfectly. I wonder how his daughters feel when they look at the picture above – his paunchy gut next to a naive teenager? Sadly, as long as they money is still rolling in, they probably don’t give a toss.

    It’s interesting that the accusations, any court documents quoted & any likely legal action are from abroad. One wonders if we would know anything about this case at all if it was all based in our own highly secretive country. It’s created an interesting dynamic. Most of the US press have avoided naming the victim and are still referring to her as ‘Jane Doe 3’. The release of any documents is unlikely to be controllable by anyone in the UK – Windsors included.

    Andy is probably well beyond the reach of the law, however. An extradition request from the US would be an interesting spectacle to watch. As would him appearing willingly in a witness box. The most he will likely face is widespread embarrassment over the months to come leading to some form of enforced exile from public view (but still, if we stand idly by, at our expense) like Edward Windsor who buggered off to France after abdicating. He’s hardly going to resign from his status and I doubt Liz has the influence at her age to control how this one goes. At 54, he’s unlikely to do what mummy tells him anyway.

    He is also going to look in an even worse light if he launches any form of legal action against a victim of abuse, particularly when he cannot deny he has associated with her. He does look genuinely worried in recent pictures.

    We really need to become a republic. At least presidents can be impeached.

  7. Good article, would love to see a copy of the Times article or relevant parts

  8. I also agree with those on twitter that see a bright future for Paul Mccartney, how cool of Kayne to share his good fortune with a struggling musician.

  9. Sabre

    He had been warned that Epstein was a nonce, Epstein and Maxwell are possibly Israeli agents too.

    Despite the warnings he chose to maintain contact with Epstein at the very least this is extremely embarrassing at the worst well time may tell !

    NB Andy seems to have seen everything go pear shaped in fairly short order, compare and contrast with the Political Establishment that have been protected for decades from the consequences of rape and murder.

    • not sure i agree with your conclusion. I think it is the first amendment, and difficulty that gives courts, govt, etc to silence people. It is not perfect but way better than what the UK has,which is nothing

  10. dpack

    another odd thought in relation to family business did the bouncing czech jump or was he pushed?

    • Andy Barnett

      No shortage of theories on that question, eg.

      Probably best to stick to the incorruptible work of the forensic pathologist asked to investigate the murder (sorry, death) of Maxwell – a My Iain West, who has quite a track record in the investigation of high-profile murders (sorry, deaths): Dando, Dunblane, the Brighton bomb to name just a few.

    • On that question, dpack, I suggest you read Victor Ostrovsky, if you haven’t already.

      • dpack
        this article seems to bring several threads of the maxwell senior story together and if accurate adds weight to the possibility that ms maxwell junior could have links to mossad.
        spookery is often a family trade if only for the simple practical reasons that it is easier/safer to attempt to recruit family members of current assets/officers than to approach strangers.

    • See The Other Side of Deception, chapter 31. According to former Mossad agent Ostrovsky, Maxwell was threatening to reveal Israeli involvement in Kryuchkov’s putsch against Gorbachev of 1990-1991. He was looking for financial aid from Israel. A meeting was arranged aboard Maxwell’s yacht, where he was bumped.

      • Sabre

        “Looking for financial aid from Israel” is one way of putting it !

        He had done so much for Israel, dealings with Rumanian and Eastern Bloc State Banking and Intel, agent of influence in the West for Israel with his links to politicians, business and of course his faux socialist media interests. Cap’n Bob plundered his own employees pension fund, sold sovereign states the stolen and modified ‘Promis’ software that provided an Israeli back door to foreign Intel IT systems, betrayed Vanunu to the Israelis.

        He thought he had done enough to blackmail them into funding his inept frauds.
        A big splash was followed by a respectful burial on the Mount of Olives.

  11. dpack

    perhaps a little unfair in the genealogy ,there have been a few “miraculous conceptions” and more than a few murders and coups that have genetically altered the line of inheritance since bill the bastard’s time but the general principles of inbreeding from successful psychopaths does apply far better to the euro royals than to say the head of the five families of new york ,the yakuza or the roman emperors who often were followed by an adopted heir or replaced by coup .
    the kim family are only up to generation 3 and afaik are not a closed herd like the chillingham cattle chas admires but they do show some promise in long term family supremacy.

    some thing that puzzles me ( regardless of the probability that most folk would be grossed out to discover their chum bought a 14 year old )about the reports in the news recently and those of the last few years is why would a high profile chap ,who must be aware of the potential for criticism of a continued relationship but still remain chummy with a chap who he knows to be a wrongun ?
    perhaps in fear of or in debt to the wrongun are plausible reasons for such behavior .

    • H Richards

      Dpack – as above it seems it may boil down to fergies debts and witness intimidation.
      When pondering reasons for this to be getting rehashed in the media again now when there is clearly little to be gained, the thougt occurred that PAndy could be the ‘firebreak’ that you were talking about before Christmas gojam?
      On another slightly related note, this has all reminded me of the incident with him in buck palace gardens… V curious to know what was going on there!!

    • Random Anonymous Crank

      It’s reported that Epstein had hidden cameras in the walls of his guest rooms , granted he’s an admitted pervert which could explain them but as his visitors were the rich and powerful , blackmail could also be a reason. It could explain how the law was twisted to get him such a lenient sentence and all the related paperwork hidden from sight it might also explain why Mr. Windsor might possibly have allegedly tried to pull strings for him at his trial .

  12. ‘Underage’ sex is the headline grabber in smut- filled UK papers, but the real issues are: child trafficking, forced prostitution of minors, corruption and influence peddling, and operation of a massive honey trap. All of these, Andrew participated in with, at best, reckless disregard for anything but his own gratification. He supported and sustained these activities through his actions, if not his intentions.

    • Andy Barnett

      Spot on, Newbilong. The issue is not just her age at the time of the sex-having. It is the fact that she was 15 years old when she was corrupted into the lifestyle of a sex-slave. Even if she believed herself to be willing at the ripe old age of 17, she was only in that position because she was groomed by Maxwell and Epstein (allegedly) when she was underage – something I believe was a crime in all 3 territories. Now Mr Windsor might be said not to be complicit in this if he was not aware that Epstein groomed, corrupted and effectively enslaved
      numerous underaged girls in this way. But do we believe this is likely? He does seem to have been extremely friendly with the chap – isn’t it likely he knew exactly how Esptein recruited his ‘masseurs’ and exactly how young they started out.

      This is assuming, of course, that any of the alleged sex-having actually occurred, which Mr Windsor has categorically denied. So there you are. Her word against his. And he is a Prince after all!

      • Not just her word, someone who worked for Epstein has said that Pandy use to receive regular massages from the girls at Epstein’s place and always had a “smile on his face” after.

      • Andy Barnett

        I always have a smile on my face after a massage – erotic or otherwise (as my wife will attest to). Don’t prove noffin.

    • Totally agree and gojam I think you should correct your post to set the record straight. In addition the federal prosecutor on epstein case wrote a letter which was published by the daily record in the US. in it he states among other things that the prosecutors were threatened etc by a gaggle of lawyers etc to drop the case against Epstein. In addition, Bush’s legal advisor also intervened. In the letter the prosecutor states that had evidence about the three 12 years trafficked from France come to light during his investigation he would have never conceded on sex trafficking charges. However, he said the pressure on his office was so intense that to get Epstein to plead on the lesser charge was all he felt they could achieve.

      If you read the lawsuits filed by the women in addition to sex trafficking and abuse of minors they are also claiming that the justice system was perverted and their right to a fair trial denied. The question is can they got the documents around this matter released. If they do, I think we are going to see Andrew and others exposed – and unlike the UK, the US first amendment means there is no WAY those pricks can waive D. Notices to cover it all up again.

      PS: Your first paragraph was comedy gold. Thanks for the chuckle.

      • Tricia, most of the blog’s readers prefer to read the comments than anything I write, especially Mrs Gojam!

        I’m inclined to agree with Newbilong but I don’t see a contradiction that needs to be corrected. Just a good point that readers will take on board.

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  14. timsanders2013

    Gojam, nice to have you back.
    Can I assume that you are not very keen on him?

  15. I see it’s being mooted that Pandy was bailed out by Epstein who sorted out Fergie;s debts and that, the sex allegations do a nice job of covering up possible involvement in the intimidation of witnesses in a federal trial,and perversion of the course of Justice by illegally becoming involved with plea bargaining etc.

  16. jim

    But what is the difference between a “sex slave” of 17 who gets 10,000 $ for sex and a prostitute (allegedly)?