Should It Be A Manslaughter Charge For Suicide Child Abuser ?


Simon Harris

Isn’t it time that paedophiles face manslaughter charges in cases where their victims commit suicide as a consequence of the abuse they suffered ?

The boys Harris targeted were subjected to horrific ordeals for hours on end in his luxury Kenyan home. One of his alleged victims – who bravely gave evidence from Kenya via Skype – was so traumatised by his ordeal that he killed himself during the proceedings, a fact that was revealed to the jury only yesterday.

Charities last night demanded to know why Harris – described as a manipulative, predatory and dangerous abuser – was able to travel freely to Kenya. There were also questions over why, despite signing the sex offenders’ register in the 1980s, he was unmonitored there and able to gain access to dozens of vulnerable children.

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5 responses to “Should It Be A Manslaughter Charge For Suicide Child Abuser ?

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  2. Sabre

    I’m sure that most right thinking would take the view that the question should be answered in the affirmative.

    The problem arises however that the ‘mens rea’ or intent would be provable in respect of the abuse but not in respect of the death, Manslaughter it may be argued doesn’t need to establish intent for the causation of death.

    Manslaughter, however, does require that ‘actus reus’ or ‘guilty act’ be proven, I fear that the secondary nature of the death will make that a bit of a stretch.

    In conclusion intent (Mens rea) re the abuse may be established but to prove that the actual act (Actus reus) led to death would need a drastic change in the law, the (Actus reus), it would be argued by the defence, is the abuse NOT the death.

    I’m sure that someone hereabouts could give you an authoritative answer, the above is my barrack room lawyer opinion only.

  3. cyril toadmass

    there is a concerted effort by some sources to distance homosexual abuse
    by a small group of men from pedophilia as if the crimes are different
    lets have some clarity here