Chris Denning – Dorset/Walton-on-Thames/Basildon



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  2. Sabre

    How did Denning get the BBC job, no enhanced CRB checks in those days but they could have asked for references and checked them.

    • angelo

      They probably did and this is why he got the job…;-D

    • aNON

      You don’t need an “enhanced” CRB check to catch those with criminal records; a regular CRB check will flag them. The enhanced part is a Stasi-like snitch jacket of dubious merit to follow you around the rest of your days. Brought in Hegelian dialectically as the synthetic solution to prevent future Soham murders (allegedly by Huntley), IIRC. A mere coincidenece, I’m sure that this was totally in line with Breziniski’s quote, ““The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ” from “Between two ages: America’s role in the technotronic area”.

      But I’m sure they brought it in to protect your kids from the paedos because they’re real big on that, dontchaknow.

      • Sabre

        You won’t find many of us warming to the tender protective embrace of our benevolent State but thanks for your input anyway.

  3. A very dangerous man who betrayed & hurt a lot of young people. Good news that his sengtence will likely be longer than his lifespan. Thanks for this blog post and my thanks to those who testified against him.

    I think there may be errors in the Database timeline you quoted from. I think Dennings offending and conviction in Czech Republic was much later than when it is mentioned. Also, I’m sure that “Crazy Mike” Echols told me Denning was producing child sexual abuse images being posted on newsgroups, but Echols died in 2003 and the timeline has Denning standing trial for these crimes around 2008. I could be wrong – I don’t have access to official source documents – and I suppose it hardly matters, anyway.

  4. Michael

    Christopher Denning was protected by Tony Hardman who was the head of publicity at the Poole Arts Centre, until Hardman’s dishonesty was discovered and he got sacked. Hardman then got the post of head of publicity at the Bournemouth International Centre, which is called ‘the BIC.
    Hardman is now deceased, having died of AIDS in recent years.
    Tony Hardman was also a bit part actor who ran Ivanhoe Leisure a publicity agency which included some interesting activities. Hardman who came from Manchester was a friend of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, staying at Rochdale regularly before the pair were caught.
    Hardman boasted that many famous people had slept in his water bed in Portarlington Road Westbourne Bournemouth, where he moved when he purchased his Lord Of the Manor title and left his flat near the Frizzell at Roundabout in Westbourne at Bournemouth.
    Tony Hardman worked as a stage manager in London and elsewhere, including Drury Lane. He had a lot of information on the rich and famous.

  5. Brian Bromley

    Winsome Lily Cole was a well known prostitute operating during the Second World War in a number of areas including the South of England.
    She changed her name to Winsome Lily Barns by deed poll in December 1950 as she was becoming too notorious having been prosecuted on a number of occasions, paying the nominal fine as was the procedure and she was living with a man named Barnes at 2 Westcott Way Cheam/Ewell where she ran a school.
    She used to frequent the Elm Guest House where she invested money and stayed there on her visits to London as she grew too corpulent. to ply her old trade
    She introduced a number of senior girls into prostitution via Elm House, in the late 1950s and 60s, for whic she received commissions from the Elm House organisers.
    The prostitutes included 3 young women from the Ewell/Cheam Surrey area, Jennifer Williams and the Wadilove sisters, Victoria and Susan Wadilove all of who made much money while ‘Mrs Barnes’ who was by then shacked up with one Cyril Burton-Jenkins as he was known, was raking off commissions from the Elm House organisers who appreciated her patronage and investment.
    One old friend of Winsome’s was John Barrington Neesham who lived at Park Farm Milland near Liphook situated on the Surrey, Hants and Sussex borders.
    Neesham was convicted of a number of burglaries and served a prison sentence, he and his wife ran several companies including some businesses in Kettering, selling clothes, eggs and honey.
    Winsome Lilly Barnes alias Cole alias Burton Jenkins moved with Cyril to Sussex when their school was shut down by the authorities.
    It might be interesting to do some excavations at Park Farm Milland, which might reveal some interesting finds,