A Message About Privacy.


I’ve recently been notified that a journalist has tried to contact a person who had left a comment here.  We know the name of the journalist and the MSM outlet. We’re not going to name them but we’ll say it was a new name to us.

We would respectfully ask that journalists do not attempt to contact people who leave comments on this blog. It is extremely rare that even we contact people who’ve left comments, and then mostly just to explain why we’ve edited a comment.

We would also ask those that leave comments to be very careful about posting personal details on here and elsewhere online.

We really understand why those who were resident in a care home might wish to make contact with other residents with similar experiences but we ask you to be careful. It can put us in an almost impossible position where, on the one hand we don’t want to be seen to stop you having your say but on the other we don’t want you to be exposed to intrusion.

We will continue to delete contact email addresses and telephone numbers that get posted but we need to trust you to take precautions to protect your own privacy.

Many thanks for all your help in this.


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  1. just came across this – gojam thank you for wanting to protect those that are loving your words. Appreciated especially since I don’t have the gift of the gab or much pc knowledge.

  2. Sabre

    You will be surprised at what can accidentally be revealed. One poster some time back discussed material that I was very interested in further research led me to other sites and I thoughtlessly used the person’s name.
    The person was not a CSA survivor, Gojam pulled me up about it and I asked that my comment be edited.

    • dpack

      cross referencing information is a tool that can be used for good and ill .there have been several occasions when further research into information posted”privately”using a nom de guerre ,both here and elsewhere, has led in one or more clicks to details that seem to identify the person involved.this has often confirmed or refuted the probable truth of what they were saying.

      i recon it is important that folk can share information and remain private should they want or need to and although total privacy is almost impossible basic procedures will ensure a fair level of privacy.

      • Sabre

        A double edged sword indeed. As you say often very useful, however, best to be alert to unintended consequences!

  3. nuggy

    how can they the email addresses arnt published with the posts.

  4. GMB aka Fernbridge

    Does he want to invite the poster to a Xmas party?

  5. Very admirable and not unexpected, that you care enough to be concerned about this!

  6. dpack

    the proper word is sensible.

    if folk wish to make a statement to the media the media have names ,addresses,phones websites etc etc and are easy to find.

    if folk say what they wish to say here or elsewhere that should not be taken as open season for interviews etc by the media.

  7. tdf

    “Scurrying around like rats in an alley way.”

    – well, they don’t call it the “street of shame” for nothing.

  8. barb

    i am not sure about this blog , sometimes sanctamonius have you experienced abuse

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  10. Scurrying around like rats in an alley way.