Home Secretary Before The Home Affairs Select Committee Today

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Just a heads up to everyone. Parliament.uk

Theresa May has her very own Modus Operandum. Public announcements which precede, or are made during, these kind of meetings.

So, expect news about the Child Abuse Inquiry


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15 responses to “Home Secretary Before The Home Affairs Select Committee Today

  1. dpack


    “current” is a big jump from” historical” and seems potentially rather important .

  2. dpack

    perhaps she has learned some scarey and upsetting truths and decided to try to do what is needed with regard to these matters.
    maybe not and it is a “long grass tactic”.
    maybe not and it is a”up the slippery pole to number ten tactic”.
    maybe a combo of all of those .

    if she does intend to support a full and honest accounting for the past and then planting strong safeguards for the future based on what that investigation reveals i really dont care about her motives ,if she does support a full truth inquiry (rather than a “sir bernard “inquiry such as this one with two false starts and little credibility) she will be across the rubicon.

    • Maybe maybe maybe Terry May and chums wants to keep the lid on it all.
      Lets face it she picked the wrong people to head it from day one and day two
      Either she is
      1 clueless
      2 badly advised
      3 to give the appearance of doing something without doing something

      And if she wants the top job can you imagine how that might fly with the old duffers on the back bench

      What ? members of her party had ” interfered with children” oh dear no, of course not , only ” the wishy washy communist types on the liberal left would do that stuff, except..

      • Sabre

        Best to remember that despite their very expensive educations these people tend to be brighter than average but not much !

        The Political types tend to be vain rather than smart, “The hand of history upon my shoulder” a la Bliar for example.

        The Officials with the “Double Firsts” are the permanent Government, invariably erudite, but alas with little appreciation or experience outside Goverment and academe. Unfortunately the officials are generally of the type that effectively revise Machiavelli’s Il Principe making the tome even darker with every rewrite!

        You end up with a vain ambitious Terry May manipulated by a bunch of malevolent Sir Humphreys.

      • Sabre

        We’ve got our Cassius and Marcus Antonius.
        Enter stage left Brutus.

  3. dpack

    splendid with one minor alteration required
    room 101 for big brother would surely include the far right and the hard left and the anarchists culling their own wrong uns , then start eating disco biscuits and hugging each other before calling the mobs to collective action so as to clear the way for an executive government selected by lot and monitored by internet empowered citizens.

  4. Sabre

    The clock strikes midnight, Saturday night becomes Sunday Morning.
    The IT systems at minitrue, until now, had basically stumbled along doing a passable job, Sunday morning heralds the nightmare scenario, PressReleaseServer447A had either been hacked or insufficiently unit tested.

    Mr and Mrs Unwashed-Prole took breakfast the telescreen babbling away in the corner seemed to be in constant mea culpa mode, “Several ex-Cabinet Ministers have been arrested for grave offences against children, those arrested are believed to include representatives of all major parties !”

    Mrs Unwashed-Prole laughed, assuming that poor quality bad taste satire was being aired this morn.
    Mr Unwashed-Prole, unfolded the Sunday News, “Serving Cabinet Minister arrested on suspicion of rape and murder of a minor”.

    Simon and Samantha Unwashed-Prole yelled from their rooms that facebook and twitter are alive with stories of beastly crimes committed by representatives of every venerated institution in the land.

    Unanswered Irrelevant Question Time will be airing a ‘Special’ at 9 PM this evening, the panel will include Cameron,Clegg and Miliband.

    Four days until the General Election, National and Local Government buildings blaze, The Far-Right and Hard-Left call on the mobs and masses to pick sides (They don’t know that equally serious but fewer offences are to be levelled at them shortly).

    Big Brother wakes with a panicked start, it was but a nightmare, he had accidentally stumbled into Room 101.

    All was right with the world, The Unwashed-Proles really did truly love Big Brother.

    My abject apologies to the memory of George Orwell.

  5. What i am about to write may/will seem outrageous in the current climate,but i would like to draw the attention for those who are unaware to the case of Ian Huntley. Over the weekend i happened across an article on a truth site that completely knocked me sideways. In short,the chances are there has been a catastrophic miscarriage of justice under tony blair,s watch. It all ties in with historic and current cover ups by british and cia governments and intel and coincided with the iraq war. I haven’t gone into great detail but hope that people can read about it themselves and post comments. I am convinced of this mans innocence and the government have form with fit ups.

  6. dpack

    a few notes as i listened to it

    due diligence
    over a 100 suggested for chair
    statutory possible,compel testimony
    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah blah blah

    imho next years long grass might be intended to conceal many guilty snakes

    ongoing not history
    compel evidence

    terms of ref re cut off date
    access to gov papers (sharpen the shredder ollie)

    re chair ,fudge is queen.
    re mansfield indi enq. “we want it to be a gov enq “.
    compulsion of witnesses /evidence

    hasc put onus for chair onto may

    nowt surprising or very cheering imho

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  8. Its called doing every thing she can to derail the whole thing

    • Kittiwake

      I’m not so sure she’s the derailer. She has made comments on CSA strikingly at odds with Cameron. I have wondered if they will find a way to be rid of her. There are many within the HO and beyond willing and capable of derailing the inquiry entirely without her help.