Pants On Fire


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell

Remember that one Mark ?


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  1. dpack

    returning to the theme of keeping an open mind i spose it would be possible for basically decent elements of the “establishment” to wish that criminals are held to account and future crimes prevented but that they would prefer to “keep a lid on the situation”by creating proxies to expose some misdeeds and distract from others .
    that an individual has first degree links to high stakes players and second degree links to convicted criminals does not necessarily mean that their motivation or activity is entirely evil .

    consider the scenario where the citizens have full and proven knowledge of systematic use of csa as a tool for blackmail and reward,gladio b type operations,the subversion of even the pretense of democracy by “the establishment”and by those who control them and that the guilty are exposed en mass by the citizens and some of those payed to protect them.
    in such a scenario even those who wish to put an end such behavior might choose to try to minimize the damage to the “national interest” by attempting to control the information stream.

    personally i think the rubicon has been crossed and it would be best that the whole set of ugly truths are exposed and addressed .

  2. dpack

    i think family ties from the bss might include the said foundation .aitkin has been a director since 2009

    “Mr Aitken was forced to change his story and said that Abdul Rahman, another hotel guest and the nephew of Said Ayas, had paid part of his bill by mistake.”

    it was a line from aitkin’s prison book that accidentally lit up maclean,neave,h8 and the yugoslavian connection. im glad he isnt my pal .

  3. dpack

    digging a bit deeper into the directors of the bss ltd by checking their biographies ,obituaries etc using simple google chi on their names my current opinion is they have demonstrated considerable ability ,resources and power.

  4. dpack

    more family chums
    he seems to have retired from active business but he seems to have been involved with firms such as this one when he was a bit more active .
    it is “that”| oyston as far as i can tell

    the steel bit is rather confusing and requires clarification

    this stuff could be part of a black op but the long game of altering or seeding companies house data (and seeding hansard etc) is probably far more rare than even the most suspicious would expect .it would be difficult to prepare for every possibility .

    i hope other folk are working on such matters and will report their findings as and when they find them .using this sort of raw open source data has merit ,there is too much of it to “shred”and the citizens were not expected to have easy access to it in a form that could be cross referenced therefore there is a lot of truth to be found and shown cos no one thought it needed hiding from the future .

    ps there are many hard drives ,servers clouds ,dvd disks up trees etc etc so future historians will have access to detailed source material.
    i try to be polite when posting comments but i will indulge myself regarding this type of data ,
    ha fuckin ha scumbags .

  5. dpack

    Tim Pendry @TimPendry · Nov 30

    Ah, black propaganda starting on me and other founders of @exaronews … trawling for dirt coming from operatives in Aldershot and Wimborne
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    a little late but plausible an attempt at pre emptive response to awkward questions (and a bit rattled perhaps)there was a bit of dissent re his bone fides before and around that date some of which might reasonably be thought to be misleading .

    im not in aldershot ,nor is the companies house /hansard /media derived data re tim and other persons with one or more degrees of separation from him.

    wimborne seems an odd venue for launching a black op against exaro but it is best to keep an open mind about such things .

    at the mo i prefer the hypothesis that company data was not considered the weakest link until it was too late and adding that information to published information and more recently “know them by their works” is a good place to start analysis of the available data.

    thinking of know them by their works ,yasmin got a letter alleging crimes, she dealt with it properly,subsequently stuart hall was convicted of those crimes and other evil misdeeds .

    family chums

  6. tdf

    Kittiwake, GW, & others interested:

    the comments from ‘Curious’ (not me, but I believe these comments are broadly accurate) on this blog may help elucidate:

    • dpack

      a rather interesting blog from barristerblogger,it seems broadly accurate as do many of the opinions expressed by those commenting.
      i was not aware of the iran tv link of some staff but it does make sense in relation to the middle eastern interests of pendry and his former co directors.

      more research and analysis might be required to provide a reliable set of answers to the (seemingly) obvious questions regarding
      loyalties,ethics ,accuracy,analysis ,the motivation for inuendo etc etc etc .

      a slight aside but claiming to be “driving”the search for truth ,justice and prevention is a bit arrogant imho,things have progressed to the current situation through the courage and efforts of many folk often in the face of reluctance on the part of the well placed to make changes and despite the hinderance of assorted scumbags,trolls,fantacists and those whose trade is smoke and mirrors.
      ps im not a spook or worse ,im a concerned citizen with unanswered questions about loyalties and motives or judgement.

  7. Kittiwake

    Clearly it’s a reference to lying, not to being rude on twit-speak. Were they given access on condition they didn’t publish or something?

  8. gw

    The recent exaronews appealed well to my sense of curiosity but nothing more. I hope they have attempted to get statements from the few who seem to have direct experience. Otherwise it is background noise. The bit about op hedgerow was interesting – but it was still just a post on facebook.

    As for the quote – an observer should be wary of venerating any particular animal and assigning them privilege.

  9. Quiet Kevin

    Every time a story breaks in the press that takes this whole realm of inquiry substantially forward another round of infighting breaks out.

    Not sure it helps the cause. Maybe that’s why it keeps happening…

    • Yeah it helps to muddy the waters… so it must be all going to plan then

      • dpack

        im not sure any mud stirring is going to plan if the muddy water leads to the closer examination and identification of the stirrers.

        for instance what historical company directorships link

        cyril smith’s political boss,Steel
        righton’s landlord’s son in law ,Spring
        those who probably put assad senior in power ,(too scarey to name)
        a variety of top end international players and some plausable spooks
        a very significant turnover
        a director of a well known investigative journalism website,Pendry

        THE BRITISH SYRIAN SOCIETY LIMITED 04619563 Registered Address: Bury House/33 Bury Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6AX

        Read more at:

        it is not proof of ill intent but it does add a small part of background context to the complexities of motives and truths.
        the context provided by various other business and family links is too complex for a simple reply to the question of muddy water and mud slinging.

        infighting is only destructive when it is misplaced,if it is well placed it is called counter intelligence and vital to the security of the mission.

        ps which wiki pages have had recent edits can be educational.

        pps a steel spring can make a good trap.(:

  10. Andy Barnett

    Good people rarely lie. They just choose the truths they feel most comfortable with.

  11. tdf

    I think it’s directed at another Mark, one associated with a well-known investigative journalism website, and his strange and dismissive response to several CSA survivors on Twitter recently.

    • gw

      I’m not familiar with the exchange however a survivor accused me of being ‘one of them’ (the context was as you’d expect) after a differing in opinion. I too was dismissive!

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  13. Sabre

    Methinks some context would be helpful !

    Addressed to MWT?

    • No, it is not addressed to MWT but I’m not going to supply context or be drawn into confirming or denying who it is addressed too.

      Suffice to say that we have many shortages in the UK but hypocrisy isn’t one of them

  14. Call the fire brigade, hoping they are not on strike or sacked as result of King Bojo selling off the land that fire stations are situated upon