The Sun Should Apologise.

I consider myself to have a fairly good sense of humour but this just isn’t funny. 

My objection isn’t political, I don’t vote. My objection is that it is just plain nasty, in bad taste, and without any journalistic merit.

Unless The Sun apologise then they have no right to criticise trolling.



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12 responses to “The Sun Should Apologise.

  1. BizzieLizzie

    The Sun never learn do they?

  2. That the Sun and Mail are the UKs largest selling papers is indicative of the disgraceful state of affairs in the country at large. But the years of indoctrination, miseducation and social engineering have taken their toll, Orwells sentiment that hope lies with the proles has well and truly hit the pan.
    Though there is good journalism around, it isn’t generally found in the dailies…

    • Sabre

      Respectfully disagree Chris re Orwell (1984) hope lies with the proles.

      The great unwashed overheard in their environs hold opinions and views that would make your hair curl, The Sun and The Mail attempt to indoctrinate them, however, the primary role is to provide a ‘we feel your pain’ pressure valve.

      The ‘proles’ hold honest self interest and community interest views but suffer from a general ignorance of essential detail and the ability to eloquently advance an argument.
      The ‘bourgeoisie’ on the other hand benefit from a greater grasp of essential detail and are able to eloquently advance an argument, they choose to conform to the social/political canon, ignoring the emperor’s stark bollock nakedness, in exchange for their place in the sun.

  3. godhelpus

    This is a person life! they are trying to ridicule. This is not News! their are disgusting things happening in this Country, and this is all they can come up with?. I wish these Rags would get a back bone! their is no freedom of speech, just what they are told to report! why don’t they stop protecting themselves, and protect the children and report what is really going on, not this mindless crap they come out with…………… Name the politicians and the rest of the “SCUM” do the Job they are paid good money to do.

  4. emily

    Well said. Poking fun at people just because they are transsexual is pure ignorance. Whatever one thinks of the political opinions of the woman above there is no doubt that she has had to struggle against a lot of adversity in her life owing to the amount of prejudice and outright discrimination brought against her for a. being transsexual; b. being disabled and c. being a woman. There is NO excuse for transphobia. As the latest Stonewall tee shirts say: “Some people are trans get over it!”

  5. Sabre

    Like the people of Liverpool, I wouldn’t wipe my arse on the sun, I’d get dirty.

  6. Sabre

    Broadly speaking I only object to what is not said rather than what is said.
    Censorship especially self censorship leads to many of the things that we all object to, being hidden or excused for extended lengths of time.

    You say ” … My objection is that it is just plain nasty, in bad taste, and without any journalistic merit … ”

    You were reading The Sun, plain nastiness, appalling taste and a deficit of journalistic merit are de rigueur old chap get a grip Gojam all this is taking its toll on you.

  7. GMB

    I hear of a developments soon

    • gw

      Care to give us any more? With the best will in the world I’ve been keeping an eye on the BBC after your previous comment here and nada. Not a personal attack – on the same side after all.


  8. on another subject,i think the boy taken on the under ground kx,station the man,sure looks like a young,harvey,proctor?

  9. Did you purchase this newspaper ? if so, why ?

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