My Story, Bryn Alyn Survivor Dave Harries

Written by @dharries056

My name is David Harries and I am 38 years old and a survivor of child abuse. When I was 5/6 I used to climb out of my bedroom window and run away because of the abuse I was getting off my drunk father. I told my primary teachers of all the nasty things my dad was doing, it was all physical abuse very violent and very cruel/wicked. Social services were aware but never intervened for another three and half years which led me to get more damaged.

Just before my tenth birthday I was given a beating by my father for something I never did. Of course I ran away. The next day being hungry I stole a pack of three Mars bars and I got caught and when the police officer grabbed my arm I winched. Upon getting into the police station the officer made the Sergeant aware of my winching. A doctor looked me over and I had a bruise the the whole of my back. That’s when social services got involved. That’s when I was taken away from my mum.

The weird thing is how the social worker made ‘care’ sound comfortable and safe and creepily inviting. I have never forgot that day Whitney Houston’s track One Moment In Time was on the radio and my mum was broken in floods of tears and my dad never said a word(coward). The social worker took me to Elmfield house in Rochdale. I was put in a big bedroom with a big antique bed in it and I curled up and I fell asleep. Nobody checked to see if I was OK till about half past eight in the morning. Coming out of that room was the scariest moment. Eleven years of age and every single person around me was a stranger. They use to give you a clipper card to get to school and I used mine to go on a bus journey all over Manchester. When I got back I was frog marched into the office. The manager told the member of staff to leave and he belted me right around my head hard then slapped me across my back and bum. The place has been knocked down now plus the night watchman use to be on the girls landing all the time. He use to hit you in the private bits if he caught you out of your room, I can still remember in detail the inside of that place.

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7 responses to “My Story, Bryn Alyn Survivor Dave Harries

  1. IWTT

    Thanks for sharing this via your blog GoJam. A really tough read, but as supporters we have to remember why we do what we do. What a brave man D Harries is for sharing. #kudos to him.

  2. Sabre

    That was a tough read, no further comment at this time.

  3. That is social “welfare” sometimes, no emotional investment in human beings. Chattel. These dirty crooks couldn’t be in charge of anything more than children, because adults would rebuke them out. Reminds me of my days with babysitters. It’s so insane to be attached to family that permits pain like this.

  4. Roger Dee

    This systematic abuse seems to be in many cases ritualistic and Satanic in nature. There’s a place called Crowley House in Birmingham. I think it’s a bail hostel nowadays (or last i heard, anyway). But back in the 1960s is was a children’s home of sorts where the usual rumours circulated about weird goings on. Something in the back of my mind caught my attention and I twigged the connection in the name: I’ll bet a pound to a penny it was named after Alesteir Crowley the imfamous and notorious occultist who knicknamed himself the ‘Great Beast’ – and behaved accordingly.
    I think when you get to the root of the worst cases, it’s occultist groups involving high-ups in the establishment that are invariably involved. They need exposing. Daylight is the best disinfectant.

    • Roger Dee said: “This systematic abuse seems to be in many cases ritualistic and Satanic in nature”.
      A curious comment, given that there was no mention of rituals or anything vaguely satanic or even “occult” in Dave Harries’ account of his experiences in care.
      About these “occultist groups involving high-ups in the establishment that are invariably involved”. If an MP was accused and convicted of raping a child, would it make any difference if they were a satanist rather than an Anglican, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist? Perhaps there should be differential sentencing in the case of a satanic child abuser? The Anglican child rapist gets 20 years in prison, the Satanist child rapist gets burning at the stake?
      These “occultist groups” – you’re not referring to the Satanic Parliamentarians Association that meets outside the Old Bailey on Friday nights, since there is no such thing. You must be talking about the secret satanic occultist parliamentarians? The ones that cleverly disguise themselves as devout, life-long Anglican & Catholics that no-one would ever suspect of being secret satanists? The ones that use magic spells and demonic powers to make all evidence of their CSA crimes and their involvement in secret satanic cults, disappear? I’ve heard that there’s an infallible physical evidence of being a satanic occultist, caused by submitting to Satan’s lusts. Bring in Marietta Higgs! Mandatory RAD for all members of the UK parliament! (This would have to be conducted on a daily basis, in case they just joined up the night before). And once they’ve been detected, we could waterboard them until they confess and name the other members of their secret satanic covens!
      But what about the super-secret satanists – the ones who are under CIA-MI6 mind control and have no conscious awareness that they routinely rape, sacrifice and eat little children from UK care homes? Bring in the Satan-Hunter General of the UK, Valerie Sinason! After a few sessions with her, they’ll be remembering and confessing everything from satanic cult involvement to commanding alien invasion fleets. Then we’ll get “the truth”, by golly!