Victims Of Care Home Sexual Abuse Forced To Have Abortions

This was revealed at the Jersey Inquiry last week but I know, as I’ve heard of other similar cases on mainland UK, that this was a far from unusual practise.

Children made pregnant by care home staff and others were forced to have abortions in local authority regions across the UK.

Young girls were forced to have abortions after being made pregnant by members of staff at a children’s home, an abuse inquiry has heard.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is hearing statements and evidence of life at the Haut de la Garenne home.

A witness who was in care at the home said abortions were carried out.

He said it happened several times and claimed they were performed by a nurse when girls became pregnant after being raped by members of staff.

The statement also said the sexual assaults on children by staff were so common, youngsters did not see anything wrong in what was happening at the time.

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4 responses to “Victims Of Care Home Sexual Abuse Forced To Have Abortions

  1. steve

    can they find evidence of the abortions taking place,as im sure there must be a paper trail,hence find out who signed or gave permission for the ops to take place,as they were in care of local social services who have the legal and lawfull rights to look after them BY LAW,so who in charge let these things happen,as they need to be investigated id say

    • Often the information is contained in the former resident’s records.

      • dpack

        unless they were destroyed by fire or other means.
        even medical records for the relevant years have gone missing for some residents.
        i have heard anecdotal accounts of abortions in such circumstances in a mainland uk “care” context.

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