National CSA Epidemic – Graham Wilmer And Others

There could be more than 11 million survivors of sexual abuse in the UK, a Government adviser and CSA Inquiry panel member Graham Wilmer has told Sky News.

Experts say they are now dealing with a “national health epidemic”, while there has been a huge surge in people looking for support since the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Some are related to recent high-profile cases, but sexual abusers are more likely to be people who are already known to the victim.
Graham Wilmer, founder of the Lantern Project on Merseyside,  told Sky News: “There are potentially about 11.7 million victims out there at the moment who have not disclosed, and many of those people will start to come forward in very significant numbers.”

Mr Wilmer,  explained that the figures are based on accepted statistics that suggest one in six boys under the age of 16 have been sexually abused – for girls the figure is one in four.



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5 responses to “National CSA Epidemic – Graham Wilmer And Others

  1. steve

    AND I will tell you why,its because we were told not to tell such lies,or that we might be moved to some where else and it wouldn’t be as nice,they used all types of subtle issues to make to abused think it was natural or in some cases there own fault not the abusers,im talking from the eyes of one who was in the care system for quite a few years,and few years ago it was only when I realised how devious the perpetrators where they even used the threat of us not being able to visit our homes,so ive not doubt there must be possibly 1000s of people like me.i realise the system as supposed to have change since I was in in the 70s,but when I read and hear of cases even these days I no that’s nothing realy changed at all and I think every one only realy want s what is best for for the unfortunate children in care we must demand a totally unbiased enquiry yet again,and suggest we have people from the care system made to answer for the crimes committed,and to all of you I wish that the new might just might give us all a voice that can be finally heard AND BELIEVED is that to much to ask??

  2. artmanjosephgrech

    There is no epidemic but an awareness of what had always been and will not change unless cause effect prevention change etc is required

    • I understand what you are saying but I’m not sure it is entirely accurate. The increased publicity over the last 2 years has brought to the forefront for many what has been previously buried.

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  4. John

    ‘… sexual abusers are more likely to be people who are already known to the victim’.
    With the increasing relevations about the large amount of organised abuse in institutions, is the above likely still to be true ? I have no evidence or knowledge to favour one statistic or the other, but it is possible that some previously held beliefs may need to be re-assessed.