Imagine A Childhood Disease…

A friend called earlier and suggested that I look at the methodology used to come to the NSPCC’s very low £3 Billion  estimated annual cost to the UK as a consequence of child sexual abuse that can be found within the NSPCC Report- HERE

I’m going to do that but I thought I’d share the ‘Final Thought’ from that report.

Something to think about…




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5 responses to “Imagine A Childhood Disease…

  1. penniewoodfall

    Thank You …good post.

    • Gray Gatwick

      The dubious inclusion of paragraph 57 uses statistics that are irrelevant in the context of the report.

      The “1 in 5” claim is undoubtedly heavily skewed by the inclusion of data from war zones & oppressive regimes — so saying “we need to change this” is pretty stupid if a large proportion of the numbers are beyond anyone’s ability to influence or change. (Even Dr Mercy would concede that it’s hard to stop a Third World army from raping its way through villages.)

      Besides, £3 billion is not particularly significant. There are many other social problems that have a long-term effect on millions of lives and have a higher priority if counted in terms of economic impact. For example, alcohol misuse costs the economy £21 billion annually.

      This kind of gimmicky attention-seeking undermines the integrity of the fight against sexual abuse.

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  3. IWTT

    Correct me if I am wrong, buts shouldn’t SARAH’S LAW come into play here?