Police Re-Start Investigation Into Lord Janner


Janner, having his cake…


Police have re-opened their investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse against former Labour MP Lord Janner, Exaro can reveal.

The police investigation had come to a halt in the summer after it was claimed that Janner was suffering from severe dementia and so was too ill to face prosecution.

But two sources close to the investigation  have told Exaro that it has re-started. Officers from Leicestershire Police are re-interviewing witnesses who claim to have been abused as boys by Janner.

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20 responses to “Police Re-Start Investigation Into Lord Janner

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  2. Bishop Brightly

    In out, in out, shake it all about.


  3. timsanders2013

    I think it is disgraceful that a honourable elder statesman
    has to tolerate this abuse from the pleb police.

  4. paul m

    age and infirmity should be no bar to prosecution for both Nazi war criminals or paedophiles. lets see you use your magic tricks to get out of this one greville

  5. Hmm, so they stopped itfor several months without independent medical eveidence of J’s condition. Now they start again, and this time decide maybe they should get an independent opinion.

    Me thinks they know the serfs are getting restlesss and time to throw a semi live one in the ring. I could be wrong, but given so far the serfs are only told after they die, maybe they are worried that all the stuff about J,which will come out when he dies – better if some comes out now,so they can look like they are really trying to bring the powerful to justice.

  6. paul m

    gojam heres the full book WHO FRAMED COLIN WALLACE by Paul Foot. Hopefully Wallace will tell us all he knows about KINCORA.

  7. Thank you. Just saw them – well done to everyone for keeping the pressure on. I think they know they have to give up a semi live one – another dead one too risky.

  8. It would be interesting to know the identity of the doctors who have already attested to Janner’s mental health and whether we can be sure they’re not ‘sayanim’.

  9. dpack

    in some ways a dead sacrifice might be better for demonstrating truth especially if a live one’s pals and business arrangements could not be outed due to his pending (and perhaps delayed)court appearances.

    re the comparison with old nazis at the fall the reich,some died in battle or were just not taken prisoner,some were recruited by their enemies (some by their chums) with a variety of outcomes ,some were tried overtly,some were assassinated,some hid and got new lives.
    some were hunted to recover financial assets or for political reasons or for extra judicial justice,many just carried on doing things they were good at and no one noticed them.

    there are some similarities but i would be uncomfortable offering the sort of lenience and practical exploitation shown to the rump of the reich .
    i hope janner would agree with my reasoning for a robust underlining of change.
    ps janner’s business alliances are worthy of thorough analysis as are those of the people involved with him in those activities etc etc .

    • Sabre

      Your mention of the Reich is apposite for it is Janner’s association with Holocaust Memorialisation and Education as well as his Zionist contacts that dictate against him and by extension the causes and organisations he represents (has represented) from being damaged by being linked to monstrous crimes.

  10. andrew1810

    If Labour give up one, it would have to be on the basis that the Tories give up one of similar standing. lord of the realm, qc, half dead, hmmmm, I wonder?

  11. Sabre

    I notice the Screaming (Rocky Horror) Lord has managed to get into the picture contextual ambiguity notwithstanding ;)

  12. TheCount of Monte Cristo

    What happened to my comment?