DA / D Notices Secretary says that secret services have no paedophiles

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I had wrongly assumed that Andrew Vallance would not reply to my last email. However to his credit he has. First I include part of my last email to him which is relevant to his reply. If you want to check out the whole correspondence the link is [1] and the full FOI Request [2]

andrrew vallance Andrew Vallance

Cathy Fox to Andrew Vallance, (Secretary D Notice Committee)

“I shall acquiesce to your request to desist from further
correspondence, after this email. However I refute that 3 emails on
pertinent and legitimate points could be taken by any
reasonable person to be “repeated questioning that has become
burdensome and vexatious”.

My last question,
Reading the DA notice below, if an agent or officer of a secret
service mentioned in a) was a paedophile and abused children, is it
not entirely possible that there arises a conflict of interest in
that if the…

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12 responses to “DA / D Notices Secretary says that secret services have no paedophiles

  1. gw

    If my face was that small in proportion to my head, and with eyes like a polecat (like Vallance) I’d be an arsehole too I expect!

  2. Paul Mac

    Poor spook. Can’t cope with a bit of interrogation. I’d thought we would have seen more moral fibre & resilience from our security services.

    “Those who are either ignorant of the facts or cannot view them objectively.” – well how can we view them objectively when they’ve either been destroyed, denied or locked away for many decades to come.

    This is typical of the arrogance and contempt these people have for us.

    He’s clearly totally unaware of his own agency’s history.

  3. dpack

    1. (Textiles) a short piece of drapery hung along a shelf, canopy, or bed, or across a window, to hide structural detail
    [C15: perhaps named after Valence, France, town noted for its textiles]

  4. The vexatious questions will begin when this twat has to stand up and justify his pension

  5. dpack

    perhaps he is being honest and the press (or others)involved have simple been politely requested,threatened,bribed,blackmailed,injuncted ,arrested and jailed for something ,killed or sectioned after seeing flying pigs.

    if i understand him correctly robin bryans was injucted more than once in the high court with regards to writing about some of the relationships between spookery and vip types and csa.

    a slightly different line of approach to the “problem”rather than banning any talk of such things is adding a lot of half truths ,outright untruths and mis linked truths to the public domain ,this is often thought to be more effective than attempting to hide the truth with censorship etc .as big truth has a habit of becoming known eventually hiding it in full view within a mixture of untruth often works quite well.

    there are some splendid recent examples of that stratagem .

    this does have some good points in that if one can detect smoke and mirrors in use it shows there is something to hide and some times it can lead one to the incendiaries and polishers.
    the means of deploying smoke and mirrors varies from placing a story by leaving misleading information to be discovered or more proactively by “finding”misleading information to present .the latter is often a sign of panic and is often less effective than the former .

  6. Bishop Brightly

    “Finally, the only people who ‘believe D / DA notices have been used/misused to cover up paedophilia’ are those who are either ignorant of the facts or cannot view them objectively.”

    A truly breathtaking response.

    The statement should read “yes of course there have been abuses in the defence of the realm but I’m not about to admit to you am I, you fucking pleb….”

  7. Bishop Brightly

    Perhaps we should all send requests. He can’t complain to having heard from 10,000 people once only….

  8. Bishop Brightly

    “repeated questioning that has become
    burdensome and vexatious”

    What. A. Prick.

  9. paul m

    gojam don’t know if this is of interest but if anyone gets on scribd ,someone has put the full book from the 70s about the Jeremy Thorpe scandal and whether there was intelligence services involved. THE PENCOURT FILE

    • Paul Mac

      Thanks for posting this mate, I’d been trying to obtain it but it’s out of print & hadn’t thought of looking on Scribd. I posted a link in response to one of Gojam’s articles a few back, related to this on a 2006 BBC thing which largely focussed on the plots against Wilson and the extremes of political opinion in the 70s. The Pencourt File will make interesting reading.

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  11. Talk about steadfastly saluting the ensign as the ship goes down. Do these people not realise that very attitude of, “it couldn’t possibly happen here” is the very attitude that has contributed to this whole sorry mess.? By dint of being unwilling to even contemplate such possibilities these people are an absolute dream for the Security Services and Politicos to manipulate. It actually brings into serious question this person’s fitness to hold such a post as they are quite obviously not open to the “truth”.