Jeremy Thorpe Reported To The FBI Regarding ‘Indiscretion’ With ‘Rent Boy’ In USA


The FBI then passed on the information to MI5.

Tom Mangold dusts off a programme made in 1979, that wasn’t broadcast for legal reasons, about the attempted murder trial that Jeremy Thorpe was famously acquitted. He updates it to produce a compelling broadcast. Shame its taken so long to see the light of day. That in itself is powerful comment on the establishment and judicial system today.


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  1. Geri Myland

    Geri Myland
    JULY 7, 2014 AT 10:34 AM REPLY
    “Better to be thought a Rapist than a Pedarast”? Could be a risky strategy that may explain the recent reports of the alleged Rape of a 19 year old WOMAN in 1967……..?
    It may be the last “Roll of the Dice” for a certain former Tory Minister from Thatchers Government…….
    Probably not I fear, for the MSM (Main Stream Media) will continue to be hit over the head with Super Injunctions & ” D NOTICES” !!!!!
    Now correct me if I’m wrong…….but isn’t the definition of a D Notice ” a REQUEST to withold information where National Security may be threatened?
    My point is this : the difference between a REQUEST and an ORDER bears some scrutiny perhaps?
    When will people realise that the whole Celebrity Paedophile frenzy is merely a diversion to sate the publics thirst for blood….
    The “Powers That Be” (by which I mean the REAL Powers) have used BLACKMAIL to control Government/ Business for as long as anyone can remember………
    It’s simply this decades ago Adultery was enough to get the job done, then Homosexuality followed by ever increasing levels of debauchery (even Murder)!!
    The placement of ” FLAWED PEOPLE ” (with certain weaknesses and or Perversions) into KEY positions within the structure of any Government be it left or right enables COMPLETE CONTROL

    • Sabre

      You can’t control a wise and virtuous man the answer is obviously to place fools, crooks and perverts as the publicly perceived faces of power.

  2. HI AB,

    You don’t trust those in positions of authority to want to do the right thing. I do – or at least I trust the vast majority of them.

    People in power and those behind the scenes are normally in those positions because they lack what most of us would consider ‘human qualities’. Think it is hard for most humans to really grasp this. But just in the last decade plus – it explains why they have no problem lying to start wars – murdering and destroying the lives of millions. Colluding with and enabling banks etc to steal trillions and destroy the lives of millions more. Sending nobody to prison, while demanding those that stole stuff during the riots be harshly dealt with. Screwing the taxpayer on expenses, making the poor and vulnerable pay for the excesses of their rich friends.

    The reality is you do not get into powerful positions unless you are a certain type of person, and decent humans might be allowed in, but they will never be in positions of real power. The others, which shore up the powerful, while not evil are often you will find weak and self serving. In other words, they will rubber stamp almost anything if it means they can keep their job and all the perks.

    the, fact that despite overwhelming evidence that they are despicable creatures – they get a real laugh that the public still trusts the vast majority of them, and so they keep control.

  3. dpack

    t stokes has a selection of writings online,some of which are possibly accurate ,some of which is almost certainly not.

    many people were recruited in europe by various national intelligence (and other) agencies,some were extracted during and after the unpleasantness of the mid 20th c,some kept their original identities,some did not.
    this area of research can reveal and conceal ,deciding which one is seeing is both an art and a science.

    imho there are some subjects that are so deeply hidden in a world of smoke and mirrors that the effort identifying the truth from the illusion is better applied by approaching the subject from a different direction.

  4. Mariel Pupes

    From 2011 before Savile died. Jeremy Thorpe and Jimmy Savile

  5. There was another point I’d intended to make in relation to QJ/WIN’s homosexuality. Why didn’t that fact, recorded in the CIA’s own profile of him, make HIM a security risk?

    The official line from the CIA, and the prevailing popular view, is that having homosexual incliniations would make a person susceptible to blackmail. There may be truth to that, and a few cases which bear that out. However, from the point of view of J Edgar Hoover and James Angleton – based on the fact that the entire Anglo Intelligence community were successfully bamboozled by a group of HOMOSEXUAL double-agents, i.e., the Cambridge Five – the possibility of blackmail was secondary to the probability (in their minds) that anyone with homosexual inclinations should be suspected of harboring communist sympathies.

    QJ/WIN was exempted from any suspicion that he might be a double agent, because he was in fact Anton Arco-Valley – the famed anti-bolshevik assassin of Kurt Eisner. THere’s no question that the CIA’s profile of QJ/WIN describes Anton Arco-Valley and no other person. If that profile is correct, then Arco-Valley’s alleged death in a car crash in 1945 was a ruse to get him out of Germany and give him a new identity. Apparently that identity belonged to a Belgian, presumably someone who perished during the war, and that Arco-Valley lived out the rest of his life under that identity.

    Another interesting connection is this – George de Mohrnschildt grew up in the part of Poland claimed by Germany, as a VON Mohrenschildt. There was a Walter von Mohrenschildt – a SA-Sturmbannführer and adjutant of Karl Ernst – who was part of the homosexual elite running the Freikorp and executed as such by the SS.

  6. Paul Mac

    The Thorpe affair is not in my view linked to CSA, just indicative of how the elite can literally get away with murder and die quietly decades after, unpunished. That cannot be right, can it?

    Thorpe’s homosexuality isn’t a problem for me & shouldn’t be for anyone else and there’s no evidence I can see to link him with underage sex (even at the higher age of consent back then). I’d assume the spy agencies were more concerned with the risk of blackmail against someone with a homosexual past as that frequently worked as their M.O. I’d doubt Thorpe was that interested in what Smith was up to either as he was clearly up to his neck in a murder conspiracy at the time.

    What seems clear is that powerful people with no political allegiance to Thorpe assisted him avoid prosecution because of who he was. Read the judge’s summing up – Peter Cook didn’t need to parody it. Why are the Beeb & their reporter only revealing this now? Why did no other political party make more use of the evidence?

    My point was that whilst nobody seemed able to competently run the country in the late 60’s & 70’s, they were perfectly adept to close ranks when required. Even if that conflicted with their political views. It also seems doubtful that anyone or any agency was ‘in charge’ of events.

    It’s sad to reflect that we can read volumes of information of how politicians & their mates adeptly buggered up the country, but can’t get to the truth about who buggered young kids.

  7. Paul Mac said: “This Wilson link above is unrelated to CSA…”

    So is the entire Thorpe saga. Norman Scott was 21 when he & Thorpe met. FBI allegations about an indiscretion with a “rent boy” don’t specify the age of the prostitute involved, but the British term inherently implies “minor” where that may not be the case. A UK rent boy could be 35 and still have that term applied to them. If anything, the Thorpe saga underlines that while adult homosexual acts were still criminal the perceived danger to security was homosexual relationships between ADULTS, not adults engaged in pederasty. It is only AFTER the legalization of gay sex between adults, that pedophilic conduct becomes a focus of concern because it remains illegal. For this reason, I don’t find the idea that Thorpe & friends would bother trying to suppress rumors about Cyril Smith’s kiddy diddling at all credible. That’s not what Thorpe was accused of. What I see is attempts to link credible claims about cover-up in Thorpe’s case to any/all other allegations about cover-up. “Thorpe’s friends covered for him, therefore all allegations of cover-up in any other case must be true!”

  8. Paul Mac

    Another ‘brave revelation’ cowardly & secretly retained until the day after the key man who could be embarrassed has died. The sad fact is that there is such a web of lies and disinformation around any attempt to get to the truth is doomed. The old boys clubs are cross party and looking into the 60’s to 80’s throws up a wealth of material. The Thorpe case is nothing. Neither was Profumo.

    The MSM (inc BBC) are drip feeding ‘newly surfaced’ revelations that have been locked away knowingly in safes for decades & most likely used as political leverage by current & past media barons.

    It’s unclear who (if anyone) was actually in charge from the 60’s to the 80’s (& likely beyond). Wilson & Heath bugged in No 10 but the former made to look paranoid (lines on this excised from official history of Mi5 – Defence of the Realm), planned coups to install Mountbatten in ’68 & ’74, Mi5 Chiefs possible soviet agents (Hollis/Mitchell), Mi6 Chiefs child molesters (Oldfield/Hayman), rouge factions of Mi5 set loose to pursue their own, totally unaccountable agenda (Wright/Spycatcher – something in it was worth banning though), paranoid nut jobs running the CIA (Angleton), Clockwork Orange (Wallace/Kincora not Burgess/Kubrick), UK double agent involvement in the Birmingham Pub bombings (all real bombers named but 1 for ‘security reasons’ & files sealed for 75 years in 1994 – apart from Edwina, what else did Major have to hide away from us?), no negotiations with terrorists (except there were constant ones with the IRA & proof that you can bomb your way to power), Thatcher & co in the know & up to their arses (or some poor kid’s). I could go on & there’s much, much more your readers could add.

    I used to dismiss all the above as fantasy land crap & wild eyed conspiracy theories. I’m not easily won over by such things.

    This Wilson link above is unrelated to CSA but a fascinating watch & revelation of fact that nobody seemed in full control in the 70’s and the political extremes around at the time. Despite the massive gulf of political opinion, it is clear from the BBC 1979 tape on Thorpe, there was a concerted desire to cover up the misdeeds & crimes of the disparate group we term ‘The Establishment’. They managed the cover ups perfectly but couldn’t run the country – where did all their priorities really lie?

    The closest we are likely to get from EGH, Dolphin Ho & the rest are those who are thrown to the dogs after their death. I’m now seriously beginning to doubt anything will come of this CSA enquiry & even if it did, the secrecy of the state’s warring factions will forever cloud it in doubt & conspiracy theory.

    Despite that, we must nevertheless keep trying & never give up hope.

  9. Meanwhile, the CIA’s cheif assassin QJ/WIN – in charge of recruiting and training other assassins – although married was himself a homosexual and very likely involved in the murder or assisted suicide of other intelligence assets suspected of being homosexuals, perhaps including Alan Turing. The policy of ‘internal’ assassination of persons whose sexual indiscretions could make them a security risk might not have been limited to homosexual indiscretions, and might even have been applied to a habitually philandering president. I believe there is considerable evidence that QJ/WIN’s protege WI/ROUGE was in fact George deMohrenschildt.

  10. chrisb

    The programme ends by suggesting ‘that was the way things USED to be.’ A missed opportunity to ask whether nothing has changed. (Yes, I know the answer).

  11. Sabre

    Silent conspiracy indeed ! Mangold has his own links and access to spookdom, he is always praising them with faint damnation!


    You wrote that almost two years ago. how much longer are you going to give the police:-)

  13. Shame its taken so long to see the light of day. That in itself is powerful comment on the establishment and judicial system today.

    I agree with you and yet you are still hopeful about the Inquiry.

    • Ever the optimist. :-)

      What is the alternative?

      • I posted some suggestions on one of your other posts that might help crack things open more. i believe the old saying ‘the best defense in an offense’ is very true. If you want to defend those abused and make sure the whole thing comes out – then other things need to also be tried.

        Reading Spotlight on Abuse, and seeing how much coverage over the decades MSM gave to child abuse and cover ups – and yet not a politician arrested – I am not sure how one could be an optimist. In fact, I am sure you will still be blogging about this a year from now – with very little having happened. I hope I am wrong and your optimism right – but if history is any indicator, I don’t think it will be the case.

      • Andy Barnett

        Hi Tricia. You asked about Plan B in your earlier post. I think you are right – we do need a Plan B, if our Plan A is to rely wholly on the inquiry to get to the truth.

        I have personally never seen the CSA inquiry as *the* solution to all this. It is just one way in which this whole matter is being raised to public attention, and to the attention if those in positions to do something about it. This is why I don’t see the failed app’ts of Woolf and BS as a problem – they have worked perfectly in raising awareness, allowing the media to talk about the Dickens dossier and the central role of LB in all this (albeit ambiguously).

        As you indicate, the only real success comes when the perpetrators are arrested, charged and convicted, and for this we need:
        a) Police and CPS committed to prosecuting these
        b) survivors and whistleblowers willing and confident to talk to the Police
        c) a government more scared about being seen to block the Police investigation than the revelations to come out.

        The common factor in each of these is confidence that the truth *will* come out and that those that have stood in its way *will* be exposed. (So anything being done currently to sow fear and suspicion in people’s minds in working against this goal.)

        Plan B, Tricia, is that we continue to raise awareness of what we know, get the general public talking about it and encourage journalists (AM and MSM) with the skills and resources to keep asking the difficult questions (of the sort you listed). We use the inquiry in whatever way necessary to get whatever truths are known out there. And we make it perfectly clear to everybody concerned that we will not go away and that the truth *will* come out.

        You don’t trust those in positions of authority to want to do the right thing. I do – or at least I trust the vast majority of them. What they need is the support of ordinary people like ourselves, as well as key individuals like Theresa May, to create the environment in which they not only feel confident to act, but that they have more to fear from inaction than action.

  14. Sabre

    The cousins are as bad as our own spooks, worse in fact.

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