Justin Welby on Child Abuse 2nd Dec

Interview with Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, from CNN 2nd December 2014. He is answering the question of what he is doing to address child sexual abuse in his church.



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5 responses to “Justin Welby on Child Abuse 2nd Dec

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  2. dpack

    im glad he included anger in his list of reactions to what he has been learning about the way his church has acted in the past .
    as he has at least nominal control over the “lords spiritual”as the political wing of the church he might be able to use them to add some muscle to what is required beyond addressing the issues within his church.

  3. angelo

    Words, words, words…..

  4. through the church I ended up at bryn allyn ,mortan camp. abused . I left the care system a liar cheat thief addict,all the labels the care system could put on me they did , its hard work pulling the buggers of ,,

  5. godhelpus

    Maybe he could try not to sound So Bored with it all, reminds me of the politician’s BLAH BLAH BLAH